“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-26

Hello darlings.. How r u all.. I’m sorry I was little busy with my Weekend Shot because of its interesting twists and turns also My Omri’s love story just started in that.. so I.got too much excited for that fresh new love story.. so I didn’t concentrate on this.. pls forgive me for making u to wait for long time. U can scold me and kick me later but pls read Our Episode 26 now..
At OM:
Rudra was in his room and remembers how Tej misbehaved and ill treated his mom (In DBO show). He was angry but crying inside. Saumya observed him outside his room and leave him to be alone for sometimes. He breaks his and Tej’s pic in anger. He can’t control his emotions and screams holding his head. He workout heavily for more than an hour. Saumya come with protein shake and some food for him. She was shocked to see Rudra’s aggressive face. Rudra doing pushups, Saumya little scared and go to him with food. She call him but scared more to see that much anger in his face and remained silent. Rudra just stared at her and went to treadmill and start running. He was increasing the speed every time. Saumya hets shocked and runs to him. She shouts, Rudra.. Rudra.. What r u doing? What’s wrong with u? She try to slow down his speed. He suddenly shouts at his high tone, Saumya. She scared and moved aback, she panics and cried. He increased his speed again. At some point he lost his balance and fall down from it. Saumya rush to him and makes him sit.
Saumya ask, Rudra.. r u ok? She decreased A/C level and put water on his face to bring him to concious. Rudra was half conscious and saw Saumya and said, I’m sorry Saumya.. I was not angry with u.. I can’t bear mom’s insult.. so I.. he can’t speak clearly but then too he explained her. She ask him to relax. After few minutes she feeds him water and crying for him. He gets normal and look at her crying. He wipe her tears and say, I said sorry.. then y r u crying? She look at him emotionally and say, I’m bit crying for me.. but for u. They both have an eye lock. Saumya feed him food. Rudra gets emotional and say, I didn’t expect Papa will be so rude and cheap man Sumo.. u don’t know how he humiliated mom in front of those ppl.. Today I feel shame to call such man as my father.. O was always right.. I’m a duffer.. dumb Oberoi.. I did not see what happened till these days. That man don’t deserve to be called a father.. he continues to talk but Saumya puts finger on his lips and sings NO. She ask him to have food silently. After having food she ask him to be quite for sometimes. She say, I know how much hurt u r.. but this not the last day or end of everything.. its just a bad day.. u just close ur eyes and sleep now.. everything will be ok tomorrow. Rudra about to talk but she stopped him and say, now u r talking everything in anger. Don’t take any decision when u r angry.. it will spoil more. Just relax and go to sleep. She takes him to his bed and make him lay down. She covered him with blanket. Rudra was watching her with love in his eyes. She was about to leave but he holds her hand and ask, Sumo.. will u be with me till I sleep.. I feel when u r with me all my sorrows gone away. Saumya nodes and sit near him. She keep talking good and motivating him. She comb his hair and make him feel relaxed. He slowly fell asleep.
Meanwhile, Om reached Bareilly and shouts for KT. Gauri come in front of Om and he is stunned to see her in Kali’s haveli. He shouts out in anger and ask for Chulbul. Gauri think and feel hurt for her ill fate. She wanted to keep Omkara safe from Kali and his men so she acts like Kali said. Kali ask him to wait for their marriage to happen and then he’ll release Chulbul. Om was not convinced.. he holds Kali by collar and threatens to kill him if he don’t give his Chulbul back. Kali’s men catch him and put him in a room. Next day, Gauri begs Kali to leave and promise him to marry him. Kali agrees. She ask, I’ll go and meet Om for the last time as Chulbul and make him leave this place.. then I’ll do whatever u say, as u wish. Kali thinks and nods. He say, but Chulbul will die in front of Om’s eyes. Gauri gets shocked. Kali tell his plan and warns her if she tries to escape this time.. then Om will face worst consequences. Gauri gets worried and nodes for his plan for Omkara’s welfare.
She dressed up as Chulbul and go to Om’s room/ Kali guest room. Om was happy and emotional to see Chulbul again in front of him. He run and hug Chulbul. Gauri felt emotional and cries. Om console her saying did u think I’ll leave u like that and hugs her again and say I’m here with u.. don’t worry.. Ok. Gauri can’t control her tears but thinks about Kali warning her and see his henchmen pointing gun at them. Chulbul say, Omkara ji.. pls u leave from this place.. I’ll not come with u. Om shocked and ask, are u mad? I told u I’m with u.. I came here to save u not to leave here.. u r coming with me now.. and drags her. Chulbul worries and say, no I’m not interested to come with u.. U leave me.. I’ll stay here.. I don’t like city and ppl. Om say, don’t talk like kids.. come. Chulbul keep refusing. Om took her in his arms and move from there. Chulbul shouts to leave as his (Om) life is in danger.. Kali’s men start shooting them. Om gets shocked and runs with Chulbul. They both jump into river and start swimming deep without reaching surface. Gauri’s wig gone and she is in her real long hair.
They both swim for long time and got tired.. Om holding her and swimming directs her to reach nearby banks. They both swim and reached bank of the river. They lay down and rest for minutes and relaxed. Om turned to her side smile and she too turn his side and smile. Om wakes up and ask, R u alright Chulbul? I was.. just then Gauri too tries to get up and Om shocked to see Gauri. He is not able to speak and just stare at her. Gauri say, I’m fine Omkara ji.. r u ok? Gauri saw Om and think what’s wrong. She gets scared to see her long hair and panics. She stammer, Omkara ji.. Wo.. wo.. Om turned red and ask,U? Gauri gets scared and cries just then Kali arrived with his men. They hold Gauri and Om. Om just can’t believe his eyes and see her with pain of betrayal. He think about their moments.. their first meeting, Chulbul hugging him scared of rats, their first current, her Bareilly language, Their dance in daabha, Chulbul helping and motivating him, talk about her marriage, how she saved his life, how she risked her life for his mom, their friendly moments after Chulbul returned home (after jagrata and Janvi accepting her as bahu), how Chulbul warned him of alligator trap and all their friendship moments flashed in his mind. He was not able to get any conclusion and can’t fully vent his anger on Gauri. He just look at her with pain. Gauri see this, she cries and screams, NO Omkara ji.. pls don’t misunderstand me in this.. its my helplessness to act like this.. but I did not fake my friendship with u.. pls listen to me Omkara ji.. pls. He was in disheartened state. He can’t here anything and his world rounds around him. Gauri looks on.

Precap: Saumya feed food to Rudra and apply ointment and give massage to his muscles. He is lost in her. (Let’s wait for Om’s reaction in DBO then I’ll write their story in my way). Same precap for Shivika.

Sorry for no Shivika today. I’m writing this from Sunday.. but was able to submit only today.. I’m fed up to say again and again.. I’m struck with work.. so I’m really sorry for late and thanks Kiya for ur love for this FF. Pls do write down ur views in comments and pls let me know what I’m up to.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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