Why life is like this (Part 1)

hello friend i am back with my fan fiction

Slowly friendship between preeta and karan change in their love for each other

After 8 year

A beautiful girl is waiting for bus on stand and watching her watch continuously  as she is getting late

This is none other than our heroine preeta

She is now a doctor of bones

Her sister is fashion designer

Then a road accident happen and preeta help the injured person, a person was watching all this a smile come on his lips but he hide immediately it after thinking about someone

Then he drove back he was none other than our famous cricketer karan luthra

He was going home after winning cricket match with his brother rishab who is a famous business man

They reach home karan was smiling in mind recalling morning incident her mother rakhi asked aur  puttar ji aaj bade muskura rahe ho koi mil gayi kya,  rishab said maa jab se ek ladki ko injured old man ki help karte dekha hai yeh muskura hi jaa raha hai

Wah puttar ji tunhe meri bahu dondh li  kya main bahut kush ho

Karan ignored it and went to his room


Injured man thank Preeta

Then dr. Neela come and tell Preeta about a case of a arrogant lady who is a luthra who has pain in leg and have make out 10 doctor out

Preeta said yes to take case

Dr.  Neela give her adress and inform luthras

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