“Life is short but our love is forever Ms/Mr. Maneshwari” Intro (That’s why I said choose a couple)


“Life is short but our love is forever Ms/Mr. Maneshwari” Intro (That’s why I said choose a couple)

Hey guys Nusz is back aha with the last story of Swaragini (I am From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so I wanted to give a try out for any of these couples because I was bored has hell But I will choose any of your choices. It will be based on a true love story. Let me know who you would like to see. I will write some stuff below and you guys tell me. (Enjoy the rest of your summer before school opens aha xx)

Anyways keep smiling / shining like always xx.

~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx


A Temple/Beach

A man is praying to god and says it’s been exactly five years since she left me, but I am still waiting for her…

He then brings the bell and the wind starts blowing and he hears her saying something…

“I love you Sanskar Maneshwari, you’re my heartbeat”

Yes his name was Sanskar Maneshwari he is 28 years old now who has lost someone he loved for almost five years and he thinks she will return to him one day….

“I love you too Swara Maneshwari you have always been my heartbeat”

But sometimes love stories are always incomplete and I want to tell you how their story started and ended off like this… Swara isn’t dead just to let you know that because she will always be in Sanskar’s heart…

Sanskar saw his little child running towards him he hugged her tightly.

“What are you doing out here?” Sanskar said

The little girl gave Sanskar a kiss on the cheek and said “I love you Papa”

Sanskar got happy and carried her out of the temple

“Okay my little girl I want to you to wait out here till I come” Sanskar said

“Papa I don’t want to you to leave because mommy is calling you” The little girl said

“Sanra? (Played by Harshaali Malhotra)? What are you trying to say?” Sanskar said

Yes the girl’s name was Sanra (Sanskar and Swara combined if you see it Sanra)

“Sanra what are you trying to say exactly? Sanskar said

“Papa today is mommy’s birthday and also promised me that you will tell me on her next birthday”

Sanskar was a man who loved his daughter so much that he wouldn’t ever hurt her feelings or denies anything she wanted from him.

“Sanra you always remember everything, don’t you” Sanskar says

“Ofc Papa after all I am Sanra Maneshwari” Sanra said

Sanskar carries his daughter and started walking with her towards the beach nearby the temple. He then carried and spins her around. She giggles and touches his cheek and smiles. Sanskar and Sanra play at the beach for awhile and then she gets tired and they both sit down and talk.

“Papa now please tell me the story and also I got to play games like you wanted me too” Sanra said

“Acha (Okay) Meri (My) Sanra I will tell you the story now but only by bits” Sanskar said

“But why Papa, I wanna hear the whole love story” Sanra said

“I will tell you a bit of all my favorite moments I spent with him then I will tell you everything tomorrow” Sanskar said

“Promise Papa?” Sanra said

“Yes I promise Meri Sanra” Sanskar said

Sanskar makes Sanra sit on his lap and she smiled and then he starts telling the story of Swara and his love story.

“It all started off the first time she came over to my house with her sister” Sanskar said with a cute little smile on his face


*Flashback 7 years back*

Maneshwari Mansion

Swara and Ragini was leaving the Maneshwari Mansion and Sanskar peaks through the window and sees her leaving… Swara then looks up and sees the window and nobody was there…

Ragini: Swara you coming?

Swara: Ragini I didn’t get to see who saved me that day?

Ragini: Swara we can come back tomorrow, we need to get home like right now

Swara (In mind): I didn’t even get to see his face, I wonder who that guy was when he saved that day.

Sanskar looks through the window and seeing her leaving…

Dhal Jaun Main plays

“Tere bina jeena kya Tere bina jeena kyun”

“Tere bina jeena kya Tere bina jeena kyun”

Sanskar then looks through the window and sees her leaving and says…

Sanskar: I am sorry I didn’t even get to tell you why I am hiding from you

Sanskar then looks at the locket while Swara remember when he saved her from those people…

“Tujhe kaise bataun yaara”

“Tere bin mujhpe kya guzre”

“Woh zindagi hai hi nahi:

“Jo tujhse judaa guzre”

*7 years ago flashback ends*


The Beach (Present day)

“Papa why did you hide from her? Tell me the whole story Na?” Sanra said

“Not now Sanra I will tell you three more parts but the whole stories of them will be revealed soon” Sanskar said

“Okay fine Papa” Sanra said


*Flashback 7 years back*

The park

Sanskar runs after Swara when she found the truth about him.

Sanskar: Swara, listen to me

Swara is walking faster but Sanskar holds her hand and drags her back.

Sanskar: Swara I said listen to me god dammit

Swara: What is it Sanskar? I just saw what you did there? You almost tried to kill me

Sanskar: Why on earth would I do that?

Swara: Who are you working with me? I thought you were kind-hearted but you’re the total opposite of that

Sanskar: You think I am cold-hearted?

Swara: Ofc you’re Sanskar, I can’t believe you would do something like this

Swara pushes Sanskar and screams at him. He then gets angry and holds her shoulder and screams saying.


Swara is shocked and Sanskar looks on

“Dhal jaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaun main tujhme yaara..”

Swara looks at Sanskar with teary eyes while Sanskar looks at her… He then turns around to leave but looks at her once more before leaving the place…

“Dhal jaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..”

Sanskar then walks away from there and Swara looks on


Flashback ends

“But that day changed everything, I didn’t know what to do after that… then a couple of months later something big happened when another girl entered my life and changed everything… But there she came back for me and I knew my heart wouldn’t stop beating when she was there for me” Sanskar said

“So Mommy didn’t leave you Papa” Sanra said

“No Sanra she didn’t leave me” Sanskar said

“Then what happened that day Papa” Sanra said…

Sanskar then remembers that day at the temple


*Flashback 7 years back*

Sanskar: Swara I think it’s too late

Swara: Sanskar listen to me for once

Sanskar: I need to go Sanskar

Swara: You even said I am your heartbeat Sanskar

“Kahin se bhi chalun main”

“Kahin se guzru main”

“Tujhi se aa milun main yaara o..”

Sanskar was walking away from him when she runs after him and was about to slip when he holds her and they both fall on the ground… Sanskar and Swara hold hands and stare at each other. Swara gets emotional remembering her past with Sanskar… Sanskar then looks at Swara and becomes sad too…

“Zara sa sirphira hoon”

“Zara sa bawra hoon”

“Jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara..”

Sanskar then holds Swara up. They both stare at each other…

Sanskar: Swara I think it’s to late

Swara: Sanskar, you can’t just leave me and I know that

Sanskar: You left me I didn’t

Swara: And now I am suffering because of leaving you

Sanskar then turns around and looks at Swara…

“Teri palkon tale meri saans chale”

“Meri saans chale tere dum se”

Swara: Sanskar I am your heartbeat and remember you told me I am Swara Maneshwari

Sanskar: You were now I don’t want to see you again…

Swara: But Sanskar

Sanskar: What?

They are distanced away from each other. They both share an eye lock from farway while the wind is blowing heavily.

“Dhal jaaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaaun main tujhme yaara..”

*Flashback ends*


“Well everything changed a lot but I didn’t tell you the full story” Sanskar said

Sanra fell asleep on Sanskar’s lap while hearing the story

“I knew it she wouldn’t understand anything part by part, I will tell her the whole story tomorrow” Sanskar said

Sanskar then gets a flashback of how Swara died

“But I haven’t told Sanra how her Mommy died and thank god she fell asleep” Sanskar said…

He then carries Sanra to the car and drives away with her but while that he remembers something….


*Flashback 6 years back*


Swara: Sanskar don’t come this way or he will shoot

Sanskar: No Swara, I can’t risk your life because of me

Swara: Sanskar stay away from me

Sanskar: Swara I can’t lose you again

Swara: Sanskar you even said “Life is short but our love is forever”

Sanskar: Then Mr. and Ms Maneshwari will be incomplete

They both share an eye lock while Swara is crying and Sanskar is holding the gun

“Dhal jaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..”

Sanskar: I won’t lose you Swara because you’re my heartbeat

Swara: Then how about our daughter?

Sanskar: We both will take care of her

Swara: Sanskar I love you….

Sanskar then shoots the man’s leg and he pushes Swara…. Sanskar runs after her and she holds on the branch…

Sanskar: SWARA!!!


“Tu kaagzon pe dil ke”

“Likha hua hai tab se”

“Duniya mein hoon main jabse yaara”

Swara then let’s go off the branch and Sanskar gives his hand but it was too late… Swara holds on the other branch and says…

Swara: Sanskar our daughter’s name will be Sanra

Sanskar: Swara wait I am going to get a rope

Swara: No Sanskar I can’t hold on any longer


Laksh: I will the ropes from the car


Swara: Sanskar I need to go but I promise I will always be there for you


Swara: I love you Sanskar

“Tu mera ho chuka hai”

“Dil phir bhi maangta hai”

“Har lamha tujhko Rabb se yaara”

Laksh: I got the ropes

Sanskar grabs the ropes and runs back but before that…

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar… (She then let’s go off the branch)


Swara is falling and smiling at Sanskar while he screams Swara….


Swara is long gone…

“Tu mera ho chuka hai”

“Dil phir bhi maangta hai”

“Har lamha tujhko Rabb se yaara”

Sanskar then drops the rope and falls on the ground… He then sees Swara’s locket on the ground and picks it up…

Sanskar: Swara….

Laksh goes towards him and tries to hold him…

Laksh: Bhai…

Sanskar pushes him and cries heavily…


“Mera tere siva koi aur nahi”

“Tu na hona khafa kabhi mujhse”


Near the cliff where Swara died

Sanskar comes there and it’s raining heavily…

Sanskar: I still remember how you left me… Swara I miss you so much even though I don’t show the pain to anyone but I love you a lot and I can’t even explain how much I am missing you today…

Sanskar cries and falls on the ground…

Sanskar: “Happy Birthday Swara Maneshwari”

The wind starts blowing and Sanskar hears a voice….

Girl: “Sanskar”

“Dhal jaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaun main tujhme yaara..”

He then gets up and runs towards the place where Swara fell… That girl is Swara who is calling him…

Swara: “Thank you Sanskar”

Sanskar: Swara…

Swara: “I love you so much”

Swara touches him and he feels it and he says…

Sanskar: I love you too…

“Dhal jaun main tujhme”

“Ghul jaun main tujhme”

“Mil jaun main tujhme yaara yaara..”

Intro ends with Sanskar remembering Swara on her birthday… (Raglak will be in this Fan-Fiction too)

Moral – “True love never ends but this story will be a love story that will change everything”

Recap: “I am Sanskar Maneshwari and this is my story with my lover/wife Swara Maneshwari”


For all Swaragini fans

Now it’s time to Nusz to speak for herself, Okay you guys need to shut the hell up with your bashing and crappy things towards me and others around here. I did a poll three times for a reason because I needed to know how many times the couples win. It’s basically a test if you guys are actually true fans. But come you guys just start bashing me like hell, I just want honest opinions so I can write nice stories for you guys. Also when the hell did I say I hate Swasan? I said I don’t like them much but come there are cute after all and also just to let you guys know I love all the couples equally because their beautiful and amazing and I always wanted to write a story on Swasan because they’re pretty cute off-screen (Helly and Varun) and also I am not a Ragini aka Teja fan actually I don’t even like that stupid show Swaragini because they always screw up the good characters and turn them bad like what the f. Also for the fact I am a fan of other TV actresses and actors not Teja or Helly but they’re amazing girls who work their lives out for you guys and many of you guys bash either Helly or Teja every day. Like you guys need to shut the hell up and stop bashing each one of them. Teja, Helly, Namish, Varun are one of the finest actors and actresses of TV shows right and I respect them all. So please don’t dare to bash me because I am not quiet I speak a lot and I will screw you up if you try to hurt my friends or me. If you have something crappy to say come say to my face or message because I am not scared. One more thing I love everyone who is acting in Swaragini but that show is very retarded and so is the director.


For all the couples of Swaragini

Swasan? When the actual fck did I make fun of them? You guys need to shut the hell up with making fun everyone’s feelings. You think I am trying to make every Swaragini fan hate on each other? I am fking sixteen years old alright so I respect everyone’s feelings very well. I am very nice and kind hearted and respect every couple properly. But my favorites are and Ragsan and Raglak a lot. I adore the romance between Swasan a lot so I wrote a Fan-Fiction about them. I do not like Swalak but I respect everyone that likes it. So don’t dare to judge me if you know none thing about me and my feeling about others. Swasan is a great couple and I respect it a lot. So don’t tell me why do I keep doing polls about and seeing who wins? Smarty pants I did it three times to know if their actually true. But no most of the Swaragini start bashing me, well you actually see you’re bashing them not me? Also if you’re actually their “fans” then you would respect the people who write thoughts and Fan-Fictions about them. So please next time don’t say harsh words to each other because I am someone who always wants people to smile and live happily because you only live once in this world and you know that.


My Opinion to you guys

The show “Swaragini has already lost its charm due to everything messing up every time. There is very less romance between Swasan and Raglak right? That’s why I am giving you this great Fan-Fiction xx and to let you guys know I know so many awesome stories by some my great friends from Swaragini. They write so well and amazing. So please do read their Fan-Fictions and do read mine.


*Few more questions about Swaragini*

Why do you hate about Swaragini right now?

Do you want the show to only focus on Sawsan and Raglak also the sister ofc?

Or do you want the show to end and start season 2 with afresh storyline?

Or do you want to make everything back to normal and only focus on their love stories?

Please do answer these questions honestly and kindly and no harsh words this time or I will be hurt and bash you myself xx. Also thank you for the people who supported when I didn’t reply back to them especially Halima.


Thank you for enjoying lots of love by ~Nusz/ নুসরাত xx I will post the first episode within three days or so. I use to write 8 Fan-Fictions. Now I write two but a new one added. One is called Destiny Vs Love (Thahaan, Sidni and Tiran) ,“We were known has Kunj and Twinkle, But now we have become Jasmine and Sidhant” and now I write this Swasan Fan-Fiction. Also I will try to do one shots on Ragsan, Raglak and Swalak for you guys xx.

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  1. Its so awesome dr… superb..is Swara really died??.??.i think something is there!!!!my heart says like that… anyway m eagerly waiting for d next part.. update soon..?

  2. Mica

    Sorry Nusz…. can i speak something ?
    As the writer of any polling, analysis or even ff, you should able to accept the consequence of it, you should give a though that you facing public , a huge amount of people who has their opinion, character, background etc etc.
    so, you can’t just simply think to get all nice response from them.
    wish this experience makes you more mature and more wise in the future..
    writers need readers, vice versa, readers need writers’s hard work to entertain them.
    all the best and good luck !!

  3. G.Chandu

    It’s awesome…!! Intro was soo good… and interesting…!! Waiting for next part..!!
    Please don’t consider negitive dear..!! It’s just that they are little frustrated by same poll repeating… for same ff…!! There are many people writing ffs…!! and conducting a poll 3 times for just selection of a pair for writing an ff is not a good idea… even though it’s for good analysis…!!

    I haven’t seen your first two polls… but if I had seen… even I will be feeling the same of what they thought…!! That you might be waiting for your favourite couple to win…!! But I would never show up my thoughts and and I will stop commenting on the poll… thinking as waste…!! But definitely few people will show out their feelings…!!
    Both of you are right at your respective POV’S…!! But just don’t take it to heart when they let out their frustration…!! When you conduct this 3 times you should get prepared for this even…!! We can’t expect everything positive…!! I hope you will understand their feelings too…!!
    Bade bade deshom mei eisi choti choti baathein hothi rahathi hai…!!

  4. AnuAnn

    If you feel bad abt the comment I’m really sorry… But at u did was wrong… There r many raglak and rag San fans who hate swasan from the core.. Nd u alrdy said u like raglak and rag San , then how can u expect that we keep quiet if u done the poll 3 times.. In first 2 polls it is not much affected me and I keep quiet and also comment abt my opinion.. .. And again u came with same poll.. We don’t have sixth sense to know wt u kept in your mind.. If u clarify it in your 2nd or 3red poll we w’ll not react this way… We respect your decision and ur choice but it is a poll , so we readers have the choice whom should be the pairs, and in first 2 polls we alrd mentioned it.. But in this poll we feel that u r fooling us.. Becoz we don’t kniw that wt u kept in your mind And also ur opinion abt swasan till this update.. And one more thing, before also many polls conducted the writers choose pair who win, bt in some polls even though swasan won they choose their favorite by saying some silly reasons..so we think there r chances for that also.. So we r not totally wrong , u r also wrong or say both r right at their own ways..

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