My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 14)

Here is my next episode

Everyone is happy because Atharv is cured

Vividha:thank u soooooooooooooooooooo much god u cured my Atharv

They reach home

Vividha,Atharv,Sujatha and Ravish reaches home first

In other car Kailash, Uma,guddi,indumathi

Ravish:vividha u take bhai inside I will give the money to the taxi and will come

Sujatha:no need he is now able to walk on his own.He will walk on his own

Vividha:ha chachi

Atharv:nahi maa my legs are weak let vividha drop me to the room

Sujatha:no vividha u go I will drop u Atharv

Atharv:no it is very difficult for u she will drop

Everyone laughs

Vividha:chachi I will drop him

Atharv:good girl

Vividha and Atharv reached atharv’s room

Vividha:Atharv u take rest I will bring tea for u ok

Vividha is about to go

Atharv drags her and fells on him

They share an eyelock

Vividha:Atharv leave me Atharv

Atharv:vividha I love u

Vividha:Atharv leave someone will see us pls leave Atharv

Sujatha enters the room

She sees them and coughs

Atharv come into senses

Vividha stands suddenly

Sujatha:oh this is the weak of ur leg

Atharv:no ma without knowing her leg hit the bed and she fell


Sujata:hmmm ok ok

Vividha leaves

Sujatha and Atharv talks

It’s night

Atharv asks Sujatha about the things happened on their engagement

Sujatha tells everything accept vividha and atharv’s engagement inside the ICU

They all sleep

Someone sneaks into atharv’s room and removes the ring from his hand which is wormed by vividha

Unfortunately he didn’t noticed the ring before

It’s morning

Vividha wakes up and takes bath and comes down and takes elders blessings

Atharv comes and starts to tease vividha

He sees her ring

He thinks it is the ring which is brought by kailash kasyap

Atharv goes to vividha’s room to talk with her sometime

Vividha sits kissing her ring

Atharv doubts her again he is telling to himself that don’t doubt vividha hereafter

Afterwards in vividha’s house comes the discussion of vividha’s marriage

Kailash:vividha ur engagement is overed and when is ur marriage??

Vividha :whenever u and his families accepts

Atharv hears them

Atharv doubts vividha

He goes to his room and thinks all moments with vividha and cries

Atharv:vividha kasyap ur engagement is overed and u r going to marry

Atharv goes to vividha

Vividha:Atharv y did u come here if u ask I may come there

Atharv:what is happening here?Who put this ring in ur hand?


Atharv:tell me the answer

Sujatha and UMA comes there

Atharv:y vividha u cheated me do u know how much I loved u and u cheated me

Atharv cries seeing him vividha cries

Sujatha tries to stop him but he is stoppimg Sujatha

Atharv scolds vividha more and goes to his room and cries recalling her moments

Sujatha:vividha pls forgive me my son without knowing the truth he scolded u I am really sorry

Vividha:no chachi no problem it’s ok

Sujatha leaves to Atharv

Vividha sits crying.guddi and uma consoles her.

Sujatha reaches to Atharv

Atharv:maa vividha cheated me…

Sujatha slaps Atharv

Atharv is shock

Precap-Ravish and Sujatha tells all the truth to Atharv .Atharv feels guilty and plans to ask sorry to vividha…

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    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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