Why life is like this (Part 3)

Hi friend I am back

(Now as preeta was appointed as doctor so this time she is introduce to family)

Aa puttar yeh Sab hai  hamari family  ke member

Preeta meet everyone but karena don’t like it as Karena was constantly seeing preeta

This was also notice by kritika ( karan cousin and daughter of karena and good by heart) she goes near karan and ask

Bhai aap preeta ko itna kyun Deikh rahe  ho kahi pyar to nahi ho gaya

And start singing paheli Nazar mein aisa jadu karena diya karan ban betha preeta ka deewana

Acha kritika ki bachi tere hone wale husband ke kya hal chal hai

Agar mujhe tease kya you mein use bata doonga ki tum kal ek ladke ke Saath club gayi thi,lekin mein to kal tumhare Saath club gayi this , toh mein akshay we jooth bol donga , OK I will not tease you but don’t lie to him or he will kill me

Till then everyone meet preeta and like her a lot

And preeta good bye them and went to home

Shristhi entered in office for a work of fashion designer , when she was going someone bump in her and she said are Bhai diya nahi hai kya ya phir into beautiful ladki Deikh kar sense koh diye then the person said dekho tum into beautiful nahi ho ki tum he Deikh kar Koi sense koh de aur tum itni lambho ho ki tum he tum se chore people dikahi nahi dete . Oh ! Toh problem yeh hai ki tum he mujhe se jealousy ho nahi hai ki meri height tumahri height se Jada hai right shorty

They start fighting and went in different direction

Rishab like shristhi design and he appoint her as designer for parties and like her behaviour so that she can handle karena

Ask her to come to Luthra  house tomorrow

She asked your brother name is karan right I like her a lot he is my idol

She went to her home

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  1. post in English Dr.. language pblm…

  2. Monuu

    OK I will I too don’t know in which I should write so I used both

  3. I just love ur ff it is just osm
    Plz post next part soon I cannot wait

  4. your ff was a nice one but use hindi instead of english…btw waiting for yr next update….keep writing….

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