“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-27

Hello my drs.. Today my excitement and happiness have no limits.. I would like to share it with u guys so that u too will be happy.. yesterday I got know that Om will accept Gauri as his wife.. yes.. u read that right.. He accept her as his wife and bring to OM.. but relationship between them is not known.. Second one, Shivay’s b’day on floors.. And one special announcement for Omri or Rikara fans here.. Shrenal (Shrenu + Kunal) will dance in SPA2017 for Humma Humma song.. I got it as spoiler and that too romantic rain performance they r going to.give. I don’t know whether its true or not but I wish they should perform such romantic way. Now the reason behind I shared this information is not only to inform u.. but my upcoming story is based on this concept now.. Ok I’m going to give my part/ imagination with this concept. Let’s see Episode 27..

At OM:
Saumya gets food for Rudra. She saw him still lying on.bed. She woke him up and say, Rudra.. u r still sleeping? Its 10.30A.M.now.. get up and have ur breakfast. Rudra feel tired and tunrs to sleep. Saumya call him again and touch him to wake up. He screamed in pain due to muscle pain. Saumya ask, What happened? He say I feel pain everywhere.. I think its because of heavy workout yesterday. Saumya feels sad for him. She tell, Its ok Rudra.. just have some food and I’ll get medicines for u. She hold him and make him sit comfortably. He can’t move his hand and feel pain in all joints. She observed this and she feed food for him. Rudra look at her. She signs him to eat. He is lost in her.

Shivika come with food to give to Rudra and saw them. Shivay holds Annika and signs her to look at them. They stand outside their room and watch. Saumya consoling Rudra and say, don’t get stressed and anger like this again.. There is no use of taking tension in any matter. It just waste ur time and kill ur peace of mind. Better think about the solution to get over it. Rudra say, but sumo.. Shivay interrupts and say, she is right.. Listen to her words.. its better to find solution for any problem than getting emotional. Saumya say, bade bhaiya.. Annika didi.. and she stood up.. ask, when u came. Annika say, we came when u started talking about this. What u said is 100% true Saumya. Saumya smiles. Shivay ask Rudra about Om and Chulbul.. he ask, did Om get Chulbul in Bareilly? He is not picking up my call I don’t if everything is all right or not. Rudra say, He called me sometimes before and said he’ll meet Chulbul in 10mins.. He said he received txt msg from him.. so he was waiting for that. Maybe he got Chulbul and returning to Mumbai. Shivay nodes but not convinced. He gave medicines to Saumya and ask her to give him after few minutes. Shivika leave. Saumya gave him medicines and apply ointment/gel to get relief from pain. He adores her care for him.

In Bareilly jungle:
Om was not able to bear this and remain shock. He reminiscing about their old moments. Gauri tries to explain her situation but fails because of her cry. Kali see them and holds Om at gun point and say, How dare u again runaway with my bride. I warned u already not to test my patience in Gauri’s matter.. but u r not ready to listen and he hits him. He say, I should not have listened to her that day.. because of her u r still alive.. else I would have killed u that day itself by making u food for Jango (Alligator). I was planning to kill u when u come to Bareilly in search of ur Friend Chulbul.. but u saved him again by accepting to marry me, look at Gauri and talk this. He say, I know U always wanted to protect and help ur pati parameshwar. Om look at Gauri. Kali say, That is y u accepted my deal for marriage.

I believed u that u’ll keep promise if it comes to ur husband.. but u did not.. even u tired to betray me this time. U both will pay for this. He see Om and say, I’ll kill u in front of her eyes so that she’ll bear this pain and guilt all her life. Gauri shocked and shouts, Kali.. NO.. there is no mistake on him.. ot was me.. I wanted him to go away from here and so I became Chulbul and request him.. but I didn’t think that he’ll take me with him like this.. pls.. if u want to punish pls punish me.. let him go pls. She begs him to.free Omkara. Om look on. Meanwhile Svetlana doing arrangements for her wedding. Janvi Buama and Rudra shocked to see all this. She threatens them with prenuptial agreement singed by Omkara.

Kali say, Both of u decide first who to die and who want to See the other to die. Gauri screams.. Kali pls leave Omkara and u kill me if u want. Om shouts, just stop ur drama.. I don’t want to Listen to ur nonsense.. how dare u betrayed by using my friendship.. I thought u r cheap characterless girl.. but u r more than that. Gauri say, pls believe me Omkara I didn’t betray u or try to use u by name of friendship. Om shouts enough… enough is enough.. I don’t want to see ur face in my lifetime.. u r the one who I HATE to the core in my life.. He say to Kali, Kali we got to become enemies because of her.. that day I did a big mistake by showing concern for her life and saved her.. And she paid betrayal as reward.. She is nothing to me hereafter and dead. Om see Gauri and say, U r dead for me. Gauri sat, Om pls listen to me once.. I did not do this to betray u or hurt u.. its all my helplessness. He just stare at her and push her to Kali and say, do whatever u want.. she is no more related to me. Gauri gets shocked and look at Om. Om leaves. She wiped her tears and dragged by Kali.

Kali locked her in room and ask her to get ready as bride. He orders his men to kill Omkara before he leaves to Bareilly. She would run again and go to her husband.. if he is not alive then what will she do? He smile evil and go from there. Om is walking heavy hearted. His men surrounded him and start attacking him. Om fight with them and they reach cliff. Om tries hard to fight with all. Two man rises his sword and run towards Om. They got shot and fall off cliff. Everyone shocked and look at them.

A helicopter sorry Chopper.. Take off from down cliff and rise up. It was Shivay who shot those men. (Think in some Hollywood movies hero shoots villains from chopper). Kali was shocked. Chopper lands and Shivay come out. Om smile at him. Shivay pointing both guns at them and shoot some goons and clear them from Om. He stood in front of Kali and point guns at him.
That’s all my drs.. actually I can’t resist to write this. After watching yesterday’s DBO I was bit disappointed with My Om.. he should not have left Gauri like that.. but his anger is to be justified. It does not mean that he should not listen to Gauri. He would have listened to her. So I want Gauri to stand for herself now. I don’t know what they r planned in real show.. but in this FF Gauri will be upset with Om on my behalf (ok cool just for sometimes.. even I can’t stay angry with My Om for long). And coming to IB.. I hate this Nayantara part.. Better I don’t want to get into that topic. So smooth storyline for Shivika with some other problem. Pls do comment ur views about today’s part drs.. pls let me know ur views.. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Awesome epic di…..me too hate the Nayanthara part…..better you will write on your wish….About Gaurika I like your POV….and where are you from di??

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much for ur lovely words dr.. Omri POV is my own thought on show dr.. ya I’m from Tamil Nadu dr

  2. Ahaana

    full too tashan in today’s part … awesome ?

    1. Verna

      Thank u Ahaana keep reading dr


    Waiting fo GauriKara MU clear in your ff and DBO.patha nahi kab show main unki MU clear hoga.om gauri par gussa karthe hua nahi dekh saktha.thank you so much for not add nayanthara in your ff.

    1. Verna

      Thank you Uf.. Will do it soon.. I just want to make Om.realize his stupid attitude towards Gauri 😉 😛

  4. Kiya

    Its again amazing Verna…. And yes u r right om accept Gauri as wife in front of Swetlana and om and Gauri r dancing in humma song bcz I saw in instagram that they r practicing in that song…. Very exited for SPA 2017….

    1. Verna

      Wow kiya.. Thank god my wish came true.. I didn’t see them practicing.. but thanks for confirmation dr

    1. Verna

      Thank u Alaikhika keep reading dr

  5. Dhar

    Loved it yaar amazing episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Verna

      Sure dr.. keep reading

  6. Verna dear, i know you are happy am also happy that actuall gourika story is going to begin….
    But it will be also based on a marriage deal..don’t know if this is true or not but i read it in many spoiler. .( sry for breaking your heart ??)

    Btw episode was really good. .post next part ASAP.

    1. Verna

      Oh no ??? But I’ll make them together in my FF don’t worry dr 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Arthi

    Sterday I really felt bad for Gauri and was angry on om…… He shd have listened to her once but no….

    1. Verna

      Same to.same feelings dr

  8. Nice update

    1. Verna

      Thanks keep reading dr

  9. Rasika

    Fab update dear…. ?

    1. Verna

      Keep reading Rasika thanks

  10. Its Amazing yaar…superb….and im very excited about ur special news yaar…waiting for next part…

    1. Verna

      Thank u Adhya will share any other information I get

  11. Amazing one… maybe u know about this or not from 22-26 may there is going to be maha episodes of ishqbaaz and dbo

    1. Verna

      Wow thanks for this special information dr

  12. Awesome,, Superbb,, Excellent,, Mindblowing yaar…. Luv it 2 d core nd ya i also don’t like nayantara in ib….. Super excited 4 SPA….

    1. Verna

      Thank u.so much banita.. I’ll not get that character in

  13. Niriha

    Awesome mind blowing ?????loved it to the core amazing epi eagerly waiting for next update soon

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Niriha keep reading dr


    really amazing……… actually di I am also from Tamil Nadu

    1. Verna

      That’s so nice.. keep reading dr

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