Life- The pursuit towards peacefulness (Intro)

Hi guys…Life is a mixture of all kind of feelings… Everybody in the world experience every kind of feeling in their situations… I have decided to write a story about the life of a girl and I have named her Helly Shah and her Sister Tejaswii…This is a Swaragini fanfiction.. But it’s a story of mine..It would neither resemble the serial nor resemble the other kind of fanfictions…Its a different kind of story and it world have many twists and turns…Please support me in writing and read it..I assure that it would be liked by the readers who read the story fully…

And guys I have decided to write about the life of them from the beginning and to the end.. I won’t miss any part of their life and you would really feel reading the real life of anyone…

Some of the protagonists of this story:
1.Namish Taneja.
2.Varun Kapoor.
3.Helly Shah.

The names resemble the real men who act in the serial..Their names would be used in the story…And other main characters would enter into the story while the story moves on…

Guys hope you like the intro…Please support me guys…This is second ff but first story of mine..Please comment and suggest me the pairs….
Thank you,

Hari Suresh…

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  1. Nice plot it looks something different waiting for next eagerly make it helly nd varun if possible

  2. want swasan and raglak

  3. plz swasan…

  4. swasan and raglak

  5. Nice dear..I can really see the spirit of writing in ur ff…….and my suggestion about pairs would always be swasan and raglak…I usually visit this website bcz of the swasan ff..bcz I am a very big fan of helly and varun..

  6. all the very best and pairs u just choose them ………..good luck

  7. I say ragsan but because swasan have more I know they r gonna win. Plz u do ragsan and swalak

  8. u r using their real name… plz plz plz make herun as couple…. its mine humble requst.. plz herun…

  9. Pls ragsan

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