My life is my love (vitharv) (episode 12)

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Recap:Atharv happily takes vividha and rounds her

Vividha tells everything about the danger by marrying her

Atharv:who u r telling about?

Vividha:I don’t know who is that but someone is there Atharv

On that day a boy ask me to tell I love in front of all

Next day he was dead Atharv so someone is there
Atharv thinks for sometime
Atharv:come let’s go home
Vividha and Atharv reached home
Atharv:vividha go and take rest for sometime
Vividha:ok Atharv

Kailash comes there

Atharv:uncle I love vividha she too loves me

Kailash:but Atharv ur life is in dangerous

Atharv:if I don’t marry vividha I will danger my life if she is with me I will fight against that danger.

Kailash feels happy hearing his words

Kailash:r u sure Atharv

Atharv:100%sure uncle

Kailash and Atharv have an emotional hug

Kailash comes to vividha’s room

While vividha is sleeping

Kailash:ur choice is perfect vividha

If u give me the responsibility to find a bride for u I can’t find a person for u like atharv

Atharv is the best person u r luckiest in the world to get a person like atharv
Kailash kisses vividha’s forehead and goes

Vividha opens her eyes and smiles

The next day morning

Vividha hears sounds and comes down her room

Vividha:Papa what is going on Papa?

Kailash:we are going to fix ur and atharv’s marriage and day after tomorrow will be ur engagement

Vividha smiles and tells but Papa..

Atharv:what Papa vividha


And vividha hugs Atharv

Atharv:it is not anything marriage only fixing ok
Vividha:smiles tells ok
A boy tells Sidharth about vividha’s engagement

Sidharth’s blood boils

Sidharth:I have spoil their marriage she is mine

Boy:no she loves Atharv

Sidharth:but I will make her to love me

For that first I have to kill that idiot

The day after tomorrow morning

Vividha is getting ready for the engagement

All the decorations are done

All are searching for Atharv

Sidharth is laughing with a stick in his hand

Vividha is smiling by thinking Atharv and his moments

Precap:vividha cries and shouts Atharv.Sujatha and ravish too cries hardly

Vividha tells it is the plan of someone to separate me and Atharv but I

won’t allow that I will engage with Atharv in manner and any condition

And vividha put ring in atharv’s hand and make atharv’s hand to wear

Ring to her everyone gets shocks and cries seeing their love

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  1. sreelekhmi make some memorable movements with vitharv

  2. Sandy17

    Nice episode sree, keep going dear…precap is emotional

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      Thank you sooooooo much sandy ???

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    Polichu moleeee… adipoli… keep writing…waiting for vitharv moments….

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      Thank you sooooooo much zaina ???

  4. Amazing super duper episode loved it keep writing dear

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      Thank you sooooooo much Aisha ?????

  5. Vishal.s.435

    Wow superb sreelekshmi sister keep it up and write next episode am waiting for
    read that

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    Thank you sooooooo much bro ?????

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    Awesome dear superb ???????sry for late rply

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