My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Part-1)


Part 1

Maa had informed me about ragini’s accident. Sanskar had found her lying in a pool of her own blood. baby sister…she was fighting for her life in the hospital and i was not even allowed to visit her. Dadi said that i’m responsible for ragu’s condition. She is right , it was my mistake. Prior to the engagement itself laksh had informed me about his love . i too had feelings for him . but i was afraid to break my doll’s heart and forced laksh to do the engagement. For my sake he agreed and on the day of the marriage he heard my confession to maa about my love. He was already broken when he heard about sanskar’s betrayal. So when he heard my confession , he went and informed our family about the the truth. Then dadi started crying and baba blamed laksh , while his family held me responsible for all the problems. In the chaos nobody cared to think about ragini. It was only when sanskar asked we came to know that she was missing. Maybe if i had told the truth to everyone this would not have happened. Ragini would have been with us now. Maybe even laksh and i would have been together.

Ragini had met with an accident. Dad threw me out of the house, swara hated me .even sanskar bhai had cheated me . oh god what’s happening?? I never knew my life woud take such a turn . i just hope ragini will get well soon. Uttara said her condition was critical. Please god ragini. I cannot live with the guilt and mre importantly swara’s hatered
Ragini is in ICU. her stage is critical. Please let her be fine. She was lying in a pool of blood, her blood, drenched in the heavy rain. I shuddered remembering the image ang vowed myself to never remember it. I wold always remember her as a pari who lulled me to sleep with her sweet lullaby. I smiled thinking about that incident. That day after kavitha’s death i had slept peacefully even without taking the sleeping pills. I stood up seeing the doctor coming out after checking her.

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