Why life is like this (Part 4)

Hi friend I am back

Next morning

Preeta and shristhi both were getting ready for their work (and they both haven’t tell each other as they want to give g8ft to everyone) preeta ask shristhi that you never come out of bed before 9 then how you are up shristhi said that now my life is going to change , she ask why you are getting ready preeta lied to her that she is going to find  job in hospital

They took sarla blessing

Went in different direction as shristhi have to buy flower for karena to impress her

Preeta reached Luthra house first

As she was going through hall rakhi ask her how are everyone at her home and how is she preeta tell I am fine , rakhi tell her that you  have to choose one dupatta for you as you have to attend our lohri  function  and you can’t tell no preeta thank her and went to treat dadi as she was going she pass through karan room she user that karan was putting coat as he have to go to sign agreement in which he will play t-20 for India but the button of coat get broke

He say oh shit this button have to broke now it is my lucky jacket whenever I wear it i get good vibe and news , preeta went and ask can I help you he ask how can you help me she say I can stick button he give coat to her she star stitching and karan was continuously looking at her and preeta hair suddenly come between her eye so karan gently remove them and they both get lost in each other eyes then preeta said I have done it and she give coat to karan , karan said for thank you I will treat you a coffee dadi said that you should treat her as dadi was happy as she can see real love in karan eyes after karan lose her friend in accident then karan went to his destination

Preeta treat dadi

Shristhi come to Luthra house she admire how beautiful house

She ask servant about karena he tell her direction , she give flower to rakhi instead of karena and greet her and then rakhi told her I am bachi of karena then shristhi said sorry very politely ti rakhi ad she was having extra bouque so she gave it to karena and rakhi get impressed by shristhi presence of mind and karena too like her as she does good work and ask her to choose dupatta for herself as she have to attend function shristhi thank Karena then rakhi make meet her with family member then preeta was going rakhi introduce preeta as  new doctor of dadi then shristhi said dadi you preeta said shristhi you rakhi ask do you know each other , preeta said this is my real sister then rakhi say that’s why you both are sweet it is good that you work at same place as we get to know about you more

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  1. Awesome episode
    Plz add more preetan scenes and also introduce sameer and add shirshti and sameer scenes too
    Loads of love
    Post soon dear

    1. Monuu

      Thanks Cindy for such beautiful suggestions it is my first time to write ff so I don’t know alot

  2. Anu

    Hey!! Please make epi little but lengthy nd ya make shrishti nd sameer as couple..!! Rishab nd shrishti doesnt match with each other at all… If possible make love triangle between rishab preeta nd karan… You can make rishta love story in starting nd after some epi.. some tragic you can add preeran love story nd can make rishab out..

    1. Monuu

      OK I will see you your suggestions and try my next part too , I wish I will give you nice performance

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