My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 3)

Here is the next episode
Vividha:look hw is aswin’s condition?
Sidharth:a small problem
Vividha go towards aswin
Vividha:come aswin let’s go to a hospital
Vividha angrily stares at Sidharth
Sidharth:nahi vividha ji I will take him to hospital
Vividha:no thanks
When vividha is about to turn a boy shouts vividha
Vividha turns back to see he stands in the terrace of the college every staffs and students come there
Teacher:come down
Boy:no I won’t come till vividha say I love u to me in front of everybody
Vividha is shattered
Sidharth:I will kill u
In inner voice
Teachers:nahi u first come down
Boy:no vividha should say first
Teacher:vividha pls u tell
Vividha:but mam I even don’t know him
Vividha starts to cry
Aswathy and others are consoling vividha
Suddenly someone drag the boy from the balcony and brings him near vividha(it’s none other than ravish Sujatha)
Vividha slap that guy and tells thanku to ravish but still she is sad as infront of the college members he ask her to tell I love u
She sadly returns to home by crying Atharv sees her
Behind vividha comes ravish
Atharv:what happened to vividha why she is crying
Ravish:a small problem bhai a boy in our college ask vividha to tell I luv him in front of whole college
Atharv:what happens vividha ji
Vividha: nothing Atharva
Atharv’s leg hit the bed and vividha is sitting in the bed he falls above vividha
They share an eyelock
Vividha come into senses
Vividha:Atharv Atharv
Atharv:ah I am sorry
Vividha:it’s ok
Ravish:bhai bhai
Atharv:ha coming
Ravish:bhai can I ask u one thing do u Really love vividha
Atharv:don’t ask such stupid question hereafter
At night
Guddi: what happened di
Vividha:ha I will tell
Vividha tells everything to Guddi
Guddi is shocked
Vividha thinks about Atharv and Atharv thinks about vividha
Vividha:why I am always thinking about Atharv did I fall in love with him nahi nahi it’s my illustration
Atharv:y I am thinking about vividha always did I fall in love with her god give me answer
Both are smiling thinking about each other

Precap:vividha gets a call it’s from her college that the boy who said vividha to tell I love u is dead

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  1. Aliza111

    nice episode sree. i think siddarth killed the boy .ri8?

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear…precap is quite interesting….

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u so much Aliza and Sunanda ur guess is right?????????

  4. I think Siddharth is behind this and loved vividha atharva scenes and hope they realises their love for each other and keep writing dear

  5. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u so much Aisha???????

  6. Sandy17

    Its soooo nice , sree…gud job …carry on ?

  7. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u so much sandy????????

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