My life savior-swasan one shot

My name swara. Its my life jurny with my life savior.Some times we believe that our life partners becomes our saviors. But sometimes saviors becomes our love. We feel Life is succeful,beutiful, joy etc. But we forget that life is always empty which we have to full success,joy with hardwork that makes our life beutiful. When i m 10th grade, i m happy go lucky girl, my parents used pamper me, i m their doll. Many friends, joyness etc i think its beutiful. I m nt good at day My 10th result came,i failed. thats it my entire world is collapesed.i got scared thinking about my parents angry faces. I cried very much, i decided end my life. I went end of cliff which is outside of the city. I m about to jump. One hand held me, i turned to see that parson.i dnt know him but He was the one my life savior sanskar. He dragged me down to the cliff. I straggled to loose his gripe on my waist then i felt a slape in my cheeks. Yes he slaped me. I putted my hand in my cheeks and I become silent. He asked me about me, reason for my attampt. I told him everything. To listen this he started to laugh. I felt shock to see his laugh and also admired his laughing face how cute his? I only listned girls only beutiful while laughing. First time i felt these is wrong he was so handsome. To thinking about him i forget all my problams. My thoughts are intraputted by him. He asked my name i told SWARA. Swara he said cute name. First time i also felt like that.he told my wrong decision. We dnt have to run to c problams. But we have to fight with that. He realised me that how i am going to hurt my parents. I felt very guilt.he draped me to my home. I huged him and thanked him. He leaved. I conviced my parents. Then i wrotted my exam again. Now i topped my exms. Now 7 years of that incident i never looked back. To day suppose my marrage with laksh maheswari.but he dumped me eloped with my cousine ragini when his bride is waiting for him in mandap. I felt diprassion my parents are going big pain more than me. I felt dicasting to see peoples selfishness. He was strenger to me but ragini she was best friend sister to me. I sitted in mandap like lifeless relatives started to bad mouthing about me, my parents. He said now who will marry me? Whose groome eloped with her cousin. I wanted to kill him to c my parents tears in their eyes listen their tatants. But i cant do any thing than cring. I m about to go i felt gripe in my hand i turned and saw again him. My life savior sanskar. He shouted on that people.then He talked to my parents i cant heared any thing but i can see only that They smiled to listen them. He turned to me with smiley face automatically i too smiled. Now i m sitting in the same mandap with my groome. We doned pheres. He adored my nake with magalsuthra. He puted sindoor in my hairline. My bidai is done. I m sitting on bed in our room. My husband came. He was sanskar. He smiled and sitted near to me. And said somthing which shocked me. After 1 year i was sitting in hospital bed. I was holding my baby SWASAN. I felt very happy and kissed his forhead. I seed through the window auto matically i went my past that night. He confassed his love. He feeled love with me our first meeting only ie first sight love. So he saved me to save hislove. He fallowed me everyday without my sight. Oneday he got to know i m going to marry that to his brother. He cried very lot. But he desnt show it to every one because he felt i m in love with hisbro. But seeing me my state in mandap he could nt controled his self so he married me.he want to give me sometime to accept this marrige. He was about to getup i held his hand draged him to sit. I standed on bed and started to jump with happy and excitment. He looked me with confusion. He to standed on bed and tried to stop me in that proccess we feel on bed he was on me. We have a eyelock. He was about to get up i again dragged and placed my lipes on him. He was shocked as expected but soonly he to reciprocated. After that we departed due to lack of oxygen. He stared my loveingly. I felt shy and hugged him then I to told my love for him love at first sight. Then we consumated our marriage. After one year my son hope of our love so we kept SWASAN as his name. My thoughts intraputed by door open sound. Their my life savior. Sitted next me and holded my arms. I told happily I LOVE U MY LIfE SAVIOR SANsKAR. He told I LOVE U TOO MY SHONA.

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  5. It was really nice but some no no…. many grammatical errors but still it was good

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