“Why is a gorgeous lady like u standing alone at a corner?” he huskily asked.

I jumped at our proximity.He was too close for my liking.I could clearly feel his hot breathe on my neck.God hadn’t he heard about maintaining proper distance while talking with someone.Why would he? I mentally slapped myself for my stupidity.How could you expect him to maintain distance when all he wants is just to spend à night with u!

“Well” I paused.”No man in this club had managed to attract my attention.”I said with a smile.

He smirked.Why the hell he is smirking.I so want to remove this stupid smirk from his face.

“On that note I would love to change your opinion”

God his voice.Its so hypnotizing.His voice alone is enough to hypnotize someone.

He asked for a dance to which I immediately agreed.He took my hand in his and we both walked on to the dance floor.He placed my hands on his shoulder and his hand was firmly placed on my waist.His grip was strong yet gentle at the same time.

As the song started we started moving in rhythm.His hand was moving on my back caressing it.I could see lust in his eyes.Too bad Mr.Mehra you won’t get me this much easily.My thoughts get entrupted when I felt his lips on my shoulder blade.My breathing nearly stopped.What the hell he thinks he is.

Song changed and I got revealed.

“One dance as promised”I whispered seductively in his ear and went to the bar counter .As expected he came following me. He was looking kinda confused.Good going rads!!!!

It’s just starting Mr.Mehra. You are going to get many things which you haven’t expected.

“What was that?” he asked as soon as he reached the counter.

“What do you mean?” I played completely innocent.

“Don’t you know what I am talking about?” he asked getting annoyed by the fact that a girl has clearly rejected him.

“You have asked for one dance so now it’s over”I said acting more innocently.

He shook his head and next thing I know was me in his arms plastered to his chest.I looked in his eyes and instantly got lost in his blue eyes.He was looking intensely in my eyes. I was complete lost in his eyes when he placed his lips on my neck placing lingering kisses.God his touch!!!it felt so right to be in his arms.I titled my head giving him more access.He started sucking my sweet spot.A moan escaped my lips and I felt him smirk against my skin.My knees started going weak.I couldn’t process what was happening.It is not going according to my plan.Rads you have to focus on your plan. FOCUS RADS FOCUS!!!! I told myself.But his touch feels so nice.

His lips moved from my neck to jawline giving wet kisses on my jawline towards my lips.He kissed me at corner of my mouth teasing me.Thats when I got my senses back.I shouldn’t be doing this.Its not what I have decided.I pushed him away.He got shocked by my sudden force and fumbled backwards.

“Now what was that for?” he asked pulling his hair clearly frustrated.God he was looking cute n the way he was pulling his hair….I just couldn’t think straight.But I have to control myself,my desires…..

heyaaaa peeps,how r u all? I know you must be angry with me for not updating this story.I know I have promised to post next part soon but couldn’t post it.Guys I am really busy this days. Actually I am preparing for my entrance exam and I am really busy with studies.So I have decided I will update twice a week.I will be updating”YOU’RE MINE” on Wednesday and “MY LIFE IS NOTHING WITHOUT YOU” on Sunday. This will continue till mid June.After that I will be updating regularly.Sorry guys once again and thank you very much for your support.I just couldn’t believe I got 28 comments on last part.It really means a lot.

Keep supporting me like this and don’t forget to drop a comment.?

Next part will be updated on Sunday.Till then take care.lots of love guys……..

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