Life of Three Friends episode 4


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The episode starts in morning sid comes to school, the time is 8 00 so most of the students had not come, only sid, karthi, anand has came.

Karthi:Dei sid y da this much early to school, I am getting sleep
Anand:don’t be on always sleep , may be there will be a reason, even I have a reason I need to talk to rachu.
Sid: Oh okay okay I understood da.
Karthi:I know it that you will fall in love, congrats Machi
Anand:hey not like that da, just friends.
Sid: Oh just friends aa
Karthi: ok sid leave it, y u came here so early ,
Sid:simply ok bye I will come in a minute,
Anand:yes da I too have a work so bye see you later
Karthi:Wat da go on, everyone going to do their work, Thn Wat I will do
Anand:Dei go and flirt with girls or do something else bye I am getting late
Karthi:Dei Dei that’s not my work and sits sadly then he gets a idea, nd goes

Roshni:rachu, swetha come fast, we need to go fast to decorate our class
Rachu:I am in, swetha come fast
Swetha:just a minute and she comes, they goes to their class.

Sid waits in the class, karthi waits in steps, anand waits in near class of girls class, they three didn’t see.

Roshni:you guys go to class, I need to take one I will come u go

Swetha: ok come fast,
They two walk in steps, karthi keeps his hand in front of them nd says rachna can you leave us for 2 min,
Rachna:Hmm y, nd if any teacher saw means u will get into problem
Karthi:simply nd now there are only 3 teachers nd I will see them,
Swetha:hey karthi tell me Wat ever in front of my friend.
Rachna:no problems u talk nd come I have many work I will go.
Swetha :no
Karthi:swetha u r so beautiful
Swetha:hey don’t keep ice
They two speak, rachna silently goes from there,
While she goes, someone pulls her, she tries to shout but he closes her mouth and he says rachu I am anand,
Rachu:Ae why you pulled me, my hand is paining
Anand:hey sorry yaar, I just need to speak to you so,
Rachu :Hmm say
Anand struggles to speak

On the other side, roshni comes to class, on the way she sees swetha nd karthi, rachu nd anand nd she thinks if karthi nd anand is here then sid needs to be here nd she smiles nd thinks roshni y r u smiling, Sid is ur enemy not ur friend nd goes to class.

Sid is roaming in class nd thinks god help me nd he turns roshni is there
Roshni:y r u here.
Sid:yesterday in bb(basket ball) court, Wat u mean to say
Roshni:I doesn’t mean anything,
Sid:hey please tell me that or I will become mental
Roshni: Oh if you become mental, then I would be happy
Sid:Ae don’t joke
Roshni:Hmm nothing I just thought to tell stupid.
Sid expresses a weird reaction
Roshni:Wat? ??
Sid:nothing anything else u thought to tell
At the time, karthi nd swetha, anand nd rachna enters to their class
Sid, anand, karthi shocked
Anand :Ada paavi blo*dy fellow you two just said that u have a important work that important work this only aa
Sid:no da I just came to take thinks sometimes
Karthi nd sid hugs nd
Karthi:how are you long time no see
Sid thinks nd understood nd says:yes I came to see you , they two speaks
Anand:Dei Dei I am here consider me
Sid:who are you
Karthi:come Machi let’s go
Sid:yes da
Anand:what happened to them, God y u produced these mentals to this world, help them to recover
Rachna:anand leave it they are funny guys, go to class if any mam saw means that’s all
Anand:yes u r right bye darling
Rachna smiles nd waves bye.

Roshni, swetha, rachu decorates class, guess why bcoz they are decorating for their friend Sneha birthday.

Every girls comes nd they all plan nd when Sneha enters class everyone gives her surprise nd wishes her, Sneha comes nd thanks swetha for doing this, swetha comes to say not only me but Sneha stops that nd says I know u three would have done it nd thanks roshni nd rachu they smiles.

One new girl enters the class, she looks so beautiful, everyone stare at her, roshni asks who are you
Sneha says ya I forgot to say she is my cousin nd she joined newly in our class.
Roshni looks at her nd thinks Wat she is looking damm cute if sid falls in love with her means nd thinks no he won’t nd thinks y I am thinking about him roshni divert . she gives a innocent look.


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Credit to: Susmi

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