Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 14

Hi my drs.. U know what? Today my day was bad when I woke up in the morning.. But all my worries went off when I read all ur comments in last episode.. thank u all for spending time to write feedback on my FF.. thank u all.. Episode 14 is here..

At OM:
Its morning. Gauri wakes up and see Om next to her. She gets happy and thanks sankarji for her second chance (first chance on their panchgani trip). She changed and went out of room to get tea and breakfast for Svetlana. She ill treats her for flopping her plan to kill jhanvi. Chulbul defend himself tat how do I know tat plan? So I just went to save jhanvi. Svetlana warns him if he double cross her, she will show video of her and Chulbul conversation to Omkara and think he will not see ur face. Chulbul worried accept her demand. Later Chulbul takes breakfast for Om and see him working on Svetlana secret making a timeline. He ask Chulbul to get ready fast, that they have to leave for doctor Dang’s place, because his behavior was fishy when he saw Svetlana. He agrees and informed Svetlana. But Gauri doesn’t want Om to be stopped by Svetlana and prays to God and got idea to stop Svetlana. She seeks help from buama and jhanvi (rest all same as DBO). Om and Chulbul reach Dr. Dang’s place but he was not found in his house. They were trapped by snakes and try to get rid of it. Both felt tat it is their last day in life. Om tell Chulbul tat he s gonna share a secrete which he never shared even with Shivay and tell about Gauri and their wedding. He also tells he wish to see her in front of him for the last time. Gauri was crying badly and Chulbul changes to Gauri same as DBO. When Gauri went to tell all truth to Omkara, he was not in his room. Jhanvi spots her and talks to her about jagrata. She took blessings from Jhanvi.

Sangeet preparations have started in OM. Shivay having his Kaali coffee and working. Annika shouts at Shivay tat only they did not finalize their outfit for sangeet function. She keep shouting at him. He ask her to be quite for sometimes, but she don’t listen to him. Shivay cups her mouth and hold her close. They have eye lock. Shivika go to choose their designer outfit in designer’s place. After a long search both selected same looking fabric which made them surprised. They see a couple choosing their wedding outfit and Shivika remind about them trying their weeding outfit. Both lost in each other. All those beautiful moments when Shivay saw Annika in bridal wear and their heart touching moments flashed. Still looking at each other, but disturbed by designer. Annika goes to trial room to try her dress but Shivay holds her and ask what did u want me to say on that day?

Annika ask when? He hold her more closer and said on our wedding day, when we both trying our wedding outfit… u remember? Annika thinks how can I forget it? But she don’t want to talk about it now. She lies to him NO. He suspects her and aks really? U don’t remember tat day? She replied NO again. He holds her hand and twist back. He lean more close to her and talk in her ears and say ( low tone), Shivay Singh Oberoi don’t like to listen the word NO.. come on Annika I know u remember.. tell me what u want me to say.. She can’t move or realise what is happening and lost in his closness. After sometimes, she came to sense and and asked him, will u be able to say what I want to hear? He says Shivay Singh Oberoi can do anything. Annika tells, ok will u confess tat… Their moment was broken by a kid running around and his mom chasing him. Shivika blushed and went to try their outfits.

Saumya in college make call to Rudra but can’t reach him. She enquires his friend chubby, but he too don’t know the reason where and why he went out of city. He ask didn’t he tell u where he goes? U stay in same house na? She replied he left OM before everyone woke up. Saumya was worried and can’t concentrate her classes. She decided to go. Someone in class message other person that Saumya left class.. she went to cafeteria and sat quite. She again called Rudra and can’t reach him. She text him to call her. She called Prinku to get some news about Rudra, but prinku too don’t know about him and said he didn’t call since he left.

This made Saumya more worried. She eas not able to eat her lunch and decided to go home, when she reached main gate another person called and informed Saumya going out of college. When Saumya came out of her college campus, a car rushed towards her and blocked her way. Two men covering their face threatens Saumya to come with them.. she screams for help, but they kidnapped Saumya by making her unconscious.

Precap: Saumya is unconscious and lying on bed. Four women come with scissors and box and standing near door.

I’m really sorry guys its really a bad day for me.. and mood was not that gud to give u my best.. sorry pls forgive me for small episode. Pls do read and support my new Weekend Shot by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life I already posted my part 1 on Sunday.. pls read and support me.. Love u my drs.. Take care.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Verna dear, it is really a sweet ff. I love next part ASAP.

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  4. u copied all the scence from dbo. write something of your own also and plz write romantic scences of rikara not exactly what is shown in dbo.

    1. Verna

      No dr.. sometimes I have to do this.. because I have mentioned in my Introduction part itself tat I’ll be writing this FF based on On going track of both shows.. I’ll do some moderation in tat too.. so to give continuity to readers I have to give information so that they can understand my explanation in upcoming episodes.. thank u keep reading

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      Thank u soo much for ur concern and care nikitajai.. Yes I was upset.. but after getting such good thoughts from my darling readers, how can it overpower me.. thanks for ur love.. keep reading and I’ll try my level best to entertain u ppl.. love u..

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    Superb part

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  13. Amazing Verna Di…..I read your ff’ s daily….till its next part is not uploaded I keep on reading the previous ones again n again and writing n ff based from actual story is a great thing many people in their ff do that so don’t mind bad if anyone finds it boring…..i will always try share my comments n views on it ff…today I got time so I commented here as I’m busy with my boards…lots of love?

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      OMG! Thank u so much Ayeshashk.. I’m overwhelmed to see such lovely comments tat u keep reading previous post again and again.. today I really feel blessed without any hesitation.. Love u so much.. and pls do well in ur exams.. till tat its not necessary to comment.. Good luck my dr 🙂 🙂

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  14. Nice track… does rudra gn to get paratha fr sow?

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      Hahaha.. very funny sangee.. I’ll use this in my upcoming episodes.. thanks for ur idea.. keep reading 🙂

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    Nice part…
    But somya is kidnapped..
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