My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 13)

Recap:Atharv is missing vividha is thinking about Atharva nd his moments Sidharth is laughing with a stick in his hand
Girls takes vividha down vividha’s eyes is searching for Atharv
Vividha:Papa Atharv
Kailash:ha beti he will come soon
An hour passes
Vividha cries

All guest starts to go
A phone comes to Kailash

Kailash :hello
Kailash become shocks
Vividha:what happened Papa ?Papa..
Vividha gets the phone from Kailash and says hello
Vividha suddenly fells down
Everyone shouts vividha
Vividha: Atharv ….

Sujatha:what happened vividha??
Vividha: Atharv… chachi
Sujatha:kya hua Atharv se
Kailash tells to all of them that
Atharv is admitted in hospital and he is serious someone saw him in the road with blood flowing
Vividha :I have to reach that hospital
Everyone leaves to hospital
Vividha: doctor how is Atharv?

Doctor:we can’t tell anything within 24 hrs
Vividha cries and tells I have to see Atharv
Doctor agrees but only once
Vividha enters ICU
Vividha:Atharv look me Atharv?
I told u first itself it is danger for u when u engage or marry me
Everyone r watching vividha from outside the door
Vividha:Atharv u told me today is our engagement

So today we can engage
Everyone gets shock hearing vividha’s words
Vividha gets rings from Kailash and puts ring in atharv’s hand and then takes atharv’s hand and puts ring in her hands
Everyone smiles seeing their love
Vividha:now I am your Atharv
After some days I am mrs Atharv Sujatha
I believe u that u will come back for me

If not I will come back of u
After one week
Atharv gets cured
Atharv is now discharging from hospital
Sidharth came to know that Atharv is cured and Vividha’s and atharv’s engagement is over
But unfortunately Atharv didn’t knows about their engagement
He didn’t notice the ring

Vividha and other family members are happy because Atharv is cured

Precap:while Atharv is sleeping someone removes the ring from him
Atharv notices vividha’s ring and misunderstands that her engagement is held by some another person

If any grammatical mistakes sorry ???

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  1. Vishal.s.435

    Awesome sreelekshmi sis keep it up and write next episode

  2. Sreelekshmi

    Thank you sooooooo much vishal bro???

  3. Sandy17

    Very nice , sree…keep writing dear ?

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      Thank you sooooooo much sandy ???

  4. Sunanda12345

    Nyc sreelakshami…but precap misunderstanding ??

    1. Sreelekshmi

      Thank you sooooooo much Sunanda ???

  5. hmmm nice episode hope they unite soon only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    1. Sreelekshmi

      Thank you sooooooo much Aisha ???

  6. super waiting for vitharv union

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      Thank you sooooooo much zaina ???

    2. Sreelekshmi

      Sorry Vimala thank you sooooooo much ???

  7. Zaina

    So emotional episode… loved it a lot.. but sad for precap

    1. Sreelekshmi

      Thank you sooooooo much zaina ???

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