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Hey guys..ananya here

ananya?? Who the hell is this ananya…you all might b thinking…so lemme introduce myself to u again….

hey guys am ananya…i usd to write a story here..but i stopped it in the middle and am regretting it now….am glad atleast 3 souls over here remember me…aru and kavina and shama glad guys

i took a break…indeed a long break i must say and im back with another story….i left against the wish of everyone over here..and i wanna return with ur acceptance… aapki marzi meri marzi….if urs is a yes mine is a yes…if urs is a no mine is also a no….

i promise u guys i wont leave in the middle like i did…and u also promise me that u wil mantain the same tempo in commenting frim the beginning till the end…..that too only if i start…..

lemme tell u guys. ..there will be 2 stories frm my is my individual work an the other one will be under the ship name of sanya..


i wwon’t tell who the second one is….jab aapo pata chalega toh shock lagna chaahiye…..

it wil be revealed but not now…

u guys comment about 2 things..

1. Whether u want me to resume my writing or not..yes or a no

2. U r views and suggestions about our combined work…….

any queries if u have.

now here is the promo of my combined work…,

hope u like it

Now coming back to Sanya avatar

My story will go for a leap ofFOUR years


In delhi

( a girl was walking in rain, just to hide her tears through the rain. No one bothers her, no one will even find her crying as her tears mixed with the droplets of rain)

The girl: god why is this life to me? You are testing me in many ways, don’t know why I just cant imagine my condition and situation. It is everyday which I feel for. I lost my parents at a young age, still I grew up without fear. I somehow managed to earn a living for me and my brother. But then why did you introduce love in my life, why did you give me a very good life and snatched it again from me. Why did you add Shivaay in my life.I will never leave you Shivaay for what you have done, you have killed my love, my trust on you. In fact you killed me, you killed my two kidsI loved you to the core, I thought you are the only one who can truly make me happy. everybody says love is blind, but truly whoever is in love will lead a blind life, I am the victim of that love.But no, I should have thought twice before marrying you. That day, that day, you have made me helpless for saving your family, for saving your dearest and you misunderstood me, I know you are arrogant but I thought my love completely changed you.I don’t want to meet you again, I cant even imagine your face, I don’t want to see you Shivaay Singh Oberoi, just hell go with the surname. I will never forgive you Shivaay Singh Oberoi


A voice interrupts

Sahil: Annika didi, don’t cry again, please come with me back to house just forget about that bhagadbilla and that Oberoi family, they are so freaking

Annika: (wipes her tears) the family is sooooo good sahil, only he, it is only him

Sahil: (in his mind) I know Annika didi, you still love him and cant be without seeing his photo a day. I pray to god that all your misunderstandings must be cleared. I know you hate him but you still fell for him, you cant live if anything happens to him. Then why are you hiding your feelings. I want to make you one again, please god, show me a way

(they leave)

In Mumbai

In an isolated place

( a man bent down on his knees weeping badly)

Man: 4 years have passed by and there is no sign of you. What do you think of yourself huh, do you think I would happy without you. Or did you think that you will be happy without me, I know you would be crying somewhere , my heart is saying that. Why did you leave me, I said that you are mine, my possession and I will not leave my possessions so easily, so how do you expect me to leave you. I know that day, that day, I lashed at you out of anger, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I told you that I will be arrogant, irritating, but still you agreed that you will bear me, you are ready to live with me, but what is this, why you left me. I know now we are not legally under relationship, but my heart says that we are still connected, I will still be patient, I will still search for you, I will make sure that I will find you. I will show the world again that Shivaay Singh Oberoi got his beautiful wife back


(a man wearing a suit comes there)

Shakti: there is no use of crying over spilt milk Shivaay, you should have thought twice before confronting her.

Shivaay: I am sorry papa, but I want her back at any cost

Shakti : we are doing so much for her, our security is searching all over india, surely we will find her

Shivaay: thank you papa, I want her(he breaks down) I just cant live without her

Shakti: okay come home now

(they go)


(Ishkara in fight)

Om: just shut up ishana, you would always create problems

Ishana: I am not the one who always start

Om: enough ok, you are so much changed, you are not the same old ishana whom om loved

Ishana: and you are so much changed , and I too want the old omkara, not this new om

Om: just shut up because of you, all the happiness in the house vanished

Ishana: oh really, you don’t even care for your brother, and you are speaking big big words about family, and happiness

Om: it is your mistake that day, I never expected you to do that

Ishana: I did what is right, I know that it is not correct, but it is so needed

Om: you don’t know anything about relations nor you value them, just because of your support to him, he is lying helpless crying for her everyday

Ishana: he doesn’t know the truth that day and you are so against him

Om: I forgave you and gave you a chance to live, but you turned me down again

Ishana: and I told you thanks for that, if you want I will give you the money, I did that for Shivaay bhayya

Om: you don’t know what are relations, you became emotionless ishana, living a life with you is a total waste

Ishana: even I don’t want spend my life with you

Om(in his mind): I don’t know ishana, first time true love is taking many turns in my life. I love you still, but I cant bear the fact Shivaay is dying everyday in his world, and that innocent one suffering everyday

Ishana(in his mind): I still love you om, why don’t you understand me. I did that for Shivaay bhayya, I know didi is suffering because of me. Please try to understand me.

(they show their divorce papers to tej and Jhanvi. They were shocked)


Prinku: it is all because of me ranveer, it is all because of me Shivaay bhayya and Annika were separated

Ranveer: I know that, it is because of us, you just wont share the pain, I am also there with you in every step

Prinku: I know that ranveer

(she cries and ranveer hugs her)


(Rudra goes in depression, dadi observes this and gets worried)

(sowmya stopped her love angel podcast)

In sowmya’s house

Dadi: hello sowmya

Sowmya’s grandma: hey kalyani, what makes you bring here

Dadi: I want to talk to you as well as sowmya

Sowmya: hello dadi, what’s the matter

Sowmya’s grandma: ha kalyani, you can tell us , any help

Dadi: can you fulfill my wish, I know it is not a good way to ask but still…………………I don’t have any other choice, I cant let Rudra be like that

(sowmya hearing Rudra’s name gets teary eyed)

Sowmya: what happened to Rudra dadi, is he fine, please say that he is good

(dadi goes and holds sowmya’s hand)

Dadi: sowmya,will you be my third bahu, rudra’s wife,please don’t say no

(sowmya and her grandma were hell shocked with the proposal)

So guys how is it

I want to know your reviews

So is it interesting or not
All flowers and shoes are accepted

Shall I continue or not
Bye guys ???muah Muah muah ???
This is sanya signing off

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