Why life is like this (Part 6)

hi friends i am back

the episode start all people were selecting dupattaas in pair

rakhi and uncle were choosing very care fully

kara was lost in preeta then preeta said hey where are you seeing hep me i a not able to identify which one will look good on me

suddenly karan said all things look good on you they have eye look then kritika said after seein lets choose dupatta now then preeta and karan come in reality

other member sid we are choosing dupatta only we are not romancing then kritika laugh silently seeing towards karan

then karan and preeta like same dpatta and they both were going to catch it and both ctch at same time and said i get dupatta and hug each other n exciment and shopkeeper said you both are very good couple as you both have same choice and it is very beautiful piece , all say they are not couple but karan and preeta went in their own story ,

shrishti was choosing dupatta or we can say rejecting dupatta she was not givin a chance so that sameer can choose dupatta but sameer say shrshti see rainbow , shrishti see at that side and sameer choose a beautiful dupatta and give to shrishti , shrishti like it very much but it was sameer to choose so she reject it but sameer know it so he buy it secretly nd shrishti buy other

everypone have selected dupattas then thank mohan ji

as there was party so kareena and rakhi ask them to stay in luthra mansion and get ready here itself

when shrishti enter in her room someone pull her in curtain and give her gift (he was sameer only whom you think)

she say what are you doing my hand got hurt she say what is this gift , he say open it and see she open it like child and sameer was mermized by seeing her that side  . she open it and say this is dupatta choosen by you he say i know you reject it because i have choosen but please wear it it will look good on you

she say yes as she like dupaata already and sameer ask so politely

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  1. This episode was awesome
    Waiting for next
    Plz try to post soon 🙂

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