Life in love…twinj (episode 1)

Love was her only way
Her only destination
She wanted to go as far as she could,
She made many attempts , but failed evry tym
She endured everything
But nothing was fair enough
Things weren’t good
But she all had was strength
One day an angel came to her
Everything seemed to be new to her
She was overwhelmed
Things had changed forever
Happiness was all around
She couldn’t believe it,
Because happiness was all around her
For ever and ever….?

Things are always not as it seems to be. It was same in case of a girl.
She was a girl from a middle class family. She loved everyone but nobody loved her back.
She hated her life. She never enjoyed it.
She only had one best friend chinki, her friend cum sister,her mentor
and a parent too……..

One fine day she was going fr her college. Her curly hairs, majestic eyes
her soft lips r shown. She was wearing a white one piece till her knees with
full sleeves and a red sneakers with it.
She suddenly turned around nd is revealed to be our sweet bubbly twinkle.
She walked chinki her only best friend.
Twinkle- look i topd u chinki u r late as always ?
Chinki – Srry sweetheart and makes a puppy face
Twinkle – Ok fine lets go to college
They went towards their college. Their college was beautifully decorated with balloons
nd ribbons all around and i middle their was a big wodden board eligently carved
with 25 on it..Their college had their 25th annual fest.

Their were banners at the main gate stating “WELCOME XVIARITES”
As they proceeded inside their was a big hall and every single student was busy
practicing for feat. It was a very chirpy atmosphere. Someone called twinkle
Voice- twinkle come on we need to start r practice fr our dance.
Tw. – Ya ronny i am cmimg
Twinkle went to stage and started practicing her moves fr dance. Today was their last day
of practice bcz their fest was tomorrow.. Every student was hell nervous but
went to discuss fr last tym.

Next Day

Their was chirpiness all around . Students wr nervous..
Finally the guest also arrived . Dean of college went to the stage and started with his speech.
Dean- Hello and gd mrng students . I would like to introduce our honourable guest Mr Manohar Sarna nd his only son , apple of his eyes , the handsome hunk, non other than Kunj Sarna, the only hier of Sarna empire. Thier wr claps nd hooting all around . Girls wr going mad seeing kunj. He took mike frm deans hand
kunj – Sir I think u praised alot bcz i can see many girls drooling over me .
Then he gave a cheesy smile nd winked towards girls and dean.

Dean left out a laugh and requested them to take their seats.
Now the programme started speeches,plays and now finally the dance of our gorgeous lady non other than twinkle.She was wearing a beautiful one piece and her partner was wearing a white shirt nd a white pant. They wr dancing on toota jo kabhi tara. As they stopped they could see claps and hooting all around the hall, but one person was awestruck to see a beautiful doll at the centre of the stage. Kunj couldn’t take of his eyes frm her. As the show came to an end his curiosity to meet twinkle was increasing by each passing second.
He looked around and saw Dean an Manohar engrossed in talks so he ran frm their without anyone’s notice. He went towards twinkles room . He entered the room and saw her standing infront of the mirror. He was smiling endlessly looking at her. At the other moment twinkle was was shocked to see kunj. She didn’t know what to do so she simply asked
Tw- U r the guest of the evening
Kunj- yes

Tw- So u here in my room
Kunj- Actually i came here to compliment u , u wr looking vry beautiful wn u wr dancing. I couldn’t take of my eyes frm u.
Twinkle was shocked, baffled , confused bcz for the first tym smone made a special attempt to compliment her. So she simply replied thank u ?
Kunj- By the way i am Kunj Sarna naam toh sunna hoga.
After listening dis twinkle left a sweet giggle
Tw- haan suna hai todhi der pehle. By the way i am twinkle taneja last year designing student

Kunj- sooo
Tw- soo
Kunj- so friends extending his hands towards twinkle
Twinkle looked at kunjs hand then his face and smilingly replied friends…
That day was marked as two souls first step to friendship or we can say first step towards love
Slowly and gradually twinj bcm very close frnds. They used to meet daily , hangouts on weekends long chat at 3am wr common fr them…
Soon kunjs infatuation towards twinkle changed to love
Twinkles college ended she stated wrking in a big company.
So she used to be very busy. She didnt had much tym to meet kunj or chat wid him.
Its been 7 days twinj didnt meet. So was restless nd wanted to meet twinkle eagerly so he immediately rushed to twinkles home nd ran towards her room.
Twinkle was wearing a nyt dress nd was doing her wrk.. Kunj immediately nrushed to her and gave her a bone crushing hug.
Kunj- tw r u mad u didnt pick my calls nd didn’t even came to meet me.. I was hell tensed fr u … U idiot

Tw- i was busy
Kunj- so wat do u know i cant live widout u .. Ill die .. I love u twinkle ?
Twinkle was again shocked
Tw – plzz go
Kunj- no i wont first juzt answer me
Tw – plzzz
Kunj- no means no
Tw- plz dnt do this i am not made to luv nobody luvs me. My parents also didr care about me. They didn’t luved me I always luved them but they never did. They just thought that i luv oney dats y i always listen to them. They always thought i am a sin.. My mother never listened to me. Ppl say that mother is the best frnd of any girl but it never happened in my case .. Nobody loves me . Plz go i dnt love u

Kunj just pulled twinkle hardly towards him nd smashed his lips upon her. Twinkle was numb as s
It was sudden fr her but then she melted in his embrace and gave in. It was a passionate kiss. It lasted fr 10 minutes but they unfortunately had to pull back bcz out of oxygen..
Kunj- twinkle u dnt love me but then also u kissed me ur eyes show immense luv fr me .
Twinkle hugged kunj tightly and started sobbing
Tw- kunj i love u …. But i am scared of love
Kunj- dnt get scared i am always with u

They spent sm tym together nd they dated each other fr 1year nd finally decided to marry each other in thailand as twinkle always wanted a destination marriage.

Kunj was an angel im twinkles life. He changed her life completely . Be taught her to live and enjoy. Twinkle was kunjs dhooki aatma.?
Last but not the least sometymes someone special steps in our lyc nd changes it completely. This also happened in twinkles lyfe. So never give hope. ?

Plz give ur valuable comments.. I am sharing my piece of writing fr first tym. ???

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  1. Angita

    Awesome but is it a os?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear? Its an os

  2. Very nice di..loved it…n plzz continue…

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear ? Its an os .

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute os…..loved it….

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear ?

  4. Fantastic chiku!!! Ek ques hai…kya chiku aapka pet name hai??? Cuz its sooo cute!!! Mann karta hai aapke gaal kheech loon?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shreya ? Hahaaaa
      Chiku is my pet name

  5. Kritika14

    It was amazing! really well written.

    1. Chiku

      Thanks monica?

  6. Joonakanksha


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  7. Sameera

    Amazing so cute epi
    Loved it yaar

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      Thanks sam ?

  8. Sayeeda

    OMG….. Chiku u write so well
    …. MashaAllah u r blessed with the talent of amazing writing skills….
    OS was fab… Awesome…..
    Those opening lines of ur OS was so well described… I really enjoyed while reading ur whole OS…

    Loved it to the core…
    Love u ???

    1. Chiku

      Di i am really happy that u liked it?? u r my inspiration ??????
      Luv uuuuuu

  9. Aamu

    amazing story piece

    1. Aamu

      it is os or ff?

    2. Chiku

      Thanks aamu? Nd its an os

  10. Saby

    Chiku…. so sorry….
    Didn’t reply… kya karu?
    Was busy… exams going to start…
    Need a break from reading… to concentrate on exams….
    And and and….

    The title is so perfect…
    And nice os… loved it so much…
    And uh write nice yaar…
    I think uh shud come up with sum ff or ss also… vese being demanding na? Shooly…
    Os se kaam chal jayega… try to giv more…
    Love uh sooooo much?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks saby??????
      I am happy dat u liked it
      Frankly speaking i was scared if anyone will like it or not ?
      All the best fr ur xams
      Luvv uu

  11. Awesome os.. loved it ?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear?

  12. Affaa

    Chikkuu amazing outstanding….amazing os… I never known my chikku is very good writer…. Os is amazing so cute story…. And u wrote it very well… Please do continue writing bcoz u write so good… I loved it yaar… I’m always with you…
    Sorry for being late… Love you lotsss

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di???????
      I am happy that u liked it…
      Ur comment literally brought tears in my eyes??

  13. Jisha

    Wow..u wrote it so well… I don’t know how I missed ur ff… introductory lines were s real…loved it…you should start writing ff…

    1. Chiku

      Thanks diii?????????????

  14. SidMin

    Wow so sweet the Os was really heart sweet I loved it to the core you are such a good writer you should really start writing a ff 🙂

    1. Chiku

      Thanks milli ??

  15. Shamz

    Chehak this story is beautiful…. It has perfect charm to keep reader intact…. While reading I just went in flow….really a beautiful piece of writing…..I won’t use words like amazing or fabulous because it’s sweet like jaggery…..cute like teddy….beautiful like flowers and nature and mesmerizing like vast blue ocean and in Hindi we say nah chaand ko dekhi kar ek ajeeb aa thanfak pahunchta hai theek usi tarah ur story had same influence in my eyes….really a beautifully scripted…..

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di???
      I can’t explain how i am feeling ????
      I never thought that ill get such sweet comments ????

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was so cute os…loved it so much…keep writing

    1. Chiku

      Thanks Dear ?

  17. Ria

    Chiku, it was amazing. I loved it.?

    1. Chiku

      Thanks ria???
      I really mad u comment ???
      I think u know wat i mean ?

  18. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Very nice chiku
    Loved it n keep posting such amazing ffs

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear?

  19. Diiiiiiiii
    Uffff! U write so good! The beginning lines were so very realistic! I loved them! Would love to see more from you! Plzz come up with another one soon! And m sorry for the late comment!

    1. Chiku

      Thanks bacha???????? i am happy that u liked it

  20. Baby

    chehak amazing yr tears r nt stping osm lud it 2 d core bt is it a ff or an os yr luvd it u r d 1 who shuld ryt osm post nxt piece of ryting asap bcz u r amazing

    1. Chiku

      Omg?? i can’t believe my os made u cry… Plz aagien se mat rona i dnt want my frnds to cry..????
      I am happy that u liked it???

      1. Baby

        yr u no emotions itne ache se describe kiya tha ki rona aa gya luv u dear

  21. Kruti

    Chiku…..this was an amazing piece of writing
    The begining was so good that i got so engrossed that i never recognized that it ended……i was like y did this end so soon

    Awesome os loved it

    1. Chiku

      Thanks dear???? i am happy dat u loked my poem in the beginning ???

  22. Shatakshi

    Omg chehak
    That was so beautifully written
    Seriously loved it
    Just wanted to ask that whether it is an ff or os??
    Loved every bit to it
    Love u sweetheart❤❤

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shats????????????
      I am happy dat a writer like u loved my writing ??
      Dear it an os

  23. Romaisha

    Ha..wo.. Ama..
    See im speechless yaar!!!
    I dont have words to tell you how much i enjoyed this piece of writing!!
    Too good dear!! I hope u decide to write more like this .. Is it an ff yah os?
    Anyway . loved it to the core! Muah
    ?? ❤❤❤
    Love u

    1. Chiku

      Thanks jaan ????? i am happy that u liked it

  24. Chiku awesome amazing OS…I loved it to the moon and back…Is this your first attempt? If yes then it’s a very awesome start…continue to write OS like this or start a ff…sorry for commenting late chiku I was little busy…

    Love you my cute chiku????

    1. Chiku

      Thanks di???????
      I write stories but its my first attempt to write on twinj…???
      Nd u dnt have to be srry???

  25. Shreya098

    It was beautiful….

    Loved it…❤❤

    Chiku….ur name is sooo cute..??

    1. Chiku

      Thanks shreya??
      Thanks fr the compliment ?

  26. It a beautiful os.. Loved it..

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