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hllo it’s me Haritha… with a new story… life is really changed a lot… I don’t knew what changes happened to him.. in these years… it’s not because of Me… and not because of him.. it’s really the fate played between us… if I came to knew this truth at that time I don’t knew.. how can I explain my happiness… my life after that.. but.. what.. is the need of saying it now.. all have finished. we can’t restart from the point where we drop… sometimes I feel that life is like a game.. someone wins.. other’s fail…. ya it’s true… I fail in that game.. but at that time I have no pain… because I think that’s good… but when I knew that truth… it’s really pains a lot… life have moved out from that point… but I think I still stuck at that point… my hands and legs are tied there… what will his condition now…? it’s really a joke… that after this much years.. I am even thinking about him… is I am this much hate him… no how can I hate him… I am trying to forget him.. but he still comes in front of me with much clearly… I don’t knew where he is… what is his life… how is he feeling… is he think about me… after that… how can he…. no need to talk about him.. there is nothing that I got by thinking about him.. it’s only hurts me a lot… I must think about my present… past is past.. stay it to be past… don’t make it present… as the trains comes her chain of thoughts break…. she came to present life… she moved into train… and sits in it… take her mobile and hear radio in it…
so… now it’s special song… which we all loves a lot… our rock star ki music… so here it for you… she just stucked…
Jab tak hum kisi ke humdard nahi bante na,
Tab tak hum dard se aur dard hum se juda nahi hota

Unless we share someone’s pain,
We don’t get separated from our [own] pain and pain doesn’t get separated from us.

Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yaheen marna aur jeena
Yaheen mandir aur madeena..

Here only my days end.
Here alone the mornings begin.
Here I have to live and die.
Here are all my pilgrimages.

[Mandir is temple, word used for a Hindu temple in India, and Madeena/ Madinah [Medina] is a holy city in Islam.]

Teri galliyan.. galiyan teri galiyan..
Mujh ko bhaavein galiyaan teri galliyaan
Teri galiyan.. galiyan teri, galiyan..
Yoon hi tadpaavein, galliyan teri, Galliyaan..

Your streets. Streets, your streets
Your streets suit me, your streets.
Your streets. Streets, your streets
They agonize me, your streets.

Tu meri neendon mein sota hai
Tu mere ashqon mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayaalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai silaa tu mere dard ka
Mere dil ki duaayein hain.. Teri galliyan

You sleep in my sleep,
You cry in my tears.
There is your whisper in my thoughts,
Even when you’re not there, you are there.
You’re the result of my pain..
They’re the wishes of my heart, your steets.

Kaisa hai rishta tera-mera
Be-chehra phir bhi kitna gehra
Ye lamhe, lamhe ye resham se
Kho jaayein.. kho naa jaayein hum se
Kaafilaa, waqt ka rok le..
Ab dil se judaa na hon..

How’s this relationship of your and mine,
It doesn’t have a face and yet it’s so deep.
These moments, these moments like silk..
We shouldn’t lose them.
The caravan of time, let’s stop it.
Now they (your streets) shouldn’t get separated from the heart..
tears rolled through her eyes.. she wiped it… and moves as she reached station… she still wait there as she want to take another train to reach the place…
ya… it’s true… after along time I am hearing his voice… so he still sings… because I don’t hear this song when I am there… so he must be happy… but why I feel a pain in it… may be my heart need to get an answer that he still thinks me… but.. I am not that girl here… I changed my life a lot… I change my personality… my lifestyle… I keep my family away… all because I want to forget him… when I decided to go away… I think that that’s a right decision… but now I feels that.. I did wrong…. wrong… right… this is two sides of coin… how can we decide that which is right or wrong… if I have that power… on that I will really take that help… I am still thinking about it… pragya… why are u like this… don’t you knew… you have talk all this things daily…suddenly she gets train and goes…

so friends what really happened to her… why she is so sad… about her life….. let’s wait what happened.. I don’t decided it is ff or os… decide it later…

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