Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 10

Thank u my dr readers.. keep supporting me like this and really felt happy by reading ur lovely comments.. Lets start our Episode 10 here.
Yesterday’s continuity Rumya and prinku go out to get gift for prinku.

At OM:
Meanwhile in OM, Om goes to Chulbul’s room and find girls dress and confronts Chulbul. But Chulbul manages by telling he is married and it was his wife’s dress. (Same like DBO).
Buama and Dadi discussing about family and happening in their house. Rumya and prinku come home after outing. They go to Dadi. Dadi and buama ask about their their day. Prinku excitedly show her gifts that Rudra presented for her. Buama praises Rudra and his caring for his sister. She also tells he have become matured nowadays, and ask to remember everyone tat he s not a kid anymore. Dadi too happy for his change and questions him about it. He looks at Saumya and think about their marriage and his silly behavior towards her and later he promised himself that he’ll never hurt her again in any situation. They both have eye lock. Dadi and buama see them and understood. Buama ask what happened? Rudra manages and reply tat his only baby sister is gonna get married. At least in this situation I have to be responsible, else Shivay bhaiya and Om will scold. See Dadi O always tell me to grow up.. and I have grown up and praises himself. Dadi and buama laugh at him. Saumya looking at him and smiles.

Dadi tell Rudra tat she can see many changes in him within this 6 months (since Rumya wedding). Buama asks what is tat within 6 months time? So there is something tat happened in this 6 months right? (Smile at each other). Rumya get tensed and thinks about their marriage. Dadi and buama want to tease them and make them realise their love. So they never miss any chance as they have decided earlier.
Buama ask Saumya didn’t Rudra gift u anything? Rudra hides his face and turns. Saumya looks at him and said no buama we just went to get gift for prinku. What’s the need of gift for me, Its ok. Buama says NO.. its too bad Rudra.. Can’t u get gift for ur wife. She s also ur responsibility and u have to fulfill your responsibility as her husband. Their face are seen serious.
Om joins them and Dadi tell him about prinku’s gift from Rudra. He gets glad and pats on Rudra’s shoulder praising him. They all have happy family talk.

In Om’s room:
Om checking his mobile and saw pics of Chulbul and him. He slightly smiles. He was seeing their pics taken on their panchgani trip. He smiles seeing Chulbul wearing leaf skirt. He can’t control his laugh seeing goats eating those leafs and troubling Chulbul and his reactions. He call him (Chulbul) crazy boy. Chulbul come to his room and see him laughing. He calls Omkaara ji.. what happened? Why are you laughing at your phone? Om see him and call him near. Om make him sit next to him and pass on his hands around Chulbul’s shoulder. Gauri looks at him and moves with uneasy feel but Om holds her close and tight. He show her those pics. She gets shy by seeing thise pics at first and laugh out loud. Om see this and likes her happy face. He tell you look cute when u smile/ laugh.. Keep smiling always Chulbul and he pats his cap. Gauri thinks I’ll be really very happy if I stay with u like this through out my lifetime, but sankar ji gave me only 3months to see ur face. So I’ll try my best to make u happy. Om observed her and ask why you became serious? Chulbul say nothing.. Om thinks and tell I know, u r thinking about ur wife.. right? Why do u waste ur time thinking about the one who left u.. U should move on Chulbul. She may not care or think about u. But u r wasting ur life and time by thinking her. And she was right at one thing, there is no meaning for forced marriage if there is no love between two hearts. Om tells u don’t know u r wasting ur life Chulbul.. u’ll regret one day for this.

Gauri looks at him and said no Omkaara ji there may not be love in my wife’s heart but I love and value our marriage. I’m sure one day my love and prayers come True.. I have full belief (Vishwas). She then throws candy in air and catches it. Om look at this and they both smile.
They see Maya outside and gets shocked. Gauri ask Om to listen to her, there is no spirit and she s not ghost. Om ask how do u know? How can I believe? Gauri remembers her trap near window to make her fall (same as DBO). Maya also come there in machine which is operated by Svetlana. She reaches near window and fall by hitting on string and marbles spread. Om shocked to know her alive and looks at Chulbul. ( Rest all like DBO.. chulkara chasing maya, Om acting mad)

Precap: Shivay’s jet blast is shown. Everyone in family gets shocked. Annika gets call and shocked. Om stabs Chulbul.

I know guys, u think precap sounds like on going track of IB and DBO.. but don’t dive into conclusion. There are some twits in upcoming story.. So pls keep reading and support me. Pls spend extra 2mins to write ur detailed views about this FF. Thank you all.. Gud night take care 🙂 🙂 🙂

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