Your life is mine too! OS

Life is not life without sharing your life with your loved ones!

A: Let me live!
P: Yes me too I want to live and for that u have to leave!
A: I will leave only when u leave with me! If not I cannot live!
P: Why can’t you understand that I am not worth for this? It is fated that I should live alone and please leave me alone!
A: It’s not fated but u keep on believe in that faithless fate!
Pragya remained silent and tears were continously running down her cheeks.
A: You will not be able to live without me but why are you keep on asking me to leave from you?
P: Living with tears and sadness is what I am destined for and this is what makes me. I don’t want you to live with that too.
A: Pragya I can get rid of that if you live with me and not here! Believe me! If you share your sorrows and tears with me at least they will get lesser.
P: I can believe you but…..
A: Pragya! It’s your life and your life is mine too! Just stop this now and get into the car.
P: Abhi! I am your life right? Then carry me to the car!
A: That’s like my fuggy! Ok wait let me put the luggages in the car first.
He carried her to the car
A: Fuggy you are so heavy! You should cut down on your diet.
P: I am your life right? That’s why I am very heavy!!
Abhi laughed at her reasoning and their laughter continued with love from that day onwards….

Credit to: Maniac


  1. maahi

    omg omg superb OS damnnnnnn lovely dizz writing is just fab live nd let live our loved ones keep rockinggggg may I knw at which ur maniac bcoz diz writing resembles smeone spcl to me

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