My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 2)

Hello frnds I am writing second part of my life is my love
Support me with ur comments sorry if any grammatical problems
Vividha:sorry Atharv ji
Atharv:it’s ok vividha ji
UMA:vividha where are u come get ready ur college bus will arrive now
Vividha :oh mamma I am coming Atharv and ravish ok bye
Atharv and ravish:bye

Vividha’s college bus arrives
Aswathy:(vividha’s friend)vividha how is it Atharv is he fine?Did he proposed u?
Vividha:aswathy how much times I told that I and Atharv are best frnds then y r u always telling with another meaning ah?
Aswathy:ok relax I am sorry

Vividha:it’s ok aswathy
Vividha’s college (she has many person who walks behind her as she is very very beautiful)
Sidharth Krishna :he is the son of the principal of the college in the college where vividha is studying he is madly love with vividha)
A boy:hai vividha HW r u?
Vividha : I am good aswin (he always walk behind vividha in intervals and takes her photos but he didn’t proposed her till now )

(Sidharth saw aswin aking the pictures of vividha)
(Sidharth brutally beats aswin)
Aswathy:vividha do u know in the college there was a fight between Sidharth and aswin come let’s watch their fight

Vividha:ha come aswathy
Vividha:what happened Sidharth why u r fighting with aswin?
Sidharth:oh nothing vividha ji ek small problem
Vividha :look HW is his condition?
Sidharth didnt said anything

Precap:one boy stand in the terrace of college and ask vividha to say that she loves him she comes in home and cries Atharv ask what happens??

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  1. Nice sree keep writing????

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear…srilakshami plss send me u r first episode link…

    1. Sreelekshmi

      Thanku so much RAone keep commenting???????

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Dear frnds I am really sorry I will send introduce and first part of ff today

  4. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u very much vismaya and Sunanda???????????

  5. RAOne

    Kya kya baat….. Nice keep writing…..
    Thoko ha ha….. And yes
    Agar shyam aaye to bola ki chains aaya tha just joking all the best……

    I still insane so I talk mad…. Ha ha

  6. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u so much raone???????

  7. Aliza111

    Nice ff . I liked it ??

  8. Sandy17

    Interesting episode sree ?
    Go on dear…?

  9. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u Aliza and sandy keep commenting and my introduction and first episode will post within 1 hr

  10. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u Aliza u send the link dear frnds read my introduction and episode 1 throught that link and keep commenting

  11. Vigneswari

    interesting yar….
    keep writing….

  12. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u dear vigneswari

  13. wow nice keep writing dear really touched the heart but can you confirm the doubt that vividha atharva are in love already or will fall

  14. Sreelekshmi

    Thank u so much for ur support and they started to fall in love soon stay tuned???????????

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