Life Is Not A Path Of Roses OS swasan part 1

Hi huys hope u all are fine so without any delay lets start the story ….
Swara raizada:the daughter of the shekhar raizada she has attitude . she hates limelight .she does want people to know anything happening in her life .though her father never restricted her from doing anything but still she feels that it’s her responsibility to never let her father’s head down in shame due to her . she very well knows her limits .but if it comes to her self respect she is not going to leave that person .she wants to enjoy her life to the fullest .

Sanskar maheshwari : the most handsome and stylish person of India .he is the only son of ramprasad and sujata ramprasad maheshwari .he thinks life is only to do work and earn .he loves his parents very much never went against them.he is rude arrogant never gives a damn to any one.

As sanskar was most eligible bachelor he was very famous and media used to always behind him just to take a single glimpse of him . and swara though being the daughter of one of the most richest businessman was successful in hiding her identity .the whole India knows SWARA RAIZADA but no one knew who actually she is no one has ever seen her pic .she preferred shona in her friend cycle .only in legal papers her name was swara raizada. Her real name was known to only very close people.
So let’s start further details I will let u guys know as the story proceeds ..

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A office is shown . inside a cabin a man is working seriously on the laptop .suddenly his phone started ringing .he took his phone and saw caller name flashing on the screen . his anger rose seeing the caller ID he immediately dismissed the call and started doing hi work with the same seriousness .within a few seconds again his phone started ringing flashing the same number. This time he switched off his mobile giving no heed to the caller .
After a few minutes there was a knock at the door .his PA entered his cabin told him about a phonecall in which the caller wanted to talk to him .he sighed for a bit then asked his PA John to go.
John: sir sorry to interrupt u but there is a caller continuously calling and asking for u .
Person: I don’t won’t talk to any one . so leave
John : but sanskar sir she is continuously calling and she said that she will not stop till the time u won’t talk to her .(,he told the whole matter to sanskar nervously )
Yes the man is sanskar I know u all would have guessed .
Sanskar thought for a bit and told him to go and he will call her back.
San;OK u Go I will call her and talk to her don’t +he told in a bossy tone )
John :but how u know who has called…
But he was interrupted by a deadly glare from his boss.
Sans : u better not teach me and while going close the door and Do not disturb. Got that
John slightly nodded and went out.

Sanskar sighed a bit and then dialed a number.
The receiver immediately picked the call and started talking
Receiver: what the hell??why were u not picking up my calls ? Did u forget what today is ? U have to reach early today ?
Sanskar: don’t tell me what I need to do or not .whatever I do it’s my wish so u better say out of this got it .I know very well what is today u don’t need to call every hour to make me remember. Got that .
Receiver: watch ur tongue mister .do u know whom u r talking to?
Sanskar: who will know better than me . I am talking to the most selfish, arrogant ,rude,heartless girl who is unfortunately my wife…
So guys am ending it here .i know I took a lot of time so sorry guys it was my first time so bacha samaj kar maf kardo .today I got to know the pain of writers whom I used to demand only ..
So keep thinking who is sanskar’s wife? and why is he talking rudely with her?? what might have happened between.?? Them ??
So keep thinking keep comment ing and loving me
This is my first time so sorry if I made any mistakes and do correct me if at any part I am wrong
I also want to tell u that I first thought to write it as a one shot but got a few so thought to extend it ..thanks for reading

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    Swara is sanskar’s wife???

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    Amazing dear its fabulous. I had a strong feeling that Sanskar’s wife is Swara baki let’s see.
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