“Radhika Mishra,are u ready for the step 1 of our plan?”

“Yes Rishi.I am as ready as I ever can be”I told him confidently.But don’t know why I was feeling nervous.Thousand thoughts were arising in my mind.What if our plan backfires? what if Arjun Mehra
comes to know about it? Okay Rads!!!calm down.Just take a deep breath.Everything is going to be perfect as you have thought.I assured myself.

so here I am waiting for him in ‘The Titty Twister’s ‘ enjoying my drink okay not enjoying? .It’s been one hour I am waiting and he hasn’t shown up yet.God it’s frustrating.and on top of that these guys are giving me lusty much I want to go there n just kick them.’Calm down Rads.’I told myself.I don’t want any drama at least not today!

Oh Mr.Arjun Mehra come fast I am waiting for u


“hey buddy , so finally we got the deal”I told Neil who was just glaring at me.

“Just shut up Arjun Mehra.”

“Calm down man.we got the deal.whats wrong with you now?”

“You are really asking me this?” the nerve of this man!! ” Arjun clients weren’t very pleased by you coming late.It isn’t professional. I haven’t expected this from you.”

“You know the reason Neil.”I tried to justify myself.”you told me…. but he cut me off.

“Yeah yeah I told you at last moment n all that.cut the crap Arjun and get settle down for God’s sake.”

huh? From where does marriage come in our conversation.It has nothing to do with me coming late.urghhh. I pulled my hairs in frustration. This man can change any topic to marriage.

“Don’t you think we should go and celebrate”.I tried to change the topic.To my luck he sighed and agreed. Thank God I am safe now.

Not in less than 10 minutes I parked my car in front of ‘The Titty Twister’ Yeah it’s sort of our spot.whenever we want to party we just come here n enjoying I remember the chicks who come here are just amazing.they are way to s*xy.i am going to get one while going home.Tonight is going to be interesting.

We got inside the bar n got settled on one of the table.We were talking when Neil ‘s phone rang.It is payback time Arjun.

“Go Neil answer the call or else your girlfriend will kill you”

“Shut up Arjun!she isn’t my girlfriend”

“oh yeah she isn’t your girlfriend.she is a girl for whom you are crazy one sided lover.”I replied back.God knows when he is going to confess.its been they are friends and he still hasn’t proposed her.I mean who does that!!!

He excused himself to attend the call.I was just enjoying my drink finding my prey for tonight.Some of the girls were giving me flirty smiles while some were checking me out shamelessly.Suddenly my eyes landed on someone.She was way too gorgeous.simply dressed in red one piece she was looking elegant.not like those sl*ts who were just flashing their boobs to every random guy passing by.she was drinking her drink and was looking kind of uncomfortable..?

I was just busy in my thoughts when my eyes landed on my biggest enemy Mr.Arjun Mehra & to my surprise he was already staring at me.God when did he come? anyways rads don’t think about useless things & focus on your plan.

heyaaaa peeps how are you all?here is the next part.Actually I had thought of giving you some ardhika scenes but have to stop here .It was supposed to be a short one but I wasn’t sure where to finish so just went with the flow.

so what do you think,what plan radhika is talking about? why does she hate Arjun so much? How she is going to execute her plan??

just wait for a while n all your doubts will get clear?

Now I am not going to blabber.plzzz read the story n don’t forget to drop your comments??

lots of love guys??? n arti teddy hugs to u???

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