Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 11

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At OM:
Everyone gathered to have breakfast. Annika and Chulbul serving food. Dadi ask where is billu.. I did not see him since morning.. Annika tells he went for urgent meeting in Delhi, so he left home early morning itself. Shakti says, yes he was talking about some local people creating issues and closing a deal.. so he would have gone earlier. Dadi says its ok have breakfast.. OmRu joins them. Om teasing Rudra and Rudy counters him. All laugh. Tej making call to Shivay but can’t reach him. He enquires Annika when he left and how he s reaching Delhi. Annika tell he left home early morning 4.30 and going by his private jet. Tej worries tat he should have reached Delhi by now.. but why his phone can’t be reached. Annika worries too. Rudra gets call and answers. He is shocked and runs to switch on TV and saw news of Shivay’s private jet blast. Everyone gets shocked and runs to see news. Dadi buama and pinky started crying.. Jhanvi and Saumya try to console them in their shocked state too. OmRu can’t believe this and have no idea what to do. Annika didn’t move from table in shock. She gets a phone call and screams Shivay.. Shivay.. where are you? Pls come to me.. Don’t leave me alone.. pls Shivay.. Shivay… …

She’s screaming in her sleep. Shivay sleeping next to her woke up and shocked seeing her screaming. He made her to come to sense and switched on lights.. and asked what happened Annika? Why r u screaming? (Caressing her face and hair.. he makes her sit and wipes her tears) U had a bad dream? (Asked this cupping her face).
Annika in shock and can’t stop crying looks at him and cries more and hugs him. He caresses her and console her its just a dream.. bad dream Annika.. She cries and talks to him.. NO Shivay I can’t.. it was just a dream but such a horrible dream.. I can’t tolerate u leaving me alone even in dream (starts crying badly). Shivay was very much moved by Annika’s words. He could feel her that how scared she was and the way she hugging him tight explained how much she love and care for him. He too hugs her tight. She weeps continuously. Shivay tell her tat he can’t see tears in her eyes, so pls stop crying. Annika looks at him and tries to control. She again hug him and fall asleep in his arms.
Meanwhile in Om’s room, Chulkara waiting for Maya. Om tell Chulbul should act like he said (same like DBO). Maya comes and they chase. Svetlana makes jhanvi stand near door and Chulbul found dummy knife and realized Om have real knife. Chulbul runs to Omkaara, but see jhanvi opening door and comes in between jhanvi and Om to save his mom. Om then realized blood oozing out from Chulbul and gets shocked. Chulbul says someone changed knife and fall on him. Om cries for Chulbul to open his eyes. He took her in his arms and carried to his room.
Doctor treats Chulbul and says he s out of danger now. Take care of him and leaves. Om was feeling guilty and went to confront Svetlana and tej saves her. He comes to his room and saw Gauri sleeping. He went and sat near her. He holds her hand and says sorry Chulbul its all because of me. I should have rechecked that knife before using it. (Teary eyed and said) I’ll never let anything happen to u, its my promise. He caresses her face and starring at her of guilt. He can’t sleep tat night but felt asleep next to her after sometimes.
Next morning Om still holding her hands tight/ like hugging. Rudra come and see them and gets shocked at them sleeping on same bed. He first closed his eyes then slowly opened and cups his mouth. He tries to wake them up. But Chulbul sleeps well due to heavy dose pain killer medicine and Om still sleeping as he slept very late. Both r in deep sleep. He cries and runs around the room calling someone to see those dostana couple. Jhanvi comes there. He run and hug her and complaints about their dostana. Jhanvi pats on his head and said whole story. He gets shocked and I must thank Chulbul for saving u mom. They left the room.

Chulkara woke up. Om freshen up and ask Gauri to change and tell he will help. Gauri embarrassed and hesitates. Om tell her hygiene is more important and ask her to get up and forward his hands to undress her. She s shocked and shouts nooooo… I’ll do it myself.. he tell she s wounded and cant walk. But Gauri hesitates telling him tat he s not tat kind of guy, I’ll wear dress.. (Om completes) even when u r taking bath. Chulbul changes when Om is busy in phone call.
Just then Shivika and Rumya come to Om’s room. Annika and Saumya sit near Chulbul and ask how he is. Rudra thanks him for saving his mom and Om. Shivay went near her and said thank u Chulbul, yesterday u saved bade ma for second time. Just not her even our Om. If anything happened to bade ma because of him, then our Om would have broken and I cant even imagine what will happen to him. U also saved my brother’s life. Thank u is not just enough.
Om tell them Chulbul really saved his life. He could have dead by now if Chulbul was not with him and tell how he fell down from railing and Chulbul saved him. Shivika and Rumya were shell shocked.
Annika holds Gauri hand and tell.. we can’t just say thank u Chulbul.. u saved jhanvi aunty’s life 2 times our Om’s life also. But if anything happened to Om Shivay and Rudra would have broken and this whole family would shattered. U not just save jhanvi aunty and Om, u saved this whole oberoi family (saying this she cupped Chulbul’s cheeks). Smiling Shivay suddenly get shocked. Annika tells whenever I talk to u I feel some connection between us. Rudra laughs at Shivay. Shivay shockingly asks what? What connection? Annika.. She replies, I don’t know Shivay but I feel some strong connection between me and Chulbul. Chulbul too replies, Haan bade bhaiya.. I too feel some strong connection between us. Annika bhabi is so sweet like her face and character and smile at Annika. Shivay was not able to bear all this and hold his heart seeing that. He slipped but Rudra holds him. He laugh at him and tell bhaiya.. did u hear tat.. strong connection.. Annika bhabi is telling this.. I pity you bhaiya.

Saumya tells, Chulbul I heard that doctor didn’t give u local anesthesia yesterday to treat you. He praised u brave boy and jhanvi aunty told this to me. I really like like brave boys like u. Chulbul replies I’m not tat much brave or strong. Om smile looking at him. Saumya tell, no no.. u r really brave.. some people are there who looks stronger outside but cry baby inside (looking at Rudra she said this). Rudra looks at her and makes face. Hereafter u r my best friend and we’ll share my paratha roll together, okay. Rudra shocked and felt like thunder hit on his head hearing this. He opened his mouth in shock as sumo never shares her paratha roll to everyone. Shivay locked his mouth and enjoying situation. Rudra complaints Sumo.. how can u share ur paratha roll to Chulbul? U always offer tat to me right? Its my own paratha roll. Saumya makes face and say I have offered u many times but u just ignored it and make fun of me.. now no more parathas for u.. go and have ur protein shake and turns. Om and Shivay laughs at him. He makes cry face and turns to Shivay and see him. Shivay pats on his face and ask him to relax.
They all leave from there making Chulbul rest for sometimes.

Precap: Annika gets milk and Shivay tell her don’t u know I won’t drink milk at night? She replies this is not for u, I’m taking this to Chulbul.. Shivay shocked. Rudra shocked to listen Love Angel’s show.

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