Life Is Not A Path Of Roses OS swasan

Hi everyone this is my first time so plz support me…
So let’s start.,

Both of them were hugging each other like there was no tomorrow, they just want to be with each other for now.for him her opinion was all that matters. For her it was he that mattered.she was finding solace in him and he was find the warmth of her .they stood like this for a moment, no one spoke a bit….only silence was what that prevailed.there souls were conveying the unspoken feelings.
after sometime both got apart from each other he was continuously looking in her eyes as if finding the answers to some unanswered questions and other side she could those emotions in his eyes which were just showing depth of the love for her not for someone else Yes he was hers ,is hers and would remain hers not matter what the whole world thinks
Finally after a long he could only utter those words they seem to be just words but for him they were his life ,the answer to those words was going to predict his life ,either next phase of his life he would be living in hell or heaven. Those words were going to decide the reason for his living .
Plz let me know if u guys like it or not then only I will continue.. Thanks

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    Pls continue

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank u I would continue soon

  2. Plz continue..

    1. Jessicauio

      Thanks for appreciating my work

  3. Mars

    Amazing dear.It seems to be interesting. All the best for your journey as writer.I m happy to see new swasan story.
    Continue soon…..Waiting…
    Take care

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank u so much for liking it I am so happy to get your appreciation I love all ur stories and would be waiting for them

  4. nice…continue soon☺

  5. Adishu

    please continue

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank and would post soon

  6. Tamil

    Awesome…..Interesting…..continue soon….

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank u for liking it

  7. Scooby

    Superb ? continue

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank u so much

  8. Phoniex

    nice but small

  9. Phoniex

    nice but small part

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank and next part I will update long

  10. Amazing

  11. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

  12. AbrahamEzra

    Awesome and interesting. Plss continue

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank so much dear

  13. Simin

    Gd teaser
    Is it an os or ff???

    1. Jessicauio

      Thanks and it is a os

  14. Neptune

    yeyyyyyyyyyy a new swasan story… well are you new here?? if so welcome to SWASAN family dear…
    and the teaser sounds really interesting….
    would love to read further…
    do continue soon dear…..

    1. Jessicauio

      Thanks and would try my level best to reach ur expectations

  15. Nice. Continue soon

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting dear…. Hey will u be my friend??

    1. Jessicauio

      Thank you and friends

  17. Simi

    Awesome dear.. Continue soon

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