“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-25

Hey my drs.. I’m so happy to hear that from u ppl.. Most of u said u laughed like crazy and expecting my next part.. I’m really feeling happy that I’m at least doing something to make u smile or laugh.. for the first time I feel I’m useful for something in my life. U made me feel special yesterday.. love u all thanks again.. let’s go to our Episode 25.. OMG! Its 25… I’m really feeling blessed because of u.. let’s go now..
At OM:
Chulkara blame each other for missing chance to talk with Shivay. Shivay went to Shakti to talk about some.deal. Shakti saw Shivay and ask him, how r u Shivay? R u ok now? Shivay gets confused and say, I’m alright papa.. what’s wrong? Y r u talking like u.have not seen me for long time? Shakti control his laugh and say its necessary and a dad’s duty to care about son’s health. Shivay confused more and think what about my health now? Pinky come and see Shivay and Shakti. Pinky call, Shivay.. Mere bache.. how r u now? Did u get hurt? If u have any pain then come let’s go and consult our family doctor. He have no idea about what they r talking and give confused look at them. Pinky observe him and say, I know u r very tired.. I send u.. no no.. I myself will make juice for u and get it. U waits here.. and she goes. Shivay call mom but she went. Shakti is on call and he left the room. Shivay gets thinking and say, what happened to them? Suddenly worrying about my health.. without any reason. Om and Chulbul were about to talk something but.. now mom and dad.. What’s wrong? He got call and busy with work. Shivay talking in phone and Annika enters room. She noticed him after entering, she was embarrassed to face him and don’t know how to act. She turns and makes face. She try to run but Shivay call her. She give some fake reason and go without facing him. He calls, Annika.. Annika.. Anni.. what’s wrong with everyone today? All r behaving strange.
Saumya and Prinku talk and passing by his room. Shivay call, Prinku.. R u free tomorrow? U have to come to my office and sign some papers. I have to transfer some shares of my new company to ur name.. and I’ll call u once papers r ready.. u’ll reach.. and see them laughing at him. He gets more irritated and ask, why r u both laughing at me now? They cup their mouth and control laugh. He ask about Tej. Prinku replied he is busy with his new deal. They leave.
Chulbul is curious about finding detailed information about Kali and Tej plan. She does not like Svetkara combo and feel jealous of it. But she went to help Om as she feels its her duty. She warns Om not to go but he said I already decided and I have to do this for my mom (they argue like same as DBO). Chulbul determined to know what Kali was upto. Om leaves angrily.

Family is waiting for lunch at dining table. Buama and Janvi went to temple. Annika feels michmichi and embarrassed but Dadi talks with her and ease her. But she was tensed about Shivay’s reaction. Shivay come downstairs and by seeing him she get more tensed. Shivay talking in phone and say I’ll be there after lunch. Rudra come to him and talk, bhaiya.. I want to tell something. Shivay ask him to say. Annika look at Rudra and signs no. Rudra signs like I’ll manage. Annika signs, I beg u pls don’t talk anything. Shivay saw their dumb charade acts and makes face, So only u both were missing in this family to join and confuse me.. now its over. I’m totally confused r u ppl happy now? Everyone laugh at him and look at each other. Shivay say, what’s going on in this family? Y r u all behaving strange? Om come there and smiles. He ask Shivay to sit. Everyone settled, Annika serves and having lunch. Meanwhile Chulbul is caught by Kali and he reveals her about alligator/crocodile trap for Omkara. Gauri shocked to hear this and wanted to stop Om.
Rudra gathers attention of family and say, Dadi.. recently I saw a picture/ film.. there was an interesting scene in the movie. Dadi ask, what movie and what is so interesting in that? He replies, no Dadi.. it won’t be good if I just say by words.. but I’ll act like them and give surprise for someone.
Everyone smile and know what he is upto. Annika thinks and say, Rudra.. we talk about it later.. let everyone finish their lunch. Om interrupts and say, No it won’t be fun after lunch.. we have to do it before someone leaves and look at Shivay. He was busy with his phone. Dadi ask him to start. Rudra announces, its a fight scene between the hero and heroine.. Annika buried her face in her hands. Rudra continues, U would have seensee Hero and Heroine fighting for themselves or fighting with each other. Have u seen heroine fighting with villain in her dreams and hitting hero in real? Everyone laugh and say NO. Shivay just then started to think about what he speaking gets coincide with his life too and see Rudra. OmRu don’t look at him and continue.
Rudra narrates story, there is a big dark jungle.. where villain and his gang is doing many illegal activities. Hero and Heroine are lost in jungle and captured by villain. Now villain is going to kill our Hero.. Heroine gets furious with this and start fighting with villain.. we r going to show that same fight scene from that movie. Shivay found it was same story which Annika told him that morning and look at her. He then understood her nervousness and reason behind it. Before he could say a word OmRu started their act.

OmRu closed their eyes. Om start fighting with his eyes closed and slaps Rudra. Ru shocked and say its dream and close his eyes. After sometimes Om give punch to Ru, for which he screamsscream and shake Om calling him, Heroine.. wake up wake up.. Om still closing eyes and punch him again saying, how dare u take my name? If I tell this to my Hero he’ll shoot u.. and give a kick to Rudra. Rudra screams and fall on floor. All were laughing like mad and can’t control laughing. Shivay was speechless and embarrassed with this situation. He saw Annika turning opposite side and covering her face. Shivay was about to stop them but Prinku and Pinky make him to sit and watch.
Rudra throws some water on Om and say, Hey heroine r awake or should I throw more more water on u? Om makessay angry face and tell, U stupid Hero.. did u throw water on me.. have u gone mad?and continues to scold like Annika did. Rudra talk like Shivay and say, u were slapping and punching me and u kicked me out.. what r u thinking? Om makes innocent face and tell, What? Did I do all this? Ands act like they act like them. Then Rudra say, I’ll not have my lunch with a donkey.. I’ll go to my bhai and he takes his lunch plate and sit near Shivay. Everyone laugh till their belly hurts. Shivay stares Annika.

Annika look at him and makes helpless face. Shivay left to his room angrily. Annika go behind him. Om gets Svetlana’s call about Tej and Kali leaving mansion and he tell Rudra to manage Shivay. Chulbul blocks his way by warning him about Kali’s trap but Om doesn’t listen to him and lock him in room and goes. Chulbul shouts him to stop but he left. Gauri cries for his life and shout for help.
Dadi Shakti Pinky and Prinku Saumya go to their room along with Rudra. They talk to Shivay. Dadi say, its not Annika’s fault.. its ur beloved brother’s work to announce this in radio. Shivay shocked and turn to Rudra and ask, What? Did u announce this in radio? Rudra makes puppy face and say, no bhaiya.. I was about to tell but my call got disconnected. Shivay stares him and say, Oh u worry for this? Rudra I trust u but u have.. and stops. Everyone laugh at him. He leave the place but Annika worries for him. Dadi console her saying, Billu is shy that’s why he left before getting exposed.. U don’t worry and they all leaves. Shivay driving his car and remembers what happened in home and gets shy. He remembers their last night incidents and laughs how Annika narrated her dream. He say, Annika.. u r making me go crazy.. U the only competent for u and laughs. He blush remembering their moments.
Meanwhile Om and Svetlana follow Kali and Tej to their secret. Janvi and Buama also reach there and they get trapped. Om remembers Chulbul’s words when he saw alligator cage. Chulbul and Rudra determined to save them and rest all drama happened same like DBO. Kali takes Chulbul/ Gauri with him to Bareilly. Om determined to save Chulbul from Kali and go to Bareilly.

Precap: Shivay moves closer towards Annika and whispers something in her ears, she blushes. Om Gauri face off in Bareilly. Saumya consoles Rudra and pampering him like a baby.

Thank u all. Bavatharani u were about to ask me something.. but still I didn’t find ur reply.. if u read today pls tell me anything without any hesitation dr.. there is no place for misunderstanding of my readers.
Also guys, my long time dream came true.. finally Om and Gauri came face to face.. and hereafter I would like to write my own stories on their life.. But don’t worry I’ll keep our story line in ON going track of show. R u guys ok with my decision? If u have any queries or suggestions pls write down in comments.. Take care drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Superb epi Verna di waiting for the next????????

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      Thank u so much vishnusri keep reading dr

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  3. Congratulaiotions Verna for completing 25 episodes and all the best for 50 episodes or Golden Jubilee. Awspme episode and Plzz update soon as I always wait for this from morning.

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  4. Di it is super…….sorry di I want to tell you that don’t make the alligator scene but I can’t…..because I didn’t find any logic in that..(sorry if I hurt you)…..But I trust u…I know u will give us Gaurika scenes like shivika….I am waiting for that and coming to today epic. poor shivay…I laughed a lot…And congrats ? its your 25th update…..Waiting for the precap…..plz update soon…..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much San.. actually alligator scene is in real DBO show and I’m writing this FF on On Going track of IB and DBO show so I have to add same scenes sometimes.. there is no hurting and all dr.. its ur right to point out my mistakes. I’m happy that u notice detailed keep reading dr

  5. Dhar

    Superb episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP ?, finally we got the face off of omkara and gauri , now the real fun begins ??

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    Congrats for 25 episode??????I wish ye ff 100 episode thak chale.


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  9. Its really nice. And its really better than the real drama. I’m new here. But the story really impressive

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    Keep writting like this..

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    Again u nailed it Verna…. Love episode and 25th epi…. Congrats dr….. Sorry for late comment…..


    First of all congrats for 25th episode…….I am a big fan all your ff
    Actually my doubt was How u r getting such a mind blowing story. I am really impressed and if you don’t mind can I call u as akka I mean didi……..

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