My life….. Not mine ( One Episode)

Hi guys!! How are you all?! Missed you all soooo mmuuccchhh…. I’m back with another story… Which is totally unique… Which I have never written…… And was thinking about it for a long time…. But, now I’ve decided to write it…. This story will end in this one update…. Hope you all like it…

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I got up one morning as the beautiful golden rays of the hit my face harsh. But, it was gentle for me. I got up rubbing my eyes and sat on the bed. I felt weird. Something wasn’t right. It was the day I had been waiting for the past one and a half months. College was reopening today. A new semester. I was excited always. But today, I wasn’t. It was different as I never felt this lazy. For the last three semesters, I was always excited. Thinking of what I would wear, how my friends would be, would they be bloated or flattened out and what they would have worn. I would always go and hug Amma from behind when I entered the kitchen to see the menu for the day. But today, I never felt that. I just sat on the bed thinking.

I thought “why do I feel so weird? I have been waiting for this day for this long. Then what is it? I don’t even feel like going to college.”

Then I heard Amma’s voice from downstairs. The voice hit my ears penetrating through the door. She was screaming.

Amma screamed “amu maa.. Diya!! Are you awake? Come soon, it’s getting late. It’s first day of fourth semester.”

I let out a deep sigh in disappointment. Whatever that had happened in the previous semester came and stood in front of my eyes as it was a movie. A lone tear escaped from my eye as I thought of it. I then brushed them off and wiped my tears.

I then shouted back “yes Amma. Coming. 20 minutes.”

She said “ok.”

So, that’s me. Diya, Diya Iyer. Born and brought up in Chennai. I study in IIT Madras. Fourth semester, ECE department. People call me nerd, topper, scholar, bookworm and etc. as I’ve been topper since the first semester. But I never cared about it.

I come from a well off family. Dad and mom both being doctors from the Cardiology department. And a long line of doctors. My grandpa runs even a diamond merchandise. My cousin brothers take care of it. Appa just keeps and eye. He doesn’t have much interest in the business.

I too wanted to do medicine, but changed my mind as my sister wanted to do medicine and she hates engineering. So, I gave up my medical dream and took up engineering. I was OK with anything. And yes, I forgot. My sister. My best friend, my everything. Nisha Iyer. She’s presently doing her 12th grade. She too does well,topping the class. But, a bit modern compared to me. Short dresses and all. Makeup, thinking high, straight forward and etc. Where as I’m not like that. I’m simple and have a choice of my own. Nisha tried giving me a makeover, but stopped mid way as I wasn’t comfortable.

She keeps saying “Diya you’ll never change. Change a bit at least. You study in IIT.”

I said “Nishu just because I just study in IIT or the time’s changing, I don’t care. I don’t have to change. I have my own choices.”

Nisha said “but Diya. Your future. What about your to be husband? What if he points out all these?”

I said “Nishu I don’t care. There’ll be someone who’ll love me for what I am.”

Nishu would just let out a sigh, as always and walk out of the room. She was always disappointed. I felt bad as I kept shattering the hopes she always had on me and I knew that it’ll never break.

I brushed off these thoughts and got off the bed and opened my cupboard. I picked a orange colour cotton chudidhar with light golden border and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I then got ready and ran down and hugged Amma. Appa smiled watching us. Nisha had gone to tuitions. She went in the morning as she couldn’t handle it in the evening.

Amma said “it’s k. It’ll be alright. Now come and have breakfast.”

Amma didn’t know anything. Anything of what had happened. But she knew I wasn’t normal and was faking to be fine. But she never asked. She knew that I can handle myself. I didn’t tell even Nisha. And Appa, no way. I didn’t know what it was, but something was bothering me. How can I tell, when I myself exactly donno what it was.

Appa came and patted my head.

He said “eat soon. I’ll drop you to college.”

I looked up and said “there’s no need Appa. I can go. College bus is there.”

He said “today is your first day. And I’ll leave you today.”

I smiled at him and said “OK paa.”

Just then Nishu came in. All tired. Exhausted. She came and hugged me wishing me luck and went to her room to get ready. I had breakfast and left with Appa.

Appa tried hard to talk to me as I was silent. He tried to turn on the FM, but I turned it off. He just let it go as I might go worse. We reached college and I got off the walked away quietly telling a bye. I stood in front of the college and let out a deep sigh and went in to class. I saw my best friend Niharika and went and sat next to her. She knew that I wasn’t fine. She knew all what had happened.

Niharika said “you look pretty today.”

I said “thank you.”

After a while, I saw HIM!! He, the reason why I’m like this. Everything just flashed in front of me. I tried so much to forget and it came back like the strike of lightning. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists and gritted my teeth not to wail. Niharika held my hand in a pacifying manner.

Let me tell you all about him. He, Abhay. Abhay Rao. A kannadiga descendant. His family too runs a diamond merchandise. Our families are the biggest rivals. He was my friend since the second semester, though we studied in the same school. He’s from the mechanical department. But we fought, due to which we split up. I never thought that our friendship would last for such less time. I hurt a lot. The fight was a fake one. He took it real. I did it all for him. It was for his betterment, which he never understood. It was because of her. The b*t*h, Chandana Rao. And I will hate her for this. Forever. She liked him and thought that I did, which wasn’t true. I never thought of how he felt after the fight. Never thought of what he was going through. I just walked off.

We met through a mutual school friend during fest. We started talking and gradually became good friends. People mistook us to be a couple due to our closeness. We laughed over it. She told me to leave for his safety and betterment.

The words still keep ringing in my ears.

She said “he’s only mine. We come from the same background (region and caste). Share the same surname. You better stay away. Else, you’ll have to pay for it.”

He’d be very concerned about me. Very possessive, would be overprotective, which I wasn’t used to. My parents gave me freedom and I knew my limits.

I controlled myself not to cry as all the past events that had taken place in the last two months of third semester.

The day just passed on with nothing special. Classes took place as usual and I listened to them with full concentration. I went with Niharika to the bus parking and saw them coming along. Niharika told me not to pay heed, but I couldn’t tolerate it. He was spoiling his own life. They’re not made for each other. She is faking it. I knew that he wasn’t happy with her, but he didn’t know how to come out of it. He was stuck to her. I felt that it’d be better if I ignore and looked away. Niharika gave me an angry look.

I looked at her with a confused face and asked “what?! Why are you staring at me like that?”

Niharika said “you shouldn’t have done that Diya. He was looking at you all the time. You should have at least turned and said a hi.”

I asked with a raised eyebrow “with her beside him?!”

Sent let out a sigh and said “he’s your friend Diya. There’s no problem in that. It’s just a hi.”

I shot back “he’s not my friend. He’s nothing to me.”

Niharika didn’t say anything. She knew that it’d only turn worse if she spoke and we’d end up fighting. We didn’t want to do that on the first day. She stood with me till the whistle blew. It was a signal to inform us that it was time, for the buses to take off. We went to our respective buses and sat down.

I reached home. I saw Amma seated on the sofa. It was surprising to see her at home. That too at 5:30 in the evening. Ii smiled at her. She too smiled back. I went to my room, freshened up and came down to the dining room and saw the menu. I sat down and started to eat. Just then Nisha came and sat next to me.

She asked “Diya!! How was your first day of college?”

I gave her a blank look.

She said “OK fine. Semester.”

I smiled and said “it was good.”

She sat along with me and started to eat. She was gobbling up. I laughed at her. She gave me a “mind your business” look. We went to our room and started to study. I finished as I didn’t have much, it was my first day. I went to Nishu, who sat in the other corner of the room. She was doing integration. My favorite, but she hated it. I went and sat next to her and helped her out. We heard Amma calling us for dinner. Appa too had come home. We had dinner and went off to bed.


The next day, got up again as usual and went to college. Saw him again. He tried to talk, walked towards me stretching his hand out for a shake hand, but I walked off ignoring him. I knew how embarrassed he would have been, it was the same thing for me. I had to do it to keep him away from me. I never responded to his texts. I never blocked him, just kept his contact archived. It kept going on for days. Niharika hated me for doing this. He used to come speak to her when I wasn’t around. And she never told me about it.

One fine day, he came in my bus. He was in a different one. He came and sat next to me. I usually never sit at the back, but today I did. I wanted to be alone. Just then, I felt someone come sit near me. I was listening to music with full volume. I looked up and saw, it was him next to me. I just kept staring, he gave a small smile. Then I looked away. He tried hard to talk to me. He was so frustrated that he plucked my earphones and spoke.

He asked “Diya do you know that today’s our school alumni meet?”

I looked at him in shock. I never knew. I forgot to check my mail. I felt like hitting myself.

I said “no.”

He asked “are you coming?”

I said “no.”

He asked “why?”

I said “I just don’t want to. And I need to attend a family function. So, it’s a no.”

He let out a sigh in disappointment. I then thought about it sitting in the bus.

I thought “why should I miss this opportunity of meeting my old friends? Just for him? No. I will go.”

A smile crept on my face, which I never noticed. He saw and smiled looking down at me. He then sat up straight, let out a deep breath and clapped his hands and rubbed his palms together. I couldn’t understand what he was thinking. But, he was upto something. That was all I knew. I kept observing though I never looked up.

He turned towards me and cupped my cheeks. I was shocked. I found it very awkward. People around us were staring at us. Chandana’s friend stared at me angrily. She picked up her phone and made a call. I knew she’d call her. I tried to pull away, but he held my cheeks tight and made me look up at him when I looked away. He looked disappointed. Very much.

He asked “why Diya? Why are you doing this? Don’t you understand? It’s hurting me a lot. And I know it’s hurting you too.”

I didn’t say anything. I just kept struggling, trying to take his hands off. But,he didn’t. I then indicated towards her friend who sat on the adjacent seat watching us. He looked at her and gave a deadly stare. She got scared and looked away. But still he never let go of me, even though I tried to push him hard and when he was distracted.

He said “don’t you dare.”

I asked “what?!” in an angry tone.

He smiled and said “ that’s no the answer I’m expecting.”

I asked “what do you want Abhay?”

He asked “why aren’t you talking to me? What did I do? You just fought with me for such a small thing and walked away. You went away when I needed you the most. Someone that I could talk to. To whom I could cry out and lay my head on their lap. Someone who could pacify me, understand my pain. Don’t I have any importance in your life?!”

I just looked at him. I was blank. What was he talking?! I think I had taken a lot of things inside my head. It was all mixed up. And what?! He needed me?! For what? He had Chandana.

I said in harsh tone “you hold no importance to me. There’s nothing between us. Mr. Abhay Rao, the sooner you understand this, the better it is for both of us. What’s the use of talking then? What? Small issue? That was important to me. If you felt like that, I can’t help it. For what did you need me?! And why will you when you have Chandana?”

He said still having my cheeks in his large strong yet gentle hands “I can’t believe that you’ll change like this. I know you’re lying. If you’re saying the truth, you’d have faced me, which you aren’t. Tell me Diya. Tell me what it is. I’ll try to sort things.”

I tried my level best not to cry. He knew me so well. I just had to be rude. Focus Diya focus.

I bit out looking deep into his eyes “come out of your illusion Abhay. What are you thinking? It’s all over. Just forget it. Think about school. The way we were. That’s all.”

He asked “so whatever that was between us was nothing?”

I said “yes, nothing. You’re asking as if you liked me and I’m rejecting you. We just know each other for a year. And please, let go of my cheeks, they’re hurting and it is embarrassing.”

He had tears, which I couldn’t understand. He then let go of my cheeks and looked away. I felt relieved that finally he let go of me. I touched my cheeks, they were burning. I looked at him angrily, but it subsided the moment I saw him. He was crying, he looked at me and wiped them off and looked away. I felt so bad for hurting him. I didn’t understand what it was that got him so affected. Why did he care so much for me? What importance did I hold for him? And more than Chandana?!

He said after a while “you’re coming to the alumni meet. Not for me, for your friends. They keep asking about you. At least for the sake of friendship, no humanity.”

I didn’t respond. I gave him an angry look. He was ordering me. He then got off the bus at the school stop. I reached home after 10 minutes. I asked Amma and she said OK. I got ready and went to school on my two wheeler.

After two long years, I felt so good. All sweet memories ran into my head when I entered the school building. I went to the auditorium where the function was being held. I went and sat next to my friends. We were all chatting about the past. I stopped when abruptly when I heard a voice. It was Abhay’s. I turned around and looked at him on the stage. He was every girl’s dream boyfriend. All the girls were in their dreamworld. I just listened. He spoke of his experience in school.

The present 12th grade batch had organized it. It was good. We then had tea and cake after the program. I was talking to my teachers, just then Sanjana, one of my classmates came and spoke. I smiled at her, she too smiled back.

She said “hi Diya.”

I said “hi Sanjana.”

She said “I heard you and Abhay are in the same college.”

I said “yes.”

She said “and I heard a lot more too.”

I asked “what?”

She said “that you both are together.”

I said “no no. We’re just friends. People mistook us as a couple. That’s all.”

He expression changed. She seemed to be a little happy and relieved. Abhay heard this from behind and smiled. I heard him talk to his friend behind me. He said that he wasn’t happy with his relationship. His friend kept consoling him.

She said “oh. Ok” and went.

I left from there without telling anyone. Abhay sae this and came behind me. Before he could reach, I left. I saw him stand and watch by the rear mirror. I reached home and got ready for the function. We all left and came back home late.

Classes went on as usual. I came out during the lunch break and saw them standing in the corridor. I ignored and went. Niharika caught up with me and we walked along. We finished lunch and walked back to class. They were still there. Chandana gave me this stare that’d kill me right there. I walked looking to the other side.

After class, while waiting for the bus to leave, I was standing with Niharika. Just then, one of the junior playfully hit my shoulder. I turned around frightened and told him a hi. Both he and Niharika laughed at me. I saw that he was there with his friends. They didn’t know of our fight. I told him a hi and to his friends too. Niharika smiled at this.

The next day, we (me and Niharika) were sitting at the cofee shop in college. Niharika identified him from a distance and saw him walking towards us.

She said “he’s coming.”

I asked “who?”

She said “Abhay.”

I saw him. He identified me. I saw a smile that crept on his lips involuntarily. I turned away and picked up my phone. Niharika was furious. She kept looking at me with angry eyes. He walked off.

She asked me angrily “why did you do that Diya? Why?!”

I asked “what wrong did I do?”

She said “he looked at you with yearning eyes. He expects your attention. He loves you Diya. You shouldn’t ignore him. He needs you. Needs you to pull him out of the mess he has created. You’re the only one who can help him.”

I said “woah. Wait there. What are you talking Niha? He and living me?! Lol. On whose side are you? Mine or his?

Niharika said “I’m serious Diya.”

I said “the same here.”

She said “then help him. Be normal. The way you were.”

I said “shut up Niha. Stop it. There’s nothing now. And what?! Yearning?! No way!!”

She asked “wasn’t the fight fake?”

I said “yes. But I’ve taken it as real. I’ve moved on. It’s high time that he too understands it.”

She said “why don’t you get it Diya? He likes you. And yes, we all know that he’s fallen into the pit unknowingly and that’s why he needs help. Your help. And you too like him Diya.”

I said “no!! I don’t like him. Not at all. And what’s making you say all these? How are you so sure?”

She said “everyone except you know it Diya. Everyone pities you. They all say Chandana came in between and spoilt your beautiful relationship. Everyone hate her. They’re all ready to help you get back to him. We all have seen it Diya. The way you both were. So honest. It was a pure one.”

I said “stop it Niha. Enough.”

She said “he used to come talk to me and cry his heart out. He wants you back Diya. This shows how much he loves you.”

I asked “what? He used to come talk to you? And cry?”

She said “yes. And think about it. You’re leaving the best and running for the one that’s already out of reach. Help him Diya. Bring back the old Abhay. The Abhay you love.”

I let out a sigh and said “I don’t love him.”

Niharika said “we’ll see.”

The next day when I was walking in the corridor, someone blocked my way. I looked up and saw Abhay. He smiled at me. I tried to put up a smile. I was shocked of what he did next. He went on his knees and proposed.

He said “I saw this angel 10 years back, but I ignored her.

As time passed, I realized her importance and yearned for her.

I didn’t know how it happened, but my heart said that she was mine.

My heart skipped a beat when she wasn’t there. My eyes would keep searching for her till she was visible.

We then became friends and my fondness grew even more.

I then realized that I love her. That I can’t live without my angel.

She was mine. Born for me.

So, what I’d like to say is, Diya my angel, I love you. Will you please accept me and love me forever?”

I was shocked. I didn’t know how to react. Niharika’s words kept ringing in my ears. People were clapping. They were happy. As everyone knew. Niharika was smiling. She was so happy that she too was tearing. But, here was the twist. I hadn’t given my answer.

I said “Abhay, please get up.”

He said “not until I get my answer” and stretched his right hand.

I said “you first get up.”

He got up and said “OK. Now tell.”

I said “my answer is a NO. I’m sorry.”

He was shocked. His eyes had tears. His voice broke.

He asked “what?”

I asked “how can you do this Abhay? You have a girl. Isn’t this cheating?”

He said “I was with the wrong person. But, now I realized my feelings.”

I said “this is wrong.”

He asked “if I wasn’t with her?”

I said “even then it would have been a no.”

He asked “why?”

I said “cause I don’t feel the way you feel for me. Sorry Abhay.”

Everyone was shocked with my answer. Niharika took a few steps behind as she couldn’t stand it. Just then Chandana came and pulled him towards her.

She bit out “you b*t*h. You tried to snatch my boyfriend. I won’t spare you. How did you forget your promise?”

Abhay was shocked. He looked down at both of us. He was confused.

He asked “what promise Chandana?”

Her eyes popped up. She just realized what she had said. She bit her lower lip and muttered a few curses under her breath.

Niharika came and said “I’ll tell you Abhay. Why ask them?”

Abhay asked “you know?”

Niharika nodded in positive. I pleaded her not to tell through my eyes. She didn’t pay heed.

She said “no Diya, the day has come.”

I said with tears filling my eyes “no.”

Abhay saw this and said “you tell Niharika. And Diya, stop crying.”

Niharika told him everything. Of his she wanted me to stay away from him and wanted me to totally hate him so that Chandana could come in between and brainwash him. And the fight, which was fake. And how much I felt bad for hurting him and how how I had decided to carry this hatred and move in in life. Abhay kept looking at me as he listened keenly to Niharika. Both of us remembered our fight.

……. FB starts ……..

Abhay came and said “hi Diya.”

I never responded. I only gave him an angry look.

He asked “what happened?”

I showed him the football tournament pamphlet. He had registered for it. I saw it as I checked the list. He looked at me apologetically.

He said “Diya I can explain.”

I said “no need. How could you not tell me? You lied to me?”

He said “no Diya. I was going to tell you.”

I asked “and what?! Before that I found out?”

He asked “Diya why are you fighting for such a small issue?”

I looked at him. For which issue could I fight? What was there that could pick a fight? I knew it was lame. But had to stick onto it.

I asked “small issue? It might be for you but not me. You lied to me. You said that you aren’t participating this year. Then why?”

He said “Diya…”

I asked “what Diya?”

He didn’t say anything. I just kept looking at him. His eyes had mixed emotions. He was upset.

I then said “it’s over. Everything’s over. There’s nothing between us. I hate you Abhay!! I hate you!!”

He said “Diya please don’t say that.”

I said “it’s decided. There’s nothing between us. Goodbye Mr. Abhay Rao” and walked off.

He kept calling out to me, apologising. I never turned around. I just kept walking.

..….. FB ends ……..

He kept staring at me. He was happy that I didn’t hate him. He came and hugged me. I didn’t hug him. Chandana came and pulled him back breaking the hug. He looked at angrily.

He asked “how can you call so low? I hate you. Just don’t stand in front of me. Move away. And yes, I’m breaking up with you.”

Before she could speak, he spoke again.

I screamed “I said GET OUT.”

She left from there. Abhay came and held my hand. Niharika smiled. She felt happy that things had been sorted.

He said “don’t you dare lie to me again.”

I said “but still I hate you Abhay.”

He asked “what? Why?”

I said “my hatred for you will never subside.”

I took my hand away and walked off. He collapsed on the floor with Niharika by his side. I wiped off the tears streaming from my eyes and kept walking. It was because of Thatha (grandpa). I found out that the Raos and Iyers were the worst of enemies and businesses rivals in the diamond industry. If they found us being friends, it’ll be our last day. And now, Abhay proposed. No, I won’t let that happen. I’m not going to fall for him. The better for both of us. It was decided.

He screamed from behind “I’ll make you mine Ms. Diya Iyer. Soon enough, you’ll be Mrs. Diya Rao. Just wait and watch.”

Days, weeks and months passed. We never spoke to each other. It was very hard for me to control my feelings. I started to feel for him. I started to like him. I feared the way my heart was playing with me. I never let my feelings out and years just passed on.

One day, during the final year, all of us from the dance committee were assembled in the auditorium. Abhay was there. The students who were the core members announced that there’ll be a hip hop and salsa competition. It was the inter college competition. The teachers from the committee made pairs. I only prayed to not have Abhay as my partner. And it seemed that even god hated me now. He went against me. I was paired with Abhay. We were good dancers. We had won a lot of competitions for the college. I knew that the college wanted to win this competition so badly. That’s why we were paired together. I saw him smiling a victorious one. I never cared. I was not going to let my feelings come in between. We had only a week and a half.

Nishu had gone to US to persue medical. I missed her a lot. I felt so lonely.

We started to practice. I was uncomfortable in the beginning, but as days passed,I adjusted. Day by day my fondness for him grew. It was very hard for me to hide them. It was the same for him. The day before the performance, I just couldn’t stand myself. I hugged him tight and started to cry. His body froze and his hand went up and down on my back in a pacifying manner. We knew that we loved each other, but I didn’t know how to express it.

He said “I know you’re nervous. It’s k.”

I told him “I’m sorry.”

He said still hugging me tight “it’s k” and played with my long hair.

He then kissed my head, which I didn’t bother. I just hugged him for a long time. I decided, I don’t care about my family, I’m going to confess tomorrow after the competition. I then let go and walked away.

It was the day!! I was so excited. Got ready soon and went to college. I told this to Niharika. She was happy that I understood him finally. She hugged me tight and wished me luck for the competition and for the start with him. I was waiting for Abhay. He came after a while. I smiled at him. But my smile vanished the next moment. She was with him. He entered with Chandana hand in hand. I held my tears back. I then put up a fake smile and stood up.

He said “good morning!!”

I said “morning!!”

He said “Chandana will watch us rehearse together. She wanted to see it for a long time. So, I bought her here. Any problem?”

I said “no. Not at all.”

We started to rehearse. Chandana burned at our closeness. After a while, he went to buy a bottle of water. At that time, Chandana came to me and pushed me down. I looked up in shock.

Sent bit out “how much ever you try, he’s only mine.”

I asked “what do you want Chandana?”

She said “it’s simple. Abhay.”

I felt my heart shatter into pieces. He was with her and he never told. Why would he? I hated him. I was with him only for the competition. For the name of the college.

I said “he is with you. Isn’t he?”

She said “I don’t want you to dance with him. I want to. It has to be me. Only me.”

I said “you donno the steps.”

She said “I do. I watched you both practice everyday.”

I asked “now what?”

She said “just don’t dance with him. Or else…”

I got scared. I said “OK fine. You’ll dance with him. I’ll do something.”

We heard footsteps. I knew it was Abhay. I sat back down and Chandana sat in the other corner. He came and saw us seated in different directions.

He asked “Diya, shall we continue?”

I nodded and got up. I intentionally twisted my foot and fell down. It hurt a lot. My ankle turned blue. Abhay came running and picked me up in his arms. He made me sit, seeing which Chandana burned.

He asked “what have you done?”

I said “sorry.”

He asked “how’ll we dance now?”

I pointed towards Chandana. She smirked at it. He turned around and was shocked.

He asked “her?”

I said “yes. She too dances well. There’s time Abhay. Practice hard. I’m sure you both can make it.”

He had no other choice than to dance with her. She danced well. They both looked perfect together. I cried watching them bond so well. They performed when it was their turn. It was so good. They won the title. I heard people talk that it was good that I didn’t dance with Abhay and sprained my ankle. Chandana did well and she prepared in so less time. They appreciated her and their pair. I felt humiliated. Niharika tried heer level best to pacify me. I cried out. I lost him. All my hopes were shattered.

We passed our of college with good marks. I got a job in TCS and moved on in life forgetting everything. A year and a half passed by. One day, my phone beeped. I picked up and saw Abhay’s name flashing on the screen. Tears flowed down my eyes. I picked up the call.

He said “angel.”

My heart skipped a beat at that. He still remembers me. He called me angel. I was so happy.

I said “hi. How are you?”

He said “I’m fine. You?”

I said “I’m fine.”

He asked “can you meet me now? Please.”

I said “no Abhay. I’m busy.”

He said “you’re coming down in five minutes. I’m at the entrance of your building.”

I gasped out and asked “what?”

He said “yes. Now come soon.”

I cut the call and took permission from my supervisor. I went down and saw him waiting for me outside his car. He was in formals. He looked even more handsome. I went and greeted him. We went to the coffee shop nearby.

I asked “ you remembered me suddenly? What’s the news?”

He said “I’m getting married.”

I laughed at him. I couldn’t believe it. But inside, I felt my heart rip in to a million pieces. He just looked my laughing figure. He smiled at it.

I asked “to whom?”

He said “Chandana.”

I said “wow. Congratulations. True love succeeds.”

He shrugged at it and said “yeah. Here’s the invitation” handing out the red card with golden border.

I took it and read the card. It was beautiful. It was next month. It was just like a North Indian wedding.

He said “you need to stay for all the days.”

I said “I’ll try” and got up to leave stuffing the card in my bag.

He asked “where are you going?”

I said “I asked half an hour permission. It’s already 20 minutes. Bye.”

He said “I’ll drop you.”

I said “I’ll take auto” and left.

Time passed. The wedding was in Bangalore. I packed my bags and went to Bangalore. I met Niharika at the station. Shw told that she too was going to bis wedding. Both of us traveled together talking of our past memories.

We reached and were welcomed humbly by both the families. I saw Chandana giving me a victorious smile. I never cared. The rituals took place. It was on the sangeet day, everyone were searching for him. Just then the music started.

It was Shake It Like Shammi from Hasse tho Phasse.

It was one of the songs for which we both were practicing. I smiled thinking of it. He gave a dashing entry. He was wearing coat and suit. I and Niharika were wearing lahenga. Her’s was a combination of blua and black. Mine was blue and white.

He came to me and pulled me to the dance floor. I tried to go, but he pulled me again. I had no other choice than to dance. We used the same steps. Chandana was fuming. Everyone felt awkward at our closeness. I myself did. But, he was all calm. I stayed till the reception. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I packed my bags and left without a word.

Time passed. I kept rejecting all the alliances. One day, Thatha (grandpa) came and took me out. We reached someone’s house. I didn’t know who. My granpa took me in. We were greeted by a number of people. They were familiar. I then remembered, it was Abhay’s family. It was his house. Why did Thatha bring me here? I didn’t want to see them walking hand in hand. I would break down. I then remembered, weren’t they enemies? How were they so nice to us. I was so confused.

My grandpa said “this is my granddaughter Diya.”

His mom said “she came to Abhay’s wedding. I recognize her.”

The other members nodded in agreement. I smiled a fake one.

His grandpa asked “will you listen to whatever I say.”

I nodded in agreement. He was elder. I would surely listen.

He then called out “Abhay..”

My heart skipped a beat. I was going to see him again. But, this time I had to control myself. He was married. He came down and smiled looking at me. He had the same feeling for me. His eyes said it.

His grandpa asked “will you marry my grandson?”

I got off the sofa in shock.

I exclaimed “what?! Isn’t he married?”

I turned to my grandpa and asked “Thatha am I such a burden? You want me to be someone’s second wife?”

His grandma came to me and said “he’s not married Diya.”

I asked “what? And Chandana?”

She said “she ran away. She just wanted money. She looted and ran away.”

I said “sorry ajji (grandma in Kannada. He thought me a bit). I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She said “no. Anyway you had to know.”

I then asked “aren’t you both business rivals? Why do you want us married?”

My grandpa said “we wanted to end this enemity. So we thought we can end it by getting you both married. There’ll be a huge advantage.”

I couldn’t believe it. I still there blank. Abahy was happy. It seemed like he’ll go reach the moon.

His grandma asked “any problem?”

Abhay said “I have no objection.”

She turned to me and asked “you Diya?”

I had no choice. My grandpa would beat me black and blue if I said no.

I said “no problem.”

She said “you both go to room and talk. I’ll send tea for you.”

We both went. I strod facing the window. He came and hugged me. I was so happy. After so long I could feel his touch. I pushed him away.

I said “we’re just pawns used by our grandparents for benefit. Don’t forget that. So, please stay away.”

He said “Diya I still love you. You just donno how happy I am.”

I said “yeah right.”

He said “I donno why you hate me so much. Please don’t do this.”

I said “I’m just marrying you for my Thatha.”

Appa wasn’t happy with the proposal. He couldn’t go against Thatha. The wedding preparations went on and we were married in two months time. Nishu came for the wedding. I was so happy to see her. Even Niharika had come. It was a grand wedding. We shifted to our own house. I never spoke to him though he tried to. I just collapsed in my room. I cried out loud. I couldn’t stand it.

This is not the life I dreamt of. Everywhere there was a sacrifice. I never got what I wanted. I lost the confidence. Everyday he’d come with hope and try to talk to me. But, I’d just chuck attitude and send him away with a dissapointed face. It hurt a lot. I had to do it. I decided that I’d give him divorce. I didn’t want him to suffer.

A year passed and nothing progressed. I came to his room one day and put the divorce papers on his table. He read it and looked at me shockingly.

He asked “what is this Diya?”

I said “divorce papers.”

He asked “why?”

I said “ there’s nothing between us Abhay. What’s the use? I just can’t see you struggling like this. Trying hard to talk to me.”

He asked “why is that so?” coming close to me.

I started walking backwards. He stopped at a point and I too stopped when he did.

I said “we got married just for our grandparent’s benefit.”

He went back and took the papers from the table. My heart was beating fast. I didn’t want him to sign on them. He kept looking at the papers. The next moment, he just ripped them into pieces. I looked at him shockingly. He smiled at me.

He said “don’t you dare. You bring another set, i I’ll rip them too.”

I was happy. But one thing I couldn’t understand. Why did he want to stay with me? I was so rude to him.

Weeks passed. We never spoke. Finally, I gave up. I went to talk, he started to ignore me. I then understood how much it would have hurt when I was doing the same all these years. He came home in the evening. I had prepared his favorite dinner. He was surprised. We had dinner together for the first time after our wedding. He was happy. I could see him smile to the fullest after so long.

I went to his room. I went and sat next to him on the bed. He suddenly put his head on my lap and held me tight. I caressed his head and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He got off and looked at me in disbelief holding his cheek. I hugged him tight and started to cry. He too hugged me.

He asked “What happened Diya? Why are you crying?”

I said “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

He said “it’s k. You don’t need to be sorry.”

I asked “why?”

He said “cause you don’t love me.”

I asked “who told you I don’t?”

He broke the hug and asked “what did you say?”

I said “I Love You.”

He looked at me in disbelief.

He asked “since when?”

I said “seventh semester.”

He asked “what?!

I nodded in agreement. He started laughing. He was laughing a lot. I couldn’t understand what had happened. I just kept staring at him. He then picked me up in his arms and twirled me around.

He said “you just donno how happy I am.”

I asked “is it? Then tell me.”

He hugged me tight and said “I love you too Diya. Love you so much. Do you know how hard it is to stay away from your love for 7 and a half years?”

I asked “seven and a half years?”

He said “from 10th grade.”

I said “tell me about it.”

His POV:

I saw this beautiful girl who wore long plaits and nerdy glasses. I tried to talk to her, but I couldn’t. Everyone told that she doesn’t talk much to boys. I tried hard, but gave up. You’d never look at me. I used to break down almost everyday.

I was the one who left those secret admirer notes under your desk. I used to feel so bad when you’d throw them in the dustbin.

Then came 11th and 12th. We all had to concentrate, so I didn’t pay much heed to you.

I was so happy when I found out that you had joined IIT. I couldn’t talk as I wanted to concentrate and get good marks.

During second semester, I couldn’t let go of the chance when you came and stood next to me with Amita. We both spoke to each other. Destiny made us meet. I was so happy.

Time passed and we became good friends. I thought you felt the same for me. But, no. When I came to propose you, thats when you found about the football tournament and fought with me. I was totally shattered. I got along with Chandana as she was the only one beside me at that time. We both used to spend time and it just happened. I used to go to Niharika and talk almost everyday. She’d always encourage me and increase the hope inside me. Thanks to her, I’m with my angel today.

I laughed at him. No one can be like him. Time passed. Now we have a baby daughter named Ananya. We’re now a happy family. Niharika settled in US after her higher education. She too is married. Nishu is still studying.

When I sit back and think of all these, I feel that this wasn’t the life I dreamt of. This isn’t my life. I stepped into someone else’s shoes. But now I’m happy. I’ve been accustomed to it. I’m very happy with my life. Not happy. I’m in love with it.

So that’s it peeps…. Hope you all liked it…. Please do let me know…

Till then love you all loads… Bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. awesome yaar …:-) 🙂 🙂 luvd it to the core ….the things we get by Destiny are more beautiful than those we fall for …this story of abhay and diya is so cute yaar ..:-) 🙂

    1. Harani!! Thank you so much dear!!

      I know.. That is so true

      Love you ??

  2. It was really heart touching story dear .
    After getting married she could have confessed her luv right …. what ever it had everything for a perfect luv story !!
    I was so engrossed in reading . It was mesmerising , i read it thrice but still want to read it .. in bwt reading i thought to comment 😛 😛
    Love u n take care n most important keep smiling ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ 😀 🙂 😀

    1. Zayn!! Thank you so much dear!! It means a lot …. It’s a true story… She had things running in her head…

      But everything has it’s time… I’m glad you liked it!!

      Love you ??

  3. its awesome shree

    1. Thank you so much Ruby!!

      Love you ??

  4. like seriously feeling short of words to express my feeling literally loved it 4rm the bottom of the heart

    1. Thank you so much mishthi!!

      Love you ??

  5. Omg this was really great… So inspiring… I wish everyone has such a beautiful love story… Loved it a lot…
    Keep writing….and I ll keep on reading ?

    1. Thank you anu!! Thank you so much for liking it!! Will try to post more..

      Love you ??

  6. Wow shree u r back with full dhamaka …
    Just awesome … My life but not mine .. Awesome… Nice imaginations dear … Feeling very touched by the expressions u have given …. U took the emotional areas very well ….

    1. Devga dear!! Thank you so much!!

      Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

  7. I must say.. its soo WOW a story.. luvd it wid all its lil flaws… bt really dunno if present guys r so bearing n tolernt to carry love fr 7n a half yrs.. n dt also by getn such harsh bhviurs frm their “angel”s.. overall FANTASTIC story.. luvd it

    1. Bisha!! I’m doing it… The past one year.. Combination of mine and my friend’s story .. Lol .. I know I’m bad… He’s waiting patiently ??

      Thank you so much for liking it!!

      Love you ??

      1. How sweet!! Thank u…Lol… no no… u rnt bad!! U r such a gud writer…

    2. Bisha I like ur name a lot…reminds of someone and I always end up crying whenever I remember her…such a sweet name…

      1. Amu!! From since when have you started becoming me?! Don’t cry dear.. Can you see me stretching my arms out wide for a hug?! Come on .. Let’s have a big one… It happens… Now smile.. I want my cute little don back.. Pleeeaaassseee.. Please please please please please

        Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

      2. what??? my name??? REALLY!! i feel so happpy nd at d same time a bit sad too… bcz ultimately my name mks u cry.. i m sorry fr that… whatever no worry.. my full name isnt this… its d beginning of my whole name… its actually BISHALAKSHI… so chil.. whoevr may dt girl b… dnt cry dear.. one time wl cm wen ur tears wl turn into ectasy n pure joy… if m not wrong.. sorry fr interfering.. lk see i dont know anyone around here bt still tlking n knwing ppl hr thru their ffs n cmnts.. whereas 2 of my own best friends hv bcm stern against me n i dn knw my fault… lol..:-(… i hope u hv hugged shree n hv smiled again.. 🙂 :-D.. Be happy… m soo late.. lol

      3. Hey bisha, wow bishalakshi. That’s even more adoreable. Such a cute name btw what’s the meaning of it?
        I try my best not to cry but you know sometimes it’s not the goodbyes that hurt, it’s the flashbacks that follow. Don’t worry about me. It just that it happens sometimes but I’m fine now. After shree’s hug n ur sweet words, I feel more secure n safe than ever. Thank u shree baby!! Don’t worry when ur friends will understand the true meaning of love n friendship, then they will never leave u..afterall u are such a great person. LoveYaLots! ??

      4. Wow bisha!! Such a cute name… Bishalakshmi.. Your words are so true..

        And yes, amu hugged me tight and is perfectly alright now… Amu I can understand.. It does hurt… We need to put it behind and walk ahead… No need of thanks and all.. Your Diya (Shree) is always there for you.. So don’t worry…

        Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

        Love you too bisha ??

  8. It was so beautiful shree. Just loved it.. Continue writing short stories.. I love to read…

    1. Thank you so much Ananya!!

      Love you ??

  9. the story was had so so so much turns that i started to feel that it will not had happy ending like english short stories but thank god the end was happy the story had some effect of indian dramas like first boy then girl are not agreed then for boy’s future and due to some other reasons girl remain silent then other reasons finished but due to fight between families cause of silence when all is ok then girl is not and then after so so so so so so many time girl agreed and make boy agreed too so easily as boy loves her and also it was too late othewise it could be more stretched but thanks to end it up.

    1. Thank you for liking it!!

      Love you ??

  10. keep writing as keep doing one work brings us to the peak of it’s perfection

    1. I surely will .. Thank you!! ??

      1. there is no need of thanks

  11. it ws just one of its kind yr awesome emotional nd i really couldn’t describe how i felt after reading it its just perfect yr do update regularly love u byee tc

    1. Thanks shreya!!

      Love you too ??

  12. fantastic

    1. Thank you swara!!

      Love you ??

  13. Diya!! It was mindblowing love story. Really while reading I didn’t expected a happy ending and there were so many twists that one can not stop reading it. I loved it from the very beginning till the happy ending. It was totally worth it. And oh my god, I want to thank god for giving me such a friend which such a great amazing writing skills. Really this story was superb. I’m in love with you again. Lol yeah as usual in love. I hate you chandana. And love you abhay & Diya. After they both got married, I thought everything is gonna be fine but oh how can I forget that this is shree who is writing the story toh jhaka toh mille ga na. Pls update mmz one. I’m impatiently waiting for that one. u ??????

    1. Ammmuuuu!! My baby!! Thank you so much for commenting!! I thought you won’t but you did… Eeeeeeeeeee.. Me so happy!! Thank you so much for liking it!!

      I know… Too many twists… Lol…. I’m glad to say that I have this cute little dramebaaz friend like you… Love?! Again?! How many times did you fall in love with me?! I thought it was once…. Like it was for me… Love at first sight… Lol ya … ??

      Everyone hates Chandana… Not only you…. Hahahahaha you know me so will… You know that Diya aka Shree will tweak it up… And I did… ??… But I united them ??

      I’ll post manmarziyan part soon… Don’t worry… Your wait will end soon…. Thanks again for liking it!!

      Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  14. it was so nice. they ended up together at last. well thats what real love is. isn’t it. u write well. very well. take care.

    1. Anu!! Yes, that’s true love… Thank you so much for liking it!!

      Love you ??

  15. Shree lovely heart touching love story. U r superb dear.
    “Rulana har kisi ko aata hai,
    Hasana kisi-kisi ko aata hai,
    Rula ke Jo mana le woh sacha yaar hai,
    Aur Jo rula ke khud bhi aansu bahaye,
    Woh sacha pyar hai”

    “Tamanna karte ho jin khushiyon ki,
    Dua hai woh khushiya aapke kadmo mai ho,
    Khuda aapko woh sab haqiqat mai de,
    Jo much aapke sapno mei ho”

    Love u shree ????…take care …..

    1. Lakshmi!! Thank you so much!!

      Wow!! You’ve got talent!! I loved it!! Your phenomenal

      Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  16. hi madam shree. new story. i like it. wish things r this easy where everything end up with a happy ending sign. But kya kare life is definitely a roller coaster n it never comes up with what we want. Destiny always plays its part.

    So enough of my gyaan. N coming to the story. It was awesome. Long love. Ladka puraa pyaar me paagal lagta hai. Ladki puri deewani hai. she is definitely mad. lol. Why is she always crying??!!! Please tell her not to cry much n shed buckets of tears. Everything was perfect like a fairy tale or say dream story. Chandana needs a treatment for sure. I hope she gets it fast n soon. Thats all i can say abt her.

    U r a true writer sweety. I love ur narration. It was so gud n so heart touching. Thank u for sharing a true story with us. But plzzzz take care of urself. Wish u all the best. Loveeeeee u so much.

    1. Manhaaaaa!! Eeeeeeeeeee.. Colgate smile!! ??… True… Even I too wish the same…

      Lol.. Ladka pyaar me pagal ??… Ladki tho deewani only … Some of them donno how to let out things… So they end up crying…

      Chandana…. Everyone hates her… Treatment… I think no one can help her… She’ll in turn make them like her….. Lol ??

      Thank you so much for liking it!! I will surely take care of myself… I have to for you… My dear senior… Waht will you do without a stupid junior like me?! ??…. And don’t worry… I’m fine… Thanks again

      Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  17. Shree it’s nice Yaar.???
    I like campus love stories…..Espeacially true love without confessing each other.Me also a student &similarly I had loss a friend Bcoz of small misunderstanding. Don’t choose a frd without complete understanding &lose a friend Bcoz of small misunderstanding ???

    1. Swathi!! Thank you so much!!

      I can understand.. Your words are so true… I’m so sorry about that… You’ll get them back… You need to give them some time and the most important thing.. Your determination…

      Love you ??

  18. O my shreeeee, award winning story…what a sweet n salty flavored spicy plots…wowwww awesome. .I’m amazed….you’re such a sweetheart. ..the way you narrated this story I felt each n every emotion of it…diya so adorable n abhay total majnuuuuu…how destiny brought them together with lots of twist n turns was mind blowing n you very beautifully organized it with your amazing experties…n gave it a marvellous happy ending….loved it very very muchhhh. ..keep it up honeyyy, love you loads and very tight hug. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Rommaaaaa!! Thank you thank you!! Thank you so much!!

      I know.. They are made for each other!! Yea it was obvious.. They did deserve a happy ending… Thank you so much for liking it!!

      Love you loads.. Tc… Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

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