My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 15)

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Recap:Sujatha slaps Atharv Atharv is shock

Sujatha:what did u do now Atharv??

She starts to cry

Atharv:maa u don’t know vividha engaged with another someone

How much I loved her??

Sujatha: Atharv stop this nonsense otherwise again I may slap u

Suddenly ravish comes there

Ravish:what is happening maa bhai y vividha is crying ??

Sujatha tells the events happened to ravish

Ravish is shocked to hear this

Sujatha and Ravish tells everything to Atharv

Sujatha:this is what happened Atharv and u r making vividha culprit

Atharv is feeling guilty by his actions

Sujatha and Ravish leaves

Atharv sets out to ask sorry to vividha

Atharv sneaks into vividha’s room

Atharv:vividha I am sorry

Vividha hears Atharv and stands near window by crying without making sound

Atharv:pls vividha I am really and absolutely sorry

Vividha stands silently

Vividha is about to leave

Atharv catches her hand

They share an eyelock

Vividha pushes Atharv and starts to go

Atharv:vividha I am sorry anyway our engagement is overed so whatever u tell my ring is in ur hand vividha

Vividha removes her ring with much difficulty and throws it down towards the window

Atharv leaves with crying

Vividha looks through window and cries

It’s night

Vividha came out of the house and looks for her ring

Vividha:oh my god where is my ring I want it now itself

Atharv:it’s here vividha

Vividha acts like she is not finding her ring

Atharv:I know u r searching for this ring

FB shows

Atharv sees vividha crying by seeing down where she thrown her ring

So Atharv takes and keeps it Safely

Atharv:vividha I know how much u love me but y ur trying to hate me

Vividha:by seeing ur today’s actions

Atharv: first I don’t know the truth that our engagement is finished in the ICU after maa and bhai told only I know about it

Vividha:ok u don’t know the truth but u doubted me Atharv

Atharv:u don’t know y I doubted u
Look u r kissing ur ring always
If it is the ring putted by me then where is mine

Vividha leaves without answer

On the way to enter inside the house she saw Atharv’s ring

Vividha takes the ring and gives it to Atharv

Atharv:oh where did u get this ring

Vividha:from the corridor

Atharv:thank u soooooo much vividha????

Vividha is about to leave

Atharv:next u will not me right??

Vividha :with teary eyes no

Atharv:then y u engaged with me

Vividha:a small misunderstanding that I think ur love for me is true but I was wrong

Atharv:no vividha but I still love u a lot

Atharv:pls I am sorry

Atharv:if u do not forgive me then

Vividha goes

It’s morning

Sujatha:beti vividha

Vividha:kya hua chachi??

Sujatha:where is Atharv??

Vividha:I don’t know chachi

Vividha yesterday’s happenings

Vividha:yesterday Atharv tells that if I don’t forgive him the he will

Vividha runs here and there searches for Atharv

Vividha takes her scooty and goes in search of her Atharv

She sees Atharv

She runs seeing Atharv and hugs him

Atharv is surprised

Vividha forgives him

Atharv and vividha engagement is going to happen with all family members grantly with the same rings

Recap:Atharv and vividha’s engagement.vividha’s and atharv’s salsa dance

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    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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