Why life is like this (Part 8)

I am back finally

In Luthra mansion

Now everyone say yes for Sherwin even rishab yes after knowing her and their roka was also fixed today as it was auspicious day

Rakhi ask preeta to help her in getting towels and tell that those towel are in karan’s room washroom, preeta went there

A waiter drop juice in karan and  karan said what are you doing now i have to change it and karan went in his room to change cloth he take cloth from wardrobe and went in washroom , preeta hear locking of door , she ask who is there

Karan hear a girl sound so he screamed and listening karan scream preeta to scream and put their hand on eachother mouth so that nobody can come , then preeta tell him to leave hand from her mouth but  karan was not getting it so she bite karan hand, karan said are you dumbo how can you bite anyone hand she said iItell you many times but you don’t understand so i have to do it , karan ask what are you doing In my washroom she say i came here to get towel as rakhi aunty told me

Karan girlfriend Sofia came his room and start shouting where are you karan

Karan say i am in washroom she say please come fast i am waiting

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  1. ChandanaSSV

    It’s nice

  2. Nice episode
    But plz plz try increasing its length
    Post soon

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