“Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Episode-24

Hey my drs.. Thank u for ur lovely comments and suggestions. I have replied to ur suggestions Uf pls check it in previous post dr.. Let’s start our Episode 24..
At OM:
Om tell Chulbul and everyone that Amar Prem is Rudra. Everyone surprised. Love Angel ask him to tell about his cute fight with girlfriend. Dadi tell Buama, this mischievous Ru is always like this.. his only topic is girls and his fitness.. he has no other work and ask them to leave. Rudra say, today I’m not hear to talk about me and my girlfriends..DBJ ( Dadi Buama Janvi) stop by hearing this and surprised. Love Angel ask, then who? Ru says, today I’m going to talk about 2 ishqbaazis in my house. Saumya confused and ask, who is that without my knowledge.. who r u talking about I know everyone in this house.. she bites her tongue and remembers she is Love Angel. Chulkara and ladies get shocked. Rudra too shocked but manages talking, Oh yeah.. you know about everyone in my family.. I have told u earlier.. u r saying that know? Saumya laughs and manages, yes.. yes.. u r right. Everyone laugh at them and Dadi say, I don’t know when he is going to change.. he is still kid. Buama nods and ask her to listen. Love Angel ask him to tell. Rudra say, actually its little strange to talk about other’s love story.. so lets do like gossip. Saumya understood something and say.. Gossip? Its not good to talk gossip on others.. better u say ur own story Amar prem. He say, come on Love Angel.. u don’t know me.. I don’t know u.. viewers don’t know both of us.. then what is the problem.. its our birth right to gossip.. u know? He starts to talk but Saumya disconnects his call and pretends like she can’t hear him and ends show by playing a song. Chulkara and DBJ were excited to know what it was and go to meet Rudra. Rudra can’t bear this insult and went to Saumya room to confront her. He suddenly opened door and rushed inside. Saumya got shocked. He talks (with his own style of fake anger), how dare u disconnect my call sumo.. how can u do this with ur regular caller.. don’t u have responsibility for this. She stare at him and walk towards him. He moves back in fear.. he say, Ok Sumo.. I forgive u.. lets be friends.. u want paratha? He gets more tensed by her stare. He hit by wall and close his eyes when Saumya raise her hands on him and shouts, mommy.. help mee. Saumya hit her hand on wall and locked him and say, open ur eyes. He does.

She ask, don’t u have any shame u duffer Oberoi.. will u talk about ur family in public.. that too not ur personal.. bade bhaiya’s life and his personal life. She say, U should not talk about this with anyone.. it’s their personal matter.. is it a good manners to talk gossip about a husband and wife’s personal? U will not talk or discuss with anyone.. got it. He say, no one knows who I’m and my bhai then what is the problem. Saumya stare at him. He say pls don’t look like that sumo.. I’m getting.. (pause few secs) I’m getting laugh.. and laughs loud. I can’t control if u stare like this pls change ur look and laughs more at her. She get more irritated and start beating him saying, u duffer, cry baby, u r such a.. He runs from her and she chase him. He say, be careful Sumo.. I’ll not leave u if u run and break/ damage my house. Rudra run inside his room and she followed him. She throws his basketball at him. They run around their room. Saumya got hit by his dumbbell in floor and about to fall.. Rudra tries to hold her but they both loose balance and fall on bed. Rudra was mesmerized to see Saumya next to him and lost in her. Saumya felt something different and smile. He can’t take his eyes off her. He moved away her hair that struck to her lips. She felt shivered by his touch. He caresses her face and touch her forehead, nose, lips, cheeks one by one and feel it. She felt everything different and enjoyed for sometime, but gained conscious and get up. Rudra disturbed by this and he too got conscious and think what he did. Both felt embarrassed for sometimes. Saumya about to talk something and walks outside. Rudra hit himself for doing like that and wonder what happened to him?

Meanwhile Om and team r in search of Rudra and look for him. They see Saumya in corridor and enquires about him. Saumya say he was in his room. They reach him and he is still thinking about y he felt like that for Sumo. Om and team reach his room. They greet him and have a talk. He see Saumya entering his room again and remembers their moment.. he gets thinking. Buama and Chulbul ask him about that gossip he want to tell Love Angel. Saumya tensed and signs Rudra but he is still thinking. He casually tells, Ya Buama I was about to talk about bhaiya and bhabi’s yesterday night stunt.. Bhabi kicked and punched bhaiya and he came to my.. and saw Saumya keeping her hand on her head. Om, Chulbul, Dadi, Buama and Janvi cup their mouth and look at each other. They start laughing and then controls. He think y she is holding her head and ask, Sumo.. u have head ache? Till now u were fine. They all look at her but she manages and tell, No, I’m fine. She stare at him. He thinks for sometimes and found what he said. He shouts.. Oh my Mata!! I’m really sorry Sumo.. I was thinking something and told this.. I didn’t do intentionally and swears with cry face. They all look at Saumya and Om ask, Saumya.. U too know this?

Saumya embarrassed and say, yes bhaiya.. and stares Rudra. Rudra makes puppy face. Om observes this and smile at her and say, its ok Saumya we listened to Love Angel show and he started to say something.. we all were searching him for knowing what is the matter.. also we came to know the matter.. Let him tell. Om sign Ru to say. Rudra scared of her and hides behind Om. He tell what happened in morning. Chulkara and DBJ shocked at first and start laughing when he narrated. But Rudra had doubt y Annika kicked Shivay.. they all have same question to ask. They all decide to shoot the same question to Shivika. Janvi tells Shivay went to office. They decide to talk with Annika.

Everyone one head to Shivika room from Rudra’s room. Shakti and Pinky arguing in hall and saw whole family going somewhere. They too follow them. Annika arranging clothes in wardrobe, Dadi and Buama call Annika. She greets and hug them. Dadi gave prasad to her. Rudra signs Om and Janvi to ask her. Janvi say Buama and Dadi to ask.. they all look at each other and discuss how to start. Annika see this and enquires Dadi about that. Dadi and Buama feel embarrassed to talk about it and stammer. Enthu cutlet Rudra can’t control his excitement and directly ask her, bhabi.. actually we r hear to clear a doubt.. will u pls tell us why u kicked bhaiya yesterday? Annika smiles and about to answer him but shocked after she realized his question. She feel embarrassed in front of them, and laugh and manage. Now Chulbul also joined and force her to say.. Everyone smile and Janvi say, come on Annika it happens.. We would not have known about this.. but this Rudra announced in radio and we heard. Annika shocked and see him. Rudra makes puppy face and say, Sorry bhabi.. but I didn’t tell anything in radio Love Angel disconnected my call before I say that.. but they all came to my room and I said. She looks at Saumya and she too nods. She is still in shock and stammer to speak but within that a voice from outside room.. Oh my Mata!!??! Annika.. did u kick my Shivay? Pinky started her drama and makes shocked face while Shakti was trying to control his laugh. Annika scared for pinky. Pinky started her drama and praise him heera beta and how can u do it to my son.. Dadi ask her to be quite.. its just like kids fight.. don’t make a issue. She ask Annika, U tell me putar, y u kick him? Did u both fight? Rudra ask, wow.. for the first time The great Shivay Singh Oberoi got kick from his wife and I want to know how he reacted.. pls tell me bhabi.. pls pls. Pinky interrupted and ask them to be quite. Shakti control her saying its everyone’s weakness, like u snore and disturb my sleep. Everyone laugh at them. Pinky ask him to shut up. Om ask her to say. After so many suggestions and tries she finally talk about it. Annika said them about how she kicked him and his reaction how he was frightened when she woke up from sleep. They can’t control their laughter and laugh out loud. Pinky too laughed. She then says, after fighting with me he went to Rudra’s room and came in morning. She then tell her movie with sahil and her stunt in dreams, which make them laugh till their belly hurts.

After that, Om and Chulbul finding about Kali and Tej’s deal. Svetlana joins hands with Om and they r working together. Meanwhile Shivay came from office and asked to join lunch. Chulkara saw him and go to talk with him. He is near poolside, They wish him and just look at him with smile. Shivay ask, What? They nod nothing and smile at each other. Shivay continue his work. Chulbul and Om talks murmuring and tries to talk with him. Shivay see them and again question him. Chulbul say, bade bhaiya I have to ask u something.. Om interrupts and say, no I’ll talk to him.. we don’t know in what mood he is. Chulbul say, no I’ll ask bade bhaiya.. Om say, no I’ll ask him. Chulbul say, No I’m going to ask him and moves forward but Om drags her back and they both engage in cat fight. They both fighting like kids and Shivay ask them to stop and someone speak. Om still holding Chulbul and say, Shivay I’ll tell u. But Chulbul say, no bade bhaiya.. I’ll say.. I’m the first one to wish u.. so I’ll ask.. and she tries to free herself from Om. Om doesn’t let her go front and keep fighting. Shivay got irritated and say, U both r totally gone mad and goes. They call him but he left the place. They both blame each other for thier doing.

Precap: Everyone wait for Shivay in Dining area and Annika tensed. Shivay come and she gets more tensed. Om and Rudra act like Shivika. Om kicks Rudra and Rudra screams. Shivay embarrassed.

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