Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 7

Hello all.. I’m back with my Episode 7. Lets move on to story.

At OM:
Om was upset. Chulbul tries to console him as there was no one in factory other than us. But Om was not convinced. Chulbul goes to get water for Om. He saw Maya out of his window and shocked. Later he find Maya wandering outside his room and runs behind her. Chulbul found robot/doll and see Om running and about to fall from railing. Chulbul rescues Om from falling down (same like DBO). Chulbul hugs him of happiness and relief. Then Om promise him to keep up their relationship for life and says U r my best buddy hereafter. Chulbul is very happy and determined to sort out his problem.

Next morning, Rumya and chulkara go to meet shivika in room but didn’t find them. They wonder where they went so early. Rudra says I got it, actually bhaiya and babhi didn’t come home last night they could have stayed in tat resort itself. OMG! Seriously our plan have worked so well and dances. Everyone smile and give hifi. They happily go to have breakfast and shocked to see Shivay in kitchen preparing food. They go to him ask when did u come and y r u here preparing breakfast so early? Shivay just looked at them and continues ???? Rudra asks bhaiya we r talking to u. Shivay just replies ” Om ur fav salad is here.. Rudra ur protein shake is ready.. and Saumya ur fav gobi paratha I have specially made this with olive oil.. come on guys lets go and dine”

Om Ru Saumya and Chulbul didn’t understand his behavior and follows him by shooting questions like when did u come, where is Annika babhi, y r u very silent.. what happened yesterday? He gets call and tell them to have breakfast he’ll join them later. They all r confused.

Annika comes with dadi. Dadi tell them to get ready fast and reach temple as there is pooja arranged for prinku’s shagun function.. she also tell them to come before pooja starts because we should reach here before groom’s family comes. They try to talk with Annika but she too tell them to get ready fast and reach temple. She leaves.
Chulkara left confused. Rumya was confused too and felt bad. They too go to their room. Rudra tell Saumya I feel something wrong why did bhaiya and bhabi behave strange. Saumya tell him there s nothing like tat as bade bhaiya and Annika di is busy with shagun function. Rudra thinks. Saumya goes on air for love angel show. She talks about lovers never fails to show their love even in anger and supporting them. Rudra looks on and remember his behavior and supporting her in front of his friends.

Love angel keep talking about how loved ones care for each other and helping them in hard times. Chulbul and Om listening to this. Om thinks how Chulbul saved him and his mom and supporting him at any situation. He smiles and thinks I’m really happy to get best buddy like u Chulbul. They all leave for temple.
Pooja starts and every one got busy with that. Shivika also there but don’t interact. Their silence killed OmRu Saumya’s patience..

They all reached home and kamini came with shagun for prinku. All rasams going on Annika lost in her thoughts and Shivay tensed. They were like physically present mentally lost somewhere. Om found something is fishy with them and went enquire Shivay. He said nothing like tat I’m ok and leaves.

Precap: Om Ru Saumya and Chulbul can’t wait for shivika’s answer as they were silent for long time. Shivay broke their silence and said I have work and goes. Annika looks on.
Will meet u on Monday guys bye take care. I’m sorry I was little busy with my work and tats y I can’t reply to all your comments yesterday. Love u all. Take care. Bye 🙂

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