His life or my love? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) Part 4 (Last part)


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Let’s start…..

RECAP: Sona tells Dev that Navya threatened to kill him, if Sona did not leave Dev. Dev and Sona try to think of what to do about Navya.

Dev and Sona sit on the couch, thinking.
Dev: What should we do to get that fool out of our lives forever?
Sona: How am I to know? Let’s think.
Dev: I wish we could get her out of the college, somehow. But how?
Sona: Tell me one thing, Dev. You have been in this college, for a longer time. You know Navya better. For her ‘love’, will she do anything?
Dev: Yup! Navya is such an idiot and so stupid, and…..
Sona: Ok, ok! Will she kill someone?
Dev: Ye kaisa sawaal hua? (What kind of a question is this?)You only said that she threatened to kill me, if you did not leave me.
Sona: Correct! Then here’s our plan. (Sona tells him something)
Dev: Are you crazy? Never! What kind of a plan is this? Your life will be in danger, and that too because of me! I am not…..

Sona (puts her hand on top of Dev’s hand): Dev, nothing will happen. Listen once again.
You will act as if you love Navya. Spend some time with her, you know, as if you love her. Then, tell her, that I am coming in between you both. Tell her that the only way to get me out of your lives, is to kill me. Navya will be more than happy. As she tries to kill me, get the principal to that place.
The principal will rusticate her from the college. And then, she is out of our lives forever.
Dev: Ok, fine… But I have to get the principal at the right time…………………. Wait! What do you mean by ‘Spend some time with Navya?’
Sona (gives a tiny giggle): Dev, you have to act as if you love her. Obviously, you will have to spend time with her.
Dev nervously drinks water.
Sona (secretly smiles): Spend some romantic time with her, you know.
Dev chokes, and splutters out all the water on Sona’s dress.
Sona: DEV! Are you crazy? Mera dress kharab kar diya! (You spoilt my dress!)
Dev: Sorry! (holds his ears) Should I come with you, to help you change into another one?
Sona: Shut up, Dev! I don’t know why……..
Dev cuts her off, by kissing her. Sona is shocked for a moment, but reciprocates. The passionate kiss lasts for a lot of time, until they separate, due to lack of oxygen.
Sona: Ye kya tha? (What was that?)
Dev: Pyar express karne ka tarika. (The way to express love.)
Sona blushes, while Dev stares at her lovingly. He continues staring, until, suddenly, the doorbell rings.
Sona: Dev! Mummy, Daddy, Saurabh dada, and Elena are back. Hide somewhere, quickly!
Dev: One second! Do they have the house keys?
Sona: Ya.
Dev: Then, let’s get out of the window, from your room.
Sona: Ok, fine.
DevAkshi rush into Sona’s room, lock the door, and Dev jumps out of the window. He extends his hand out to Sona. Sona holds his hand, and gets out.
Meanwhile, outside Sona’s house:
Bijoy: Lagta Sona so gayi. (Looks like Sona slept.)
Asha: Usse disturb mat karo. Aap darwaja khol do. (Don’t disturb her. You open the door.)
They open the door, enter, and see Sona’s room’s door closed. They think Sona is asleep, and go to their respective rooms.

Dev: Phew! That was close.
Sona: Wait a second! What am I doing here with you, in this garden? Let me go back to my room, through the window.
Sona tries to go, but Dev holds Sona’s hand, and pulls her close to him.
Dev: I am not going to let you go back in.
Sona: Dev! Let me go!
Dev: No, means no.
Sona: Hello! It’s night! We can’t just keep roaming around here. We can’t go to your house. Where will we sleep?
Dev: Let’s sleep on that bench over there.
Sona: Seriously?
Dev: Ya, come on!
Dev drags Sona towards the bench.
They chat for some time, and then fall asleep, with Sona’s head on Dev’s shoulder.

Sona is the first one to wake up.
She shakes Dev.
Sona: Dev! Wake up! We have to go to college.
Dev (gets up slowly): Ya, fine.
They get up, and start walking towards the college. (it is quite near to Sona’s house)
Sona: I hope you remember it.
Dev: What? The kiss?
Sona: Dev!!! The plan!
Dev: Ya. I remember.
Sona: Good!

Sona (whispers): Dev. Navya is over there. Go towards her, and act as if you don’t care about me.
Dev (holds Sona’s hand): Sona, I won’t be able to do this.
Sona: Just go, Dev. For my sake…
Dev smiles at Sona, and walks off. Sona goes in the other direction.
Dev meets Navya.
Navya: Hi Dev!
Dev (POV): I have to do this. For Sona. Come on Dev, you can do this…
Dev: Hi Navya. How are you?
Navya: I am good.
Dev (holds Navya’s hand): Come, let’s go.
Navya (smirks): Come.
Dev takes Navya to a small room.
Dev: Navya, I wanted to tell you something.
Navya: Tell me.

Dev: Navya, I love you. I really love you so much. (POV) Sona!!!!!!!! Just wait! As soon as this idiot is out of our lives, wait and watch! Look at what you made me do. Say ‘I love you’ to Navya! Navya!
Navya (surprised): I love you too, Dev. (POV) I didn’t know that this would happen so fast. But, anyways, the faster, the better! Hahaha!
Navya hugs Dev. Dev is annoyed, but reciprocates.
Sona enters, behind Navya. She smiles, and shows a ‘thumbs-up’ to Dev. Dev shakes his head, but smiles in a while. Sona runs off, while Dev and Navya separate.
Dev (reluctantly puts his hands on Navya’s cheeks): But, Navya, Sona…. I mean Sonakshi is the biggest obstacle. We must get rid of her.

Navya (happily): Dev…. I think we should just finish her off, once and for all.
Dev: Yes! We should do that. Do one thing………. At lunch time, 1:00, she usually goes to the auditorium. You also go there……. And without anyone knowing, just do it…. You know what… just kill her.
Navya: Ok Dev!
Dev smiles, and Navya goes off, to meet Ananya.
Dev (looks on): Phew!
Suddenly, he feels two gentle palms on his eyes.
Dev: Sona! (he pulls her in front of him)
Sona: Done?
Dev (puts his arm on Sona’s shoulder): Done!
Sona: Awesome! Did you tell her?
Dev: Ya! At 1:00, in the auditorium. And at that time, I’ll get the principal. Right?
Sona: Right! Ok, now I must be off!
Dev: Ruko na! (Wait na!)
Sona: Dev, I have to go. After Navya is out of our lives, we will be together forever, right?
Dev smiles at her, and she leaves.

Sona is standing in the auditorium.
Navya slowly creeps up behind her.
Navya (in her mind): At last! I get to do what I wanted to, for so much time.
She takes out a knife, and moves towards her.
Navya is actually about to stab Sona with the knife, when Dev comes with the principal. Sona sees Dev, and moves out of the way, while Navya hits her hand with the knife.
Navya: Ye sab kya hai? Dev? (What is all this? Dev?)
Dev: This is the start of mine and Sona’s love story, and the end of you.
Navya: What do you mean? Dev, we love each other…..
Dev: I love only Sona, and no one else. This was our plan to get you out of our lives forever.
Principal: Navya Sharma……. You are suspended from the college.
Navya: But Sir…….
Principal: No but’s. Get out!

Navya glares at Dev and Sona, and walks out.
Principal also leaves.
Dev: At last… Navya is…. (he suddenly notices that Sona’s hand is bleeding)
Dev (grabs Sona’s hand): Sona! Ye kya hua? (What happened?)
Sona: Kuch nahi, Dev. (Nothing, Dev.) When I moved out of the way, Navya’s knife hit my hand.
Dev: This is why I had said…….. Now, come with me. Let’s go to the nurse.
Sona: No need. One tight hug, and everything will be ok.
Dev and Sona hug each other, smiling.


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