Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 13

Verna is back with Episode 13. OMG! Seriously guys I was in cloud nine for my last update.. u ppl gave such a wonderful response and yes that was my booster to write my new WEEKEND SHOTS BY VERNA – JOURNEY OF OMKARA’S LIFE. Pls do read and support me and I’ll be writing tat on weekend days. I replied all ur comments for last episode.. thank u again and now lets move to story..

At OM:
Chulbul drinking turmeric milk. Om and Annika look at him. Chulbul ask why they looking at him like this? They both were silent and starting at him. Gauri panics and thinks I’m gone today.. did they find anything about me? And corrects her cloths and hair. Again she asks what happened? Annika makes doubtful face starring at her which makes Gauri panic more. Om and Annika laughs at her and tell about her yellow moustache. Om tease her saying, u r a strange boy who has girly behavior and now ur moustache is more weird than u and laughs. Gauri got what he said and cleaned with shy smile. Annika looking at Om and smiles. Saumya just come there and ask why u ppl are laughing, even I will laugh if I know the matter. Om explained her and laugh out loud. Saumya happy and smiles seeing Om. Annika talk to Om, I’m really happy tat u r having a good laugh after a long time. Its been so long that we saw u laughing from heart. I wish ur brothers would see this. Saumya tell, Really Om bhaiya.. U lost ur smile after so many mishaps and even we forgot how u can smile.. but today this happened because of Chulbul and thanks her. Annika and Om nods. Annika thanks Chulbul and holds his hand.. Today, because of u our Om laughed out his heart. Thank u Chulbul. U have become our family member and became my dr brother like saahil.

Meanwhile ShivRu collides. Shivay ask y r u roaming here at this time? Rudra about to answer but he questions him, u said u have to make important call and y r u here? Shivay say he just came for a walk and ask Rudra. He answers I came in search of.. and he didn’t get any idea to answer and make cry baby face and hugged him. He tell, Bhaiya.. Sumo went to Om’s room to spend time with Chulbul. Shivay shocked, breaks their hug and ask what Saumya too went? Rudra shockingly asks Saumya too means? Annika bhabi also went? Shivay nods with helpless face. Rudra asks, Y this Chulbul is crossing our way.. first he took our O and now.. they both proceed to Om’s room.

In Om’s room, Annika tell u r my dr one hereafter.. u can come to me and spend time with me at anytime. Saumya also tell yes, after u get well lets go out for lunch to my favorite restaurant.. ShivRu shell shocked by their talks and can’t move from there. Om saw them and enquires why they r standing out, he ask them to come. Annika looks at them and ask Shivay u were busy with ur work.. how u came here? Shivay stammer and reply he came to see Chulbul and ask if he is fine. Chulbul nods. Saumya ask Rudra y he came there? Its time for his workout and he can’t think of leaving it. Rudra too tells he was thinking about Chulbul’s health and came to enquire. He too ask if he is fine. Gauri says yes and is overwhelmed by their concern and tell I’m really blessed to get such family in this strange city. Chulkara smile at each other. Rudra in his mind thinks you r fine but we r not and slowly walks towards Om and hug him from one side and says I can’t share any of my things to anyone. Shivay understood his talk and all others were confused and look at him. Om ask what do u mean? Rudra starts actually.. but Shivay pats on his shoulder and take him aside. They sat on sofa placed in corner. Shivay can’t resist Annika holding Chulbul’s hand and ask her to take tat milk glass from Chulbul and keep aside. Annika did and Shivay relieved. Saumya ask what his favorite chat is. Chulbul said paani puri/golgappe. Om gets call and turns to talk. Annika did hifi with Chulbul saying that is her fav chat too. ShivRu look at each other and turned from their normal mode to Jealousy mode ???. She also praises her slang and said this attracts me. She ask where is he from and enquires abt his family. Chulbul says he have no father, he and his mother stay in their uncle’s place. They had small shop near temple in Bareilly but shop was.. (stops) and thinks what have u done Gauri? Today is ur last day.. I’m sure u’ll die today.. AniRu were excited when he said he was from Bareilly. Rudra jumped and went near him and ask whether he knows Gauri kumari sharma and sings her song. Annika also asks, yes she is very good and caring girl. She sensed my sorrow just by my voice. Do u know her? Om was shocked at her talk and dropped his phone. All those moments when they first met, her paani puri style, their fight in bazaar where Om shattered her shop and Gauri drove bulldozer on his car, and their marriage.. he turned shockingly. Chulkara stares each other. Shivay asked what happened Om? It took few seconds to come back to normal and said I just lost my control Shivay.. nothing else.. I’m fine and took his phone. He excuses from them and go out of room. Shivika and Rumya looks confused. Shivay says its enough let Chulbul take some rest or else there will be no use for ur hand made turmeric milk Annika and drags her from there. Shivika and Rumya left room greeting good night. Rudra tell Shivay, he will be out of city tomorrow and leaves.

Om come to room and see Chulbul sleeping. He doubts why I feel Gauri in every move of Chulbul. Is this my illusion or his behavior? I should find out. Why am I not able to forget that girl who I hate the most. Even that marriage was just a drama to save her. I’m trying my best to forget tat, but more and more I think about it. What the hell is this? He put blanket on Chulbul and switched off lights and dozed. Gauri woke up and thinks sorry Omkara ji I’m not intentionally doing this.. I know u’ll be hurt and will hate me even more when u come to know the truth. But now my situation is helpless. She pray ti God for her forgiveness because she s playing with the emotions of her pati. She too dozed.

Precap: Shivay twists Annika’s hand and ask did u feel anything? Saumya is kidnapped in front of her college.

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