Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-22

Hello darlings.. Yesterday was really awesome because of u.. u ppl made my boring day awesome. Thank u all again for ur wonderful comments and love.. Actually u ppl r Sooooo Good.. U have very Big Hearts.. I read my FF only when I was replying ur comments yesterday night.. FTW I have done? There r lots of grammatical errors and typos.. but u didn’t mind that and gave ur great words to me.. Loads of love to u all.. Ok I don’t want to kill ur time and I know u r excited for this part.. so let’s move to our Episode 22..

Night at OM:
Om and Chulbul have an eye lock when Om dragged and made Gauri to sit near him. His eyes was filled with tears and emotions. Gauri ask, what happened? R u still feeling pain in head. He nods NO. Gauri ask, then y ur eyes r wet? She thinks and say, Yeah, I know Omkara ji, this soup is very sour and pungent.. but its really effective medicine.. even my mom use to make this and feed me.. just 10mins then all ur pain will fly and u’ll be able to sleep well. Om was just looking at her innocent face and eyes. She worries and ask, Omkara ji.. r u ok? Om hold her hand and cup her cheek with another hand and tell, Why r u doing all this Chulbul? Who am I to u? What’s the relation between us? I’m noticing u from day 1.. u r taking good care of me.. supporting me, helping me, motivating me and also saved my life.. why r u doing all this Chulbul? What is the need? Gauri feel emotional and think about how he saved her from goons attacking her and married her to save her life and respect. She say (in her own voice), I’m doing nothing for u Omkara ji, u have done a lot for me.. this is nothing in front of that.. as I told earlier, its my duty to do all this.. pls don’t ask me anything more about this Omkara ji.. its my duty and happiness to serve u. Om was just mesmerized and lost in her her talks, just starring at her. They have eye lock, Saathiya plays. Gauri got conscious and think she talked in her voice and panics. I never thought I’ll have such a best buddy of my life.. will u be with me in every situations and help me throughout my life.. as a best friend? Because I feel like u r one my strengths.. whenever I talk to u, u always motivating and showing my strength which even I don’t know.. I need u Chulbul. She gets surprised and her happiness have no limits, tears roll down her eyes and nods yes. I promise you Omkara ji, I’ll be with u as ur support and best friend throughout this life. They both get emotional and smile at each other.
Chulbul wipes tears in his eyes, Om liked this and smile.. he too wiped tears from her face. They smile again. Chulbul say, itsbut already late Omkara ji.. U sleep now we have lots of work tomorrow. Om nods yes. He says, U r right.. I have to talk with Shivay and plan to cancel this deal, he hold his head and lay down. Gauri saw this and think, still he didn’t get rid of this head ache? I will do tat.. she go and sit near his head and tell, Omkara ji.. u sleep.. I’ll give massage to ur head.. whenever I feel head ache my mother use to do this.. I’ll feel relaxed and will sleep.. I’ll do it for u now.. and she started giving massage to his head. Om really felt relaxed.. he remembered how his mom took care of him (starting time when he tried suicide.. that time Janvi take care of him) and opened his eyes and stare Gauri. She ask, what happened? He nods nothing and just smile at her. He keep looking at her for sometimes and fall asleep. She saw Om sleeping well, she silently stood up and about to go.. but stopped and turned to see him.. she went near him and bend closer to kiss him on his forehead, but thought something and moved away. She went to sleep down.

Meanwhile in Shivika room, Annika ask, Y r u standing like u r going to run and get medal in Olympic? He is still in shock and standing in.same position. She calls, Shivay and wave her hands. He gains conscious and ask, R u awake or still in sleep? If not pls tell me.. I’ll throw more water on u.. Annika shouts, Did u throw water on me? Have u gone mad to throw water on me in this mid night? If anyone throw water on sleeping person? Shivay relaxed and stands straight, he say, U have gone mad.. u the only reason for this.. and what did u say “who will throw water on sleeping person?” Now u answer me.. who will slap, punch and kick own husband in sleep.. if that is ok, then this is also ok.. no its more good. Annika confused and thinks.. and ask, Did u get kicked and slapped? Who did that Shivay? No one can come in our room and at this time.. Did u get any bad dream? She asked innocently. He shocked and tell, Dream? Do u think I’m a kid to react like this for just a dream? It was u Annika.. U slapped me and punched me on my face and kicked me out of my bed. She was totally shocked and confused and ask, Me? Did I kick u? He say, of course its u Annika. She can’t control her laugh and tell, I missed that scene Shivay.. I regret that I was sleeping when this happened and laughing at him. He got irritated and makes impossible sign at her and leaves. Annika ask, Shivay where r u going? He says, I’m going to Rudra’s room.. I can’t sleep with a donkey.. he leaves. Annika stops laughing and say, this bagad billa is telling me donkey? How dare.. I’ll see him tomorrow morning and lay down. She can’t control her laugh and keep smiling thinking how he behaved with her.

Next day early morning, Saumya come to Rudra’s room and see ShivRu sleeping together. She try to go and not disturb them, but thinks its important to wake up Rudra to finish their assignment. Rudra hugging Shivay and sound asleep. She call Rudra but he don’t respond. Saumya think, how to wake him now? She call him but he cut call and throw it aside. She scraches his palm.. he feels shy and say don’t do that bhaiya.. its feeling like shy. She lost cool and throw book on him.. he suddenly break hug and turned. Book hit on Shivay’s face. Saumya shocked and runs away and hide. Shivay shocked and shout again, NO Annika.. No.. not again.. I can’t let this.. and see no one.. he saw book and Rudra sleeping. He thought its Rudra who hit him and hit his back with book. Rudra screams and wake up and see Shivay, bhaiya.. what r u doing in my room? Why did u hit me now? Shivay say, I have to ask this question.. what u guys think.. there that Annika kicking me.. then I came here.. here my bhai is hitting me.. what kind of family is this? He face palms, Rudra confused and make cry baby face. He say, u got kick and u r hitting ur own brother to show ur anger and cries. Shivay hold him and say, not like that and console him. Saumya can’t stop her laughter.. she laughs out loud and come in front of ShivRu. She apologize to Shivay for hitting him. He ask did u throw this book on me? She nods and say, Sorry bade bhaiya.. Actually I came to wake up Rudra but u both were sleeping well.. I thought not to disturb u and tried to wake him up.. but he didn’t answer my call and respond to my wake-up call.. so I threw it on him, but he moved from u.. and u got hit by book. Sorry bade bhaiya. Shivay makes puppy face an and look at Rudra.

Precap: Same as yesterday.

Sorry drs I was not able to write long today.. day is hectic and can’t give much time for FF. Meet u tomorrow and pls don’t forget to share ur views on comments below. U can tell me how u want and what I should improve in comments below. Take care and love u all my dr ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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