“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-28

Thank u for ur wonderful response drs.. last episode was really awesome to read ur comments.. most of u commented what ur really felt in.heart.. I really enjoyed and replied to u all.. it was like.chatting with u guys.. if u have time to look at that episode pls check it. Let’s go to next episode 28..

At Bareilly jungle:
Kali’s men start attacking Om and he fights hard with them. Shivay arrives in chopper from down cliff like a Hollywood movie and shoot some men who was running near Om to attack him. He gets down the chopper and move towards KT pointing guns at him. Shivay stand in front of him and say, I have already warned u.. if u attack me I can bear.. if it comes to my brothers, u should first pass me to reach them.. and Shivay Singh Oberoi is not so weak to defeat.. Understand? He shot few more goons while talking to him, this made Kali frightened. Kali orders his men to kill these both and fight with Shivay. While fighting Kali disappeared and Shivay search for him fighting with other goons. Kali, while leaving he shot randomly and many got shot and few fell on floors to get saved. Both Shivkara manages to hit balance goons and search for Kali. Shivay say, Om u should leave now.. bade ma and all in our family r worried for u.. U leave this place right now.. I’ll call another chopper for me.. before that I have to finish some deal here. Om say, No Shivay I can’t leave u here and go I’ll call mom and inform her. He called and informed his family.

In Kali’s Haveli, Gauri dressed up as bride and was chained her legs. Kali say, By now ur husband will be dead there.. I shot him with this gun (shows Gun) before few minutes.. Now u have no one to run and get saved, she was dragged by him. Gauri gets emotional thinking Om and their moments in OM as Chulbul. Her heart refuses to believe that he is dead. Just then Shivkara enters haveli after hitting goons. She was dragged to sit in Mandap but she refused. She angrily say, Kali.. U can’t marry me even if my husband is dead.. but I know he is still alive.. Om look at them. Gauri say, I’ll never let u touch me till I’m alive.. I’m not cheap girl to get married again and again for money. I’m raised poor but not characterless, marriage will happen only once in a person’s life.. and that happened to me. Shivay and Om look at each other and Gauri. Even if my husband don’t consider this relationship I’ll keep this for my life.. I’ll worship him staying away.. but don’t ever think its opportunity for u to grab me.. U can never achieve that. I’m already married.. Me and my life is devoted to my husband.. this life is only for my husband Omkara ji. Shivay was shocked to hear this. Om was speechless and confused more. Gauri say, its our problem whether he accept me or not.. U have no place to decide my life.. don’t u dare to come near me.

Shivay look at Om and ask, Om.. who she is talking about. Om looks down and nods yes. Shivay was speechless. Meanwhile Gauri pushed KT and point knife on him. She tell, don’t dare to come near me.. else I’ll kill u or kill myself. Kali look at her and say, if u wish to die than marrying me.. then die.. but that too will be done by my wish. U don’t struggle to die.. I’ll make u reach ur Sankar ji with just one shot. He suddenly points gun at her. Gun shot.. Gauri screams and fall down. When Gauri opened her eyes she didn’t feel any pain or no blood in her chest. She saw Kali lying on floor in pool of blood. She gets shocked, turn and look up. Om and Shivay come near her. Shivay helps her stand up. He see KT and remember shooting him when he pointed gun at her. Om and Gauri look at each and have eye lock. Shivay say, Come.. and holds her hand and starts moving. Om left that place in anger. Shivay see him and walks, She can’t move and her leg bleeds because of chain. Shivay shocked to see that. Shivay ask, What is this? Why r u chained. Gauri explain everything from beginning.

Shivay was pleased to hear her story and got key from Kali’s pocket and freed her.
When they come out of Haveli they saw Om folding hands and standing near car in anger. Gauri say, Bade Bhaiya.. U saved me from that devil and got me out of this hell.. Thankku.. but leave me here and u pls go with Omkara ji.. He won’t like me to accompany you. He is angry with me for whatever I did.. He is also upset that I cheated him in friendship as Chulbul. U pls.. Shivay stops her and say, I understand everything happened due to some misunderstanding.. Let’s clear that.. we have to explain Om.. now he may not be ready to listen.. but later. And I can’t leave u just like that even after knowing that u r our house Bahu.. How can Oberoi’s Bahu live in some other place. He smile at her. Gauri say, but bade bhaiya.. Omkara ji don’t consider our relationship.. he don’t believe in our marriage.. I don’t want to force this relationship on him and get my rights by forcing him. I just want to see my pati’s face from far and worship him everyday.. I can stay away from him and do that.. its ok bade bhaiya. She smiles with pain.

Shivay look at her proud and say, its not ok.. Our house Bahu should live in her house. U must come with us to ur house. Gauri was about to say something.. He gets call and go aside. Om saw her standing alone and go near her. He ask, So started ur next plan.. How can u think so spontaneously within few seconds. U created drama in front of Shivay.. he don’t know how evil u r.. what u have hidden behind this innocent face. So he is believing u thinking u r good. But listen to my words.. Don’t u dare to come in my home again and get near me or my family. Gauri say, even I don’t wish to come in front of u.. U saved my life by marrying me that day.. U may not consider it as marriage, but I do. U r my husband for this life.. but I’m not forcing u to accept me.. I don’t want forced to force u to accept this marriage.. if u wish to stay away its ur wish and I want to keep this marriage with me and its my wish.. nothing to argue more. And I understood one thing before sometimes.. when u left me with that Kali Takur. Even I don’t wish to stay in ur life and live near u. She turns her face with pain and cry. This made Om feel for her and think what he have done. He too turns his face. He felt guilty.

Shivay come and say, Let’s move.. we should reach home now. He ask Om and Gauri to get into car. Gauri say, Sorry bade bhaiya.. I don’t want to come back to Mumbai again. There is no match between us, we don’t love each other.. all of the above Omkara ji hates me to the core. I understood today till which extent he hates me. It won’t be good if I come back to OM. U go now.. I’ll take my mom and leave from Bareilly to some other place. Shivay say, No Gauri.. Om interrupts and say, Leave her Shivay.. if she don’t likes.. then y should we force her. Her turned to see her face. Shivay say, Is this really U Om? Y so much hatred towards her and after all she is ur wife. She is Oberoi’s Bahu. She will live with us.. and now its more important to take her to OM. Only she can solve the problem in our house. Om looks confused and ask, What? How will she solve our problems Shivay? What’s the problem? I don’t understand. Shivay say, Bade ma and Rudra said Svetlana is planning your wedding with her. She made all arrangements there and once you stepped inside house u should marry her. Did u remember the pre-nup u singed? She is threatening us with that. Om ask, what is the matter to get her in OM. Shivay say, U remember Bade ma asked u for that pre-nup when u called her sometimes back. Om remembers calling her after fight. He nods and say yes.

Shivay say, There is a loophole in agreement. Its mentioned that Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi will be legal owner for all those properties and shares u hold. Which means, Not Svetlana.. Ur wife.. whoever is ur wife will become legal owner for ur properties. So Gauri is ur wife and she already owns ur properties. What is the need to marry Svetlana now. Gauri must come with us to OM to clear this matter. There will be no better chance to get rid off that Svetlana out from our lives. Om thinks. Shivay say, One more thing, Dadi, Buama and Bade ma want their Bahu back. Om is shocked to hear this and look at Gauri.

Precap: Shivay, Om and Gauri enters OM. Om turns and talk to Gauri and say, Remember our deal? This is just for few days. Omri rocks, Svetlana shocks 😉 😉 😛 😛

That’s all my drs.. sorry for not updating 2 days.. Well many of u know.. weekend means I’ll give only Weekend Shot.. U guys gave good response for that 2parts also.. thanks a lot.. pls do comment ur views about today’s part and let me know how I’m doing.. Take care my drs.. Love u all 🙂 🙂

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