Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 8

Hi my drs.. Verna’s Episode 8 is ready.. come let us move on to the story..

At OM after prinku’s shagun:
OmRu locked Shivay who is working near pool side sipping his kaali coffee ??? and Saumya finds Annika in kitchen. Shivay greets them and ask how was the function. OmRu look at each other and glared at Shivay.
Shi: I’m really happy for prinku and feel sad tat she is gonna leave us in few days.
OmRu look at him.
Shi: What happened guys I’m talking and y r u just silent? R u not happy for our prinku?
They reply, even we feel same like u bhaiya.
Shi: Then?
Om: Why r u trying to avoid us? What is ur problem?
Shi: (thinks) what? What r u ppl talking? How can I ignore my brothers? U know it right? Nothing is more important for me than my family.
Om: Ok I’ll ask directly.. what happened yesterday? Y r u and bhabi behaving strange? Because u two cannot spend even an hour without fighting with each other.. But I’m observing u both from morning.. U both behave strange.
Ani: (shocked and manages) No nothing like tat.. we r normal.. u maybe mistaken, because we were busy with function work.
Sau: No didi.. I know we we’re watching u since morning.. u both were disturbed.. pls tell me.. What happened with u guys and what happened yesterday?
Chulbul joins them and eagerly waiting for her answer.
Annika thinks actually yesterday night.. (Flashback shows)

At resort:
Shivay greets Annika and they sit opposite to each other. Both were blushing. Shivay and Annika start speaking at same time for 2-3 trys. Then silence for sometimes again. Then Shivay broke their silence. He tell Annika tat she looks very beautiful in Red. I thought you were angry on me but its a very big surprise for me. Annika blush again and tell even I’m surprised a lot for this. Shivay asks really? Their talk is disturbed by a waiter and Shivay ordered aloo puri and said puri should be fried in ghee. Annika order his favorite continental cuisine and asks waiter to avoid using Tabasco which is allergic to him. Both look on and were surprised and laughed. Music plays. They even talked about those beautiful decorations and resort while having dinner.
After finishing dinner they had a walk and Annika said even now I can’t believe this and u surprised me thank u Shivay. He hold her hands gently and replied, no Annika it was a big shocking surprise for me.. I really don’t know u’ll do this for me.. I’m really happy and u have impressed Shivay Singh Oberoi. Annika thinks for a while and says, how can I deny when u have arranged such a beautiful surprise for me.. Even I don’t know about this till I reach here.. U r really No.1 tadibaaz Shivay.

Shivay confused, What? I arranged this dinner? This was ur surprise for me right? Actually I have no idea about this.. Annika also shocked and they both think. Then they understood who arranged for dinner date.
Annika says, I know u can’t do such things and will not get great ideas like this. U just know to crack business deals show ur tadi and anger on someone. Yeah it was my foolishness to think Stone Singh Oberoi has turned soft. Shivay too argues with her for showing attitude/tadi. They both started their as usual nok-jhok.
An old couple was watching them and enjoyed their cute hubby wifey fights and go near them. Old lady asked Annika what happened putar y u both r fighting like kids. Annika explained whole story defending herself and irritates Shivay. He too complaints about her attitude towards him. Old man smiles at his wife and tells these two are same like us and talks about their life events. Shivika confused and look at each other.

Old lady talks abt her story. She tell them tat marriage doesn’t happen with two ppl. It happens between two hearts which is inseparable. But not everyone are blessed with inseparable bond. When two hearts are bound together then there is no need of much communication or explanations.. they can just understand their need of loved one’s in single move. Shivika thinks about their food ordering time and some old moments like Shivay feel her presence and Annika thinks how Shivay support her in every situations.. all those moments flash in their mind. They both look at each other.
Old man tells, we r saying this because we feel that ur hearts are bound together. Even we can see that. Shivay asks how? We noticed u both from beginning.. When u saw ur love, ur face turned bright, eyes widened with love and excitement, blushed and that smile in ur face tells everything about you. Even u both ordering the other’s favorite. This shows how much you care and love for each other. Old lady also said its not the matter of who begin and end. It matters how u both carry it together. U r really blessed with inseparable bond. U want to see live proof? Just look there ( He showed them their hands). Shivika notice holding their hands. Shivay leaves her handshand. I wish u all good luck for ur life and goes. They both look on.

On the way, they were silent and they were reminiscing that old couple’s talk. They face each other and turns. All their lovely moments are flashed in their mind. Silence for some more time and Annika starts conversation, what r u thinking? R u thinking about those old couple and their talk. Shivay replied yes, actually I’m thinking about what they said about us Annika..
Annika surprised and look on
To be continued.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Precap: OmRu Saumya and Chulbul can’t wait for their answer. Shivay tell he have important work and leaves. Annika looks on

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