Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 15

Hello darlings.. I’m feeling blessed to have such caring and loving readers.. thanks for understanding me yesterday and I’m also happy tat u ppl started to give ur views and criticise my FF.. Thank u for ur love and support.. keep supporting.. I have one request to u guys.. or I can tell it help.. pls help me and I have mentioned tat after story.. pls help me with tat.. first we can see story.. I have tried my best to give a long episode tat too for our Rumya.. enjoy Episode 15..

Saumya kidnapped by goons in front of her college. She is lying unconscious in a bed. A woman is on call, she received orders from someone and tell sure sir.. we’ll do as u say.. u can believe us. Saumya gets conscious and try to remember what happened and where she is? She was shocked when realized that she has been kidnapped. She was scared and try to go out of room but 4 women come and block her way at door. Saumya was worried and shocked to see scissors and box in their hands. She asked, who r u all? Why did u kidnap me? They don’t give answer for her questions and proceeded into room. She screamed in fear and ask them to stay away from her walking backwards. One of them just pushed her and she landed in chair.

Saumya screams for help. Another woman say this is a luxury suite.. ur screams doesn’t work out here.. because all walls are sound proof. Also they assured her that she is in safe place. She worries and started crying.

They tell her there is no need to worry and cry. Saumya confused and thinks.. meanwhile they slides back her chair and start to undress her. She gets shocked and stood up.. Ask, what r u doing? Why u undressing me? If u touch me I’ll never hesitate to kill u and warns them hard. They again assured her not to worry and get scared.. she is in safe place. Saumya doesn’t agree with them and started shouting. One woman called someone and explained situation. After few seconds Saumya’s mobile beeps.. she runs and check tat. She read a text message from unknown number “Come on Saumya.. U r safe here.. U r not kidnapped and pls don’t worry.. If u want to know the reason why u r here.. then cooperate with them..

No bad motive or something else like u think.. come and meet me soon my dr.. I’m waiting for U”. Saumya was totally confused and don’t know what to do.. whether to agree or not.. she confused even more and holds her head. After thinking for few mins, she decided to meet the person who s doing all this. Saumya tell them that she’ll cooperate with them and sit on chair. They undress her and did body massage. After refreshing, they did her manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing etc. She was little relieved after knowing that they were not kidnappers and just beautician. Saumya ask them y they r doing this.. they don’t answer her question.. She got irritated and shouts, I’m asking you from the beginning time tat y r u here and doing like this.. can’t u answer me and yell at them.

Those woman look at each other and tell sorry mam we r not allowed to give u any information about the one who hired us. Another woman walks in telling.. they r right Ms. Saumya we r not allowed to tell u anything about our boss.. and she introduced herself as Tanu, a designer and introduced those women as the best stylists in the country. She ask Saumya to try some outfits. Saumya suspiciously look at her. Tanu tells believe me madam.. this is designed by one of the top best brands in the world. And our boss have specially made this designed for u.. Saumya got surprising shock and have no idea of what’s happening and what’s going to happen. She tried some outfits and finalized a beautiful olive green dress with golden lace over coat.

Meanwhile Gauri after getting blessings from Jhanvi she get call from Om and decide to continue as Chulbul and goes. Chulkara goes to find doctor in hospital. In car Gauri thinking how to tell Om abt her and lost in thoughts what Om want to tell Gauri. Om holds her hand and tell never lie to him. Gauri worries and ask him to talk abt Gauri. Om stopped his car in shock and stare at her. Gauri tells, no u were talking about her in doctor’s place and manages. Om calms. Gauri ask why u hate her that much. Om tellss how she accepted kaali thakur’s proposal, Jhanvi Thakur’s death and women in hospital badmouthing her, and her her marriage moments with kaali thakur. She ask if u hate her for that reason why u want to see her at the last minute of ur life. He thinks about how they fall from train and Gauri save him from poisoned arrows. He also think about villagers talk and their marriage. He thinks how to tell this and stammered.. but fuel ended as per Svetlana plan (rest as DBO)

Saumya’s make-up and hair dressing was done and she wore her dress. She was looking so pretty and like her very much. She can’t take her eyes off her and think I have never felt like this before.. I love myself today more than any day in my life. Two young woman come and call Saumya. She goes along with them. While walking she was thinking who is the one.. why he/she got me here and doing all this? What he/she want? And lots of questions and confusion raised in het mind. She was lost in thoughts. Suddenly those young woman stopped in front of door. She looks at them. A woman say, madam, pls go inside and mens standing near door opened and welcomed her. She was confused and bit scared, but gets some courage to go inside.

The moment she went in, doors were closed and it was full of darkness where she can see nothing. Just light music was playing in background.. Suddenly a spotlight focused on her and got scared. Rest of the room was still dark and she can see nothing.. She ask, is anyone there? After few secs another spotlight glows but its little far from her. She saw a man standing but he was facing the other side. Before she could analyse his full structure light goes off. She felt some touch and shivered and ask who is tat? Again light come but she saw a mirror placed in front of her. She noticed something and she was surprised to see a Diamond pendant in her neck. She remembers choosing and liking tat when Rumya took prinku to get her gifts. She says this was the same pendant I liked in tat jewelry shop.. but I didn’t tell anyone, even prinku..

how did I get this.. She ask is anyone here.. Suddenly a big projector screen/ LED screen is shown.. And saw “Happy Birthday Saumya”. Her face glowed with smile and surprised. And A/V continues.. all her childhood pics since she was born, when she started walking, her first day in school and more childhood pics till her college pics werw shown. She can’t control her excitement and ask pls tell me who are u.. no more suspense pls.. Again in A/V a slide is shown with a message ” U want to know who did this?” She nods.. timer for 10secs goes and next slide shows Rudra and Saumya’s wedding pic where Rudra putting Mangalsutra on her neck and she looking at him.

Saumya’s eyes widened with surprise and shock. She cupped her mouth with happiness and calls out Rudra…

Precap: In kitchen, Rudra teases Om with Chulbul. Shivay ask him to keep quiet. Annika and Saumya don’t understand what they talk. Chulbul come there.

Guys pls do comment and criticise my FF.. as I said earlier I need some help from u.. I’m planning vacation for Oberois’.. I have already given Wayanad in Kerala for my Weekend Shot.. so I can’t use same for this too.. pls comment ur favorite places or ur hometown and nearby places.. so that I can use it in my FF in future.. because I’m bored to write all stories happening in OM. Probably after revelation of Mahi and Svetlana I’ll start this track.. within tat Gauri will also be back.. so pls my drs.. help me to improvise our track and FF. Also tell what are all special site seeing in ur mentioned place.. pls help me and I’ll surely give credits.. bye my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Awww rudy so cute

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much shabnam

  2. amazing ff…..vacation one will be amazing…go ahead with that….

    1. Verna

      Thank u Ayeshashk keep reading.. and pls yar.. give some idea for their vacation and details about tat place..

      1. hmm….well last year on my school trip i had came india for trip to shimla,manali via kullu and amritsar….well amritsar wont be a good idea but i think manali will be a good idea….if you want info about that place then will let you know other then that…well jaipur is also a good idea..well i dont know much places there i had gone this places for school trip n i stay in kuwait…soon gonna shift mumbai most probably by next to next week…so excited 🙂

    2. Verna

      Thats amazing Ayeshashk I have very less knowledge about kullu and manali.. I’ll search for it and try to choose urs too..

      OMG! Seriously I can’t believe I have readers from abroad too.. Anyways welcome to India my dr.. thanks for ur suggestion and keep reading

  3. Lovely update. Can the oberois go to Coorg district for vacation

    1. Verna

      Thank u Fffan1234 keep reading.. thanks for ur suggestion.. I’ll search more about coorg and I have to ask with my cousin.. she gone there for her honeymoon


    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Uf keep reading

  5. Its awesome.i am eagerly waiting for vacation episode.Place Ooty in Tamilnadu ll b good and its my favorite…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much priya07.. thanks for ur suggestion.. my favorite place too

  6. Nice episode…I think u will choose gulmarg at kashmir.That place is really beautiful and covering with snow nowdays.And jankul also go there for spending romantic vacation on occasion of jankee’s b’day.Hope u like it.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Mehak.. Wow.. even I have dream to visit Kashmir once in my lifetime.. I’ll search about Gul marg.. I think u r big fan of Nuks.. gave information about him thank u..

      1. yes i m big fan of naks and happy u like my suggestion….

  7. It is awesome dear… I suggest you to the Taj mahal in agra the city of love…. And the city of temple varanasi… Which is my home town…

    1. Verna

      Wow.. city of love.. I’m ashamed about me.. how did I forget such a lovely place.. Thank u for reminding me nikitajai

  8. Varanasi is also called as ancient city… Many tourist from across the world come visit this city…

    1. Verna

      R u serious? U r from Varanashi? thats fabulous yar.. Thank u and keep reading

  9. Amazing epi

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      Thank u Lilly.. keep reading

  10. Awesome…Amazing….So Cute loved it waiting for next part update soon

  11. Superbbb!!!..nd I go with the suggestion of mehek…gulmarg is a really beautiful place…
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt..

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      Thank u so much bhavana.. thanks for ur suggestions too.. keep reading

  12. Alekhika20

    Lovely updt

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  13. Sooooo sweet ff ? ? ?

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      Thank u so much Arpita.. keep reading dr

  14. Amayaa

    Hmmm Verna di is back with her as usual amazing ff
    But ya I must ask di
    I UNDERSTAND that today u give a good space to RUMYA
    But ya today I miss by bhaiya bhabhi very much
    Happy that finnaly cool Rudy bro confessed his love to his wife so grandly
    Nd even Omkara think about gauri
    Well coming 2 de precap
    It is too good

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Amayaa dr.. Sometimes it doesn’t workout for all 3 couples baby.. but don’t worry I’ll try to give some more space for shivika in next episode..

  15. Amayaa

    Verna di i think u got much suggestions nd u r going 2 be much confuse as all de comments nd suggestions r good
    Well I read everyone ‘s comments
    Now I feel sleepy so Gud night
    I m gonna take a little sleep as I have watch IB ND DBO

    1. Verna

      Hahaha ok dr.. gud night.. I’m also watching IB now.. and eagerly waiting for my DBO.. excited for Omri face off

  16. sneha(kerala)

    I just love it. And yeah as I’m frm kerala , the most beautiful place here is ostensibly kuttanadu in Alappuzha. It’s just a suggestion , choice is yours…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much sneha.. I too like Kerala tats y I chose Wayanad for my Weekend Shot.. I’ll think about it my.dr.. thanks for ur suggestion.. keep reading

  17. Verna

    Thank u so much Niriha.. keep reading and will update ASAP

  18. Verna

    Thank u so much bhavana.. thanks for ur suggestions too.. keep reading

  19. Its amazing Verna. I like u ff so much..

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      Thank u so much Chandni.. keep reading

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  21. Surbhi Sharma

    Awesome .. post soon

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  22. Hi dear Verna,

    Just loved the way u narrate d rumba plot. Each and every single detail was awesome. I wish their track starts in dbo and this scene shud happen. Want to see some rumba scenes.

    As usual Gaurika scenes were nice..

    Good work

    1. Verna

      Thanks for ur lovely words.. will try my best to keep u ppl entertained.. also u have noted detailed Sanboo really happy.. keep reading

  23. Awww……… rudra was soo… Sweet…. Waiting 4 nxt….

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  24. Awesome……

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  25. Awesome

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  26. Hey nice imgntn and my guess was rit knw?

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      Haha sangee.. u said he’ll get parathas for her.. did I write like tat.. ur paratha Imagination and and diamond jewelry is same for u? ?????

  27. Rasika

    Nice . Love rumya ??

  28. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr…. I loved it…. Keep going… Sry for late comments….

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