Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 12

Hello my dr readers.. I’m really happy for ur valuable feedback and comments.. and I’m really sorry tat l was busy with my family function yesterday.. I was not able to reply all but I tried my best to reply to ur comments.. I read all and really happy.. that’s y I didn’t post yesterday. Sorry my drs. And Verna’s next episode is ready.. let’s move on to Episode 12..

At OM:

Dadi, buama, jhanvi, prinku, pinky and shakti come to Om’s room to see Chulbul. Chulbul tries to get up but they insist to rest. Dadi went and sat near Chulbul and caressed his head. All were concerned for Chulbul. Dadi holds his hand and tell, I don’t know how to start. Thank u is just a word but there are more emotions in what and why I say that. Om said everything to us. U did not save Jhanvi and Om but this whole Oberoi khandaan. U know what, this family is ur Dada ji’s dream. He wants all his children and their generations to live united in this house. But due to some bad sights some misunderstanding and mishaps happening in this family. And to the extreme of mishaps this happened last night. But now I got belief that God has concern on us.. he has sent u to save this family. Thank u so much putar. Prinku thanks him for saving his mom and bhai. Shakti and pinky thanks and bless Gauri. She was overwhelmed and cries. She tell Our sankar ji never betrays his worshipers and u r such a good family who take cares a servant like ur family member. I pray to God that he should keep u all happy forever. Dadi says u r our family member. U have saved 2 souls and life of this Oberoi khandaan. Buama, Shakti and pinky also tell the same. Om looking at this and smiles. Dadi ask him to take care of Chulbul and everyone leaves. Rudra and Saumya arguing. Saahil supports Saumya and tell she s smart and cute. Saumya pinch his cheeks and takes saahil for ice cream treat. Rudra see them jealously. (Rudra jealousy talks to himself) Nowadays competition for sumo is extending and goes.
In night, Shivay was working near pool and is on call. He saw Annika talking with servant with three glass of milk. She gave two glass of milk to servant and bring one. She comes to him and call Shivay.. He ask what’s this Annika don’t u know I won’t drink milk in night. She is confused and tell this is not for u.. I know well u always drink ur saira banu. Shivay correct her its Americano.. I have not seen u having milk in night time.. is this ur new habits? She says u r mistaken. This is not for me and u. Then whom? Shivay ask. Annika tell its for Chulbul.. I have added turmeric powder so that he gets good sleep. Because of wound he may not sleep well. So I asked this recipe from Dadi and Buama and made it. Shivay gets shocked and what? Did u prepare urself for Chulbul? She says yes.. but don’t worry Dadi explained me well and I did same. He was speechless. She tells him, I may come late from there so if u feel sleepy u go and sleep.. And goes. Shivay look at her in thunder struck shock and tells whats happening here? She never prepared and gave me that kaali coffee till this day.. But getting recipe and preparing turmeric milk for Chulbul? This much concern for tat boy? What is so spcl in him that first Om got attached to him now my Annika.. No.. that guy is very strange.. I have to do something and goes behind her. Meanwhile Rudra listening to Love Angel show. Saumya talks about love and its effects. She ends her show by saying a message/ thought.. love can bring happiness for life.. but if we choose wrong person it may turn our life to hell.. so its better to avoid such relationship.. its not love’s mistake but our own mistake.. so sometimes its good to break that relationship to save us and our self respect. Rudra doubts whether she talks casually or intentionally. She also dedicates a song for her new found friend (Chulbul, but didn’t mention his name) who did a brave work by saving two of her close family members. And it was a romantic song. Rudra was shocked at this and understood what she indirectly conveyed. He rushed to her room and confronts her. She avoids him and tries to walk. He can’t let her go, he holds her hand and she felt something different by his touch. They have an eye lock. She realizes and ask what. Answer me.. He asked u was talking about me at the end of the show right? She says no I was answering for callers’ questions.. why did u feel so? Rudy is guilty and tries to handle situation and change topic. He says leave it I fogot that, that last song u dedicated was for Chulbul right? Why did u do so.. I’m ur best friend.. We have shared many things with each other and even we got marri..(stops) u have never dedicated song for me like this in any of ur shows.. what is the matter? She was about to answer but she sensed his jealousy feel and thought to play with him for sometimes.. She tells its her wish and goes. Rudra shocked by her ignorance. He calls out sumo but she replies she s busy and want to meet Chulbul and goes. Rudy looks on. He gets call and one of his girlfriend’s called him for date. He angrily looks at his phone and says wrong number and did oh my mata to his phone in Shivay’s style. He runs behind her.
In Om’s room, Chulbul and Om arguing to apply medicine. Om says he will apply but Gauri refuses and doesn’t want Om to touch her. But he is not convinced and go and sit near her and about to open wounded area. Gauri screams no. Om shocked at her and say u r totally weird. R u a girl? Only girls scream like this when a boy comes to touch her. But u r really strange. She weirdly smiles at him and plucks medicine from him and ask him to turn. Om made impossible face and went. He s standing near their room door. Annika come there with milk and ask Om why r u standing in front of ur room like a watchman. He tells Chulbul is applying ointment and his shy nature. She smiles and say lets go inside, I got turmeric milk for him. He ask her to wait and enquire Chulbul whether he s done.. will he allow them to his room? Gauri shyly laughs and u r really awesome Omkaara ji and call him in. Ani nd Om get inside. Annika ask how he is and gives milk to Chulbul.

Precap: Shivay and Rudra sitting in corner sofa and jealously looking at Chulbul. Om gets shocked and drops his phone when Chulbul told he is from Bareilly.

Guys, r u ok with this smooth family track? Or u want me to go along on going track of IB and DBO. Personally I like this perfect family track. Because these Oberoi’s are facing too much of twists and turns in their show and I’m fed up with that drama track. Why can’t this family be a normal family for sometimes? So pls write down ur interest in comments and let me know ur views, so tat I can decide our story track. I’m sorry again for not replying to ur comments. Meet you all on Monday. Take care drs. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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