“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-23

Hi my drs.. I’m so happy that same shivika kicking scene from my Episode 21 was in show.. I don’t know how many of u noticed.. but I’m so happy for that and I’m really sorry for not replying ur comments.. My days are getting hectic day by day so read all ur comments on Saturday only. All of u gave such a wonderful response for my last episode.. Thank u and Sorry again. Let’s start our Episode 23..

Saumya apologized to Shivay for throwing book on him. Shivay makes puppy face and say, it ok Saumya.. anyway its morning and I’m going to my room.. U guys do ur work. Rudra hold his hand and ask, what happened bhaiya? Did u fight with bhabi? Did she kick u out of room?and he silently laughs at him. Shivay think about it and gets irritated.. How can she kick at me? Does she think I’m her scooty champa?and fumes. He tell, U know Rudra.. she slapped me and punched me before kicking me..

Rumya cup their mouth. Shivay say, I don’t know what she is thinking.. I’ll got and confront her.. and walk like he is angry. He leaves from Rudra’s room and entered his room with fear. First he opened door and peeked his head in and saw Annika sleeping peacefully. He went and changed. Annika woke up and saw Shivay getting ready. They both stare each other. She went and made coffee from his coffee machine and go near him. Shivay say, finally u r here to say sorry for yesterday.. this is what I like in u Annika.. and he tries to take coffee from her hand but she turned and drank coffee. He felt micmichi ????? and tries to manage his insult ?????. He say, its good that U too started liking Kali Coffee. She turns and say, Its called Americano and tease him saying, whats this language? He look at her wide eyes.

Shivay thinks, what happened to me? She kicked me yesterday and I fought with her and went out.. she should ask sorry but.. but this much Tadi? Actually I should get anger on her. I’m not going to loose this.. and calls out Annika. She turns, and signs what. He say, What do u think, how can u kick me out of bed? Out of my own bed. She replied him with cool, because I’m donkey know.. donkeys use to kick and she turns. Shivay control his laugh cups his mouth and laugh at her. He remembers calling her donkey. He say, Oh u r upset for that? Then I must apologize.. sorry. She smiles and turn to him and say, Me too Sorry.. and smile like child. He ask for what? She think and ask, r u alright? Yesterday I slapped u, punched u, and kicked u out of ur bed.. for that sorry.. Sorry. He say, Oh yeah.. its ok.. and smile her. She smile at him.

Shivay making coffee and ask, Annika.. what happened to u? Suddenly u slapped me, punched me and kicked me like ur Champa. She thinks and act like smart and say, U know that know Shivay.. sahil’s exam is getting closer and he asked me for one last movie. So we were watching movie.. its English action film.. u know how that hero was fighting.. like this.. that.. he flying in Air and gave one kick.. I enjoyed that movie very much..

she does all actions in front of him and he was enjoying all this. He ask, what is the connection with this movie and ur kick? She say, wait.. next I’ll come to that point only.. Why r u hurrying up? It was a big and interesting fight scene in movie but within that short circuit and power cut punctured our excitement.. then I came to sleep with same mood and excited how that hero would have fight with villain.. I was dreaming about their fight.. and I thought I’m fighting with that villain, may be I did that when dreaming and kicked u. Shivay laughs at her and can’t control his laugh.. He hugs Annika and kiss her cheek. He is still laughing at what she said, but Annika was in shock and can’t come out of it. He pats her and goes. She is still shocked and lost her control and dropped coffee mug from her hands. She blushes.

Shivay walks out of room with big smile in his face. Pinky, Janvi, Dadi and Buama in house temple and saw Shivay smiling/blushing and going. They wonder what. Chulbul does pooja in Om’s room. Om irritated by bell sound and scolds Chulbul for disturbing him everyday. Chulbul wish him good morning and say sorry for disturbing him. Gauri thinks, Omkara ji had head ache yesterday and if he get more tension then again he will get head ache.. better I’ll try to make hishim mood good. She say, Omkara ji.. u don’t worry.. Let’s listen to some good songs.. if we listen to good song in morning then our mood will be good for whole day.. and switch on FM. Love Angel tell, respect and trust r the two strong pillars for a good relationship.. So never loose this two strength, else relationship will be collapsed. She plays a song. Om think about Chulbul’s trust and respect towards him and smile at him. Gauri think how he trust Chulbul and respect their friendship, she too smile at him. Om went to get refresh.

Buama, Dadi and Janvi come to Om’s room and wish Chulbul. Gauri takes blessings from them. Dadi worries for her bahu’s condition in her own house. Dadi say, I’m feeling bad and sorry for ur situation putar.. this house bahu is living as servant in her own house.. I didn’t expect such things would happen. I wish God will help us in this and u’ll live here with ur full rights. She give her prasad and Om come there. She gave Om prasad but he denies.. Dadi scold him and put in his hand. He smile and eat. Buama winks at Janvi and Dadi and say, Hey Omki.. what r u doing.. will u have this prasad alone? He ask confused, then what should I do Buama? This is given to me.. I have to eat. Buama makes face and tell, my darling baby Omki..

y don’t u share with ur friend? He is ur best buddy after all. Gauri gets shy and nods NO. Om smile and passes his hand through her shoulder and feed her. Dadi, Buama and Janvi r happy and see them with wide eyes. They smile at each other. Janvi tell Gauri to feed him.. she feed him. Gauri gets shy and uncomfortable to stand so close to him in front of her in laws.. she moves aside releasing his hold. Om makes her more closer and hug from behind. They 3 laugh at Gauri and Om. Om tell, He is so weird Dadi.. sometimes I feel he is not a guy but girl.. He behaves like girls at sometimes. All four ladies get shocked.. Buama tries to explain him that some person may have too much shy.

At that time, Love Angel connects her next caller and ask, good morning.. who is on line? Caller say, good morning Love Angel.. its me ur favorite regular caller.. (Screen shifts to Rumya) Saumya makes face and thinks why this duffer called now and say, hello Amar Prem.. talk with no interest. Rudy thinks.. Sumo.. If I call her she talks like she have no interest in me and makes face, he say, by the way.. Love Angel.. today’s topic is really great.. Lovers cute fight.. I have to share about this and thats y I called u Love Angel thanks him and ask him about his cute fight with his girlfriend. Saumya excited to know about his girlfriends and ask him to talk. Meanwhile in Om’s room all r listening to the show. Om tells, Chulbul I’m going to tell a secret.. U know who this Amar Prem? Chulbul and other ladies nkds NO. Om tell, its none other than our Dumbbell Oberoi. Chulbul and others get surprised and ask, Really? Om nods yes and tell, he wants Love Angel’s help to sort out his girlfriend problems, but don’t want to show his identity.. so he is using this Amar Prem.

Precap: Om and Chulbul fight to talk with Shivay. Family seated for breakfast and waiting for Shivay, Annika is tensed. Annika saw Shivay and gets more tensed.
Sorry for short update guys.. I’m struck with work and don’t know whether I can give it daily.. but I’ll try to write and post everyday. Pls share ur views about this FF in comment below.. Nowadays my friends r scolding me for not spending time with them.. because whenever I get free time I start writing FF and my friend started fighting with me yesterday.. Even I feel same.. but pls u guys do comment ur views.

And one more thing guys.. if any of u have Fb account pls like and share this DBO page.. its my page and I’m one of the admins in this page.. pls like for getting more updates on IB and DBO

Thank u my drs.. take care and love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. AWSOME…….

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      Thank u so much San keep reading dr

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    Fabulous episode ??

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    Its amazing Verna…. Specially Shivika scenes and Gauri’s cute shyness…. Amar prem was awesome too…. Try to post ASAP dr…..

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    It is awesome dear… Firstly patch up with your friends and then upload your next part….

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    Awesome….loved it

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    Want more RuMya scenes and GauriKa not ChulKara please expose chulbul (I know show main abi thak chulbul ka expose aur GauriKa ki MU clear nahi hua.but main GauriKa ko miss kar rahi ho aur RuMya ko. iss liye aapse chulbul ki expose aur GauriKa ki scenes RuMya scenes request kar rahi hu) give some AMAZING ShivIka,GauriKa,RuMya scenes

    SORRY agar mera request zyada hua tho.but Verna your ff story is awesome that way iam request.


    1. Verna

      Wow.. such a wonderful suggestion dr.. even I want Gauri to get exposed.. I think it may happen by this week in show.. since I’m writing this on On going track I too have to wait for.. but I’ll try to give more gaurika and Rumya part as u request

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    It’s nice..

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  9. It was amazing…love angel part was good….

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  13. Sneha (kerala)

    u know, what I love in ur ff the most is the blending of DBO & IB which u r preparing sooo beautifully…. loved it Verna….
    waiting anxiously 4 nxt one …

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