Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 9

Helloooo my drs.. my Episode 9 is here. But before we start I would like to convey one thing. Pls write ur views and criticise my FF. I want to do something more and present more interesting track to u all. So pls waste some of ur valuable time by writing comment on my FF. Its a request and tell me what u expect from me and what u want me to write. Because I’m here to entertain you so pls let me know ur views. Pls avoid one word comments pls pls pls.. okay lets move to our story..

Annika was surprised to here tat from Shivay who said he was thinking of old couple’s talk about them. She keeps looking at him. He realized and managed that he was thinking how tat old couple was talking stupid about them. Annika looks on. She ask do u think they talking rubbish about us? He can’t answer her and stammer. She call him mad and how can u make fun of elders blessings like this. If Dadi know this she will be very much hurt Shivay, ( they reached home and Shivay tries to talk but she doesn’t let him speak and keep walking) u can’t feel others and I know tat.. but u r making fun of elders blessings.. this s very bad Shivay (When she took stairs and stepped up she looses her control and about to fall) Shivay hold her and said can’t see and walk Annika? She replied I just lost my control and tries to move but she can’t step up and screamed in pain. Shivay shocked and check her legs and tell maybe u got sprain and took her in his arms. She stares at him and he too looks at her. Those old couple’s words strike in their mind. Ishq hai aansu plays.. He make her sit on bed and went to get first aid kit. He carefully ask her abt paining area and did aid to her sprain. Annika was not able to take her eyes off him. They had eyelock.

In morning they were not able to face each other as those old couple talk haunts them and they can’t understand why it happens. So they tries to keep themselves busy.
Shivika flashback ends.. but they think they can’t say this to OmRu and Saumya Chulbul.. Instead they just said we fought in dinner and came home. OmRu take Shivay to kitchen and find O’bahus and try to sort out their fight. OmRu tell Shivika tat they arranged dinner to sort their problem but u guys went and fought even there. Saumya and Chulbul also insist to talk to Annika. Shivay struggle to speak a word facing Annika. Everyone r eager to see Shivay talking to Annika. Shivay made his best try to speak but in vain. He tell he have some important work and goes. Annika looks on. They were disappointed again.

Next morning Rumya decides to take prinku for shopping. They leave OM. Prinku was excited and ask Rudra for reason. He tell her tat he wanted to gift her favorite thing so he takes her along to choose her gift on her own. And its ur day prinku. Saumya ask then why did u take me along with u ppl. Rudra jokes we’ll be busy choosing our gifts and we need helper to carry all our belongings and luggage. Saumya hits on his head. He begs “Oh no sumo pls don’t do wrestling with me now.. pls leave me to drive”. She turns her face. He enjoy that moment. They reached mall and went into a jewelry shop. Prinku and Saumya were choosing jewelry.

Rudra roaming around shop and buy something. Prinku calls Rudra and they leave after buying her gift.
I’ll stop here guys.. My mood is not good today.. so ly small episode today.. pls guys pls comment ur views abt this FF and this is my stress buster. I really love writing for u guys. And ur comments will give me more energy. I really feel refreshed after reading comments. If not for me at least do comment for improving my FF story line.
U can also share ur ideas so that I’ll use in our upcoming episodes and I’m sure I’ll give credits to those who give ideas for our FF.. Take care drs.. love u all..

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  5. Good one dear… Plz give some romcom scene between chulkara…

    1. Verna

      sure dr.. coming in next part.. I have decided to give some chulkara and Rumya scenes for next 2-3 episodes.. because we gave more Importance for shivika for last four days

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    Not dat long…but its ok

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    Not dat long…but its ok
    Nd plz show shivaay being jealous…..I loved dat

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      sure dr.. I’ll try to add jealousy parts keep reading 🙂

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      thank u momina.. keep reading and give me ur valuable feedback

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    Superrrrrrrrrrr….. Ur writing skills are writing dr…. But pls try concentrate rumya and chulkara scene also… But I think they have less port only…. This is my request only….. If my words are hurts u I am extremely sry for that…..

    1. Verna

      thank u maha.. will definitely try my best to give like u wish.. even I felt same and gonna concentrate on chulkara and Rumya in upcoming episodes.. keep reading and try to give ur comments in all episodes

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    Fab updt

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