Why life is like this – Character


Preeta –  a nice girl but a angry bird too,  love her family a lot

Karan –  a sweetest boy,  respect elder and a funny boy

Recap- there was a girl weeping near window and seeing moon and talking to moon

The story start from a coaching institute allen both were in 8 class

There family were good friends as they were from same profession

One day were going in van sitting next to eachother and talking about their enemy cum friend foolishness

  1. A boy like girl preeta name amrit he was seeing all things and was burning in anger like hell and then as preeta was new so karan help her to take new book from counter and preeta thank him and went in class
  2. In break the boy amrit try to twist preeta leg so that she fall in his arm instead of this preeta fall on karan and both get lost in eachother eyes and then amrit step is foot hard and they came in reality and stood steadily and went to benches.  All preeta friend teased her falling on most handsome boy as they don’t know preeta and karan are children of family friend

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