Why life is like this (Part 5)

Hi I am back friends

In Luthra mansion

Rakhi was very happy after knowing preeta and shristhi are sister then the shopkeeper come with dupattas for today function

Rakhi said you are welcome Johan ki and please show beautiful dupattas , I always show you my best

Rakhi called everyone

Shristhi see sameer coming and said what are you doing here he say what can a person can do in his home , she say don’t joke OK I too know that there are only two sin of Luthra family then rakhi say no we have 3 , although he is not our real blood but he is not less than my own son , when is mother and dad in accident we adopt him , shristhi feel said so she say I am really sorry shorty please forgive me and become my friend, rakhi said sameer you help shristhi to  choose dupatta as you are his friend now

Karan come to home then rishab come down stair and told that karan I didn’t accept from you that you are selected in indian team  , karan become so happy that the preeta was standing near her he hug her immediately and said I got selected ahhh

Then he realise what he was doing and dadi get   happy because of two reason that karan was selected and he hug preeta and kritika was too happy seeing this

Then they eat Sweet s

Dadiget say that there are partner to everyone in selecting but preeta doesn’t have why not karan you help , he said OK

Then they eat at choosing

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  1. Great episode but plz try to write a little longer bcz it this way the story is proceeding very slowly
    Waiting for next post
    Post soon dear love u

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