My life is my love (vitharv) (introduction and episode 1)

Hello frnds I am sreelekshmi and pls accept me in ur jndsd family and I am writing a ff on our favourite couple vitharv
My story is from the starting from where Atharv and vividha met each other and started loving each other in my ff Kailash kashyap is not in negative role he is a good father caring husband and lovely son
Main male lead-Atharv Sujatha(a business man)
Main female lead-vividha Kailash kasyap(a college student)
Parallel male lead -Ravish Sujatha(the college student in the same college where vividha is studying)

Main villian male lead-sidharth Krishna (the son of the principal in the college where vividha and ravish is studying)
Kailash kasyap-vividha’s father
Uma kasyap-vividha’s mother
Shwetha kasyap -vividha’s sister (Guddi)(Guddi is in 12 the sth and she is her sister’s everything she and vividha shares everything with each other
Sujatha-atharv’s and ravish’s mother
Indumathi kasyap-vividha’s grandma

Sai krishna-principal the college and sidharth’s mother

Aswin-vividha’s classmate
Aswathy-aswathy’s best frnds
In my ff Ankit is not in my ff and Atharv and ravish is born to Sujatha Ramakant didn’t married Suman he died when Atharv was 7 years old so he kept sujatha’s surname
I am writing my first episode
2 beautiful house was shown no compound between the houses
Sujatha:Atharv Atharv come here!
Atharv:ha ma I am coming
Uma kasyap:vividha come here !
Vividha:ha ma I am coming
Sujatha:Atharv it’s raining take the dress in the balcony
Atharv:ok mamma

UMA:vividha it’s raining outside take the dress in the balcony
Vividha:ok mamma
Atharv and vividha come into the balcony
It’s raining so that they may slip vividha is taking dress from these side and Atharv is taking dress from that side they didn’t see each other face
Suddenly vividha’s leg slip and she is about to slip Atharv catches her
They share an eyelock
A boy:what happening here bhai and vividha ji
They come into senses
Vividha:I am sorry Atharv ji

Atharv was staring at vividha
Atharv :it’s ok vividha ji

Precap :vividha went to college a person takes her photo and walks behind her in the intervals

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  1. Sreelekshmi it’s really superbbb I am really impressed by ur ff keep writin next episode

  2. Vigneswari

    oh!!! good start di !!!
    keep writing we will support you and our vitharv…..

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u lachu and vigneswari. ?????????

  4. Sandy17

    Great start sree …keep writing ??

  5. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u sandy ??????

  6. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear…keep writing ??

  7. wow keep writing dear

  8. Sreelekshmi

    Thank so much ????????

  9. Pnap

    really great.superb start.cute ff pic.
    will anyone tell me from which ep or from which scene it is taken?

  10. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u pnap ????? and it is taken on vividha’s birthday In Ajmer atharv’ surprise party ????????

    1. Pnap

      thank u & i think i missed that ep

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