“Rads are you sure you wanna do it?”

“off course Rishi! I have to! did you forget why are we doing it?’

Here i am thinking how to execute our plan n he wants to back out,that to at the last moment. No
I cant afford it. we have to do it for her!

“Its not like that Rads but are you sure this will work?”

“I just hope so rishi. we don’t have any other option”

“yeah. I know. But I am just worried about you Rads”

“don’t be rishi.there is no reason for it.Just calm down. Everything will be okay”

This plan has to work in any condition,it has to work!

MR.ARJUN MEHRA,just wait and watch. I am coming to DESTROY YOU!!!!


Beep Beep.

wtf! who d hell is calling at this early? sleepy arjun thought.

“Hey buddy ,so how was your night?” Neil asked

huh? what night ? what he is talking about?

Then he saw a model from last night sleeping in his bed . nd all the events came flashing through his eyes. So this was it .

“Well bro it was okay”

“oh god arjun!Just stop all this things. Find a girl and settle down for God’s sake.Your these habits are already destroying your reputation”

“here we go! you started your lecture again. look Neil i have already told you I don’t give the f**k about what others think about me.and I am in no mood of listening your lecture at this please drop the topic.” I was more than pissed off now. WTH he has to bring this topic in our every conversation?

“okay fyn. I am dropping it but just for now”

I sighed. Neil won’t change.he is as stubborn as me. well that’s why we are buddies!

“Neil Malhotra care to tell why did you call?”

“Oh yeah. That meeting with singhania industries…

“yeah. what about that?”it is one of the important deal for our company and we have to crack it anyhow!”

“will you let me complete first?? ”

“okay tell me . what happened?”

“that meeting has been preponed nd it is now at 11 a.m. today”

“wtf. n you are telling me at the last moment?”

“i wanted to tell you last night. but you were busy with that it’s not my fault Arjun Mehra.

“Fyn i will be there on time” with that I ended the call.

I cant win with this guy. damn this guy. He know me too well!

“Hey babe, where are you going?”the girl from the last night asked.

what’s her name now. Lucy no lacy no .f**k Arjun Mehra you don’t remember that chick’s name.You have totally screwed up!!!

“Listen whatever your name is you can go now . you definitely have a home ,don’t you? ”

She just gave me a glare and started picking up her clothes.She was just about to go when I stopped her.

“and yeah about you calling me babe, you just remember don’t babe me. do you get it? ”

well she will be thinking I am rude.but what do? this is how I am.becoz Arjun Mehra don’t have feelings.


hieeeee guys. this is for those who wanted ardhika. so here it is a brand new ardhika story????
just support me guys . your comments really means a lot.just keep supporting. My hand is paining now. it’s too long.just kidding.??

Ardhika fans enjoy your treat!!!!!!!

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