My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-5)


Part 5

I had talked to dp uncle and maa about lucky and shona’s rishta and they had readily agreed. Even though dadimaa did some drama , she too agreed. Now they soon going to be married couple had gone out to talk. Even though when i’m talking to uttara, i can feel his pierce gaze on me. He tried talking to me but i ignored him.

After the conversation even lakshya is not sure whether he is in love with me!! From the beginning of the conversation onwards we had been fighting like cats and dogs.but we finally decided to tell our families that we needed time to decide and now we have to concentrate on our careers. I wanted to be a singer and wished to open a music academy while lakshya is very passionate about interior designing.

I and swara explained our decision and were forced to face my enraged dad saying i’m always playing around with is respect but was saved from further boring lecture by bhai. After ragini’s recovery he had called me and apologized and finally we have cleared all the misunderstanding. I’m soo happy now ! everyone is happy expect may be hitler dp but who cares about him!!

I was trying to talk to ragini but she was ignoring me . when finally i cornered her , she looked at me like i was a pile of dirty laundry and had pushed me and walked away leaving my ego in flames!! I know i deserve it but still it pains to see her chit-chatting with everyone expect me. After swara and lucky’s decision we were having tea. I saw shekar uncle entering with a police man. I was confused !! now what is the new drama????

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