My Life Lies Within You (A SHIVIKA OS)

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: After Anika told Shivaay about pinky, Shivaay confronted pinky about it alone, and Pinky in anger spitted the truth that how she planned everything, but later apologized. Anika was unaware of all this. The story continues after Gauri brought Anika to the kitchen)
“I’m sorry Anika” said Shivaay while handing over the blue cup of hot chocolate to his wife, Anika, while Anika kept staring at him. “I know what I said was absolutely wrong, and I know how much I hurt you by saying that, but trust me, I can’t even imagine hurting you. I swear I didn’t mean any…” Shivaay continued but stopped as soon as he felt some weight in his arms. He bowed down to see his beloved wife in his arms, fainted. “Anika, Anika” he shouted but these shouts seemed to be mere calls in front of the poor fainted figure of Anika. He kept staring at her being numb, but soon came out of his trance when his brother Om tapped on his shoulder. “Barrey bhaiya, you should rush her to the hospital. Since morning she seems so dull” Gauri said, being terribly worried..

Shivaay quickly took her in his arms, and rushed to the car. He sat on the back seat with Anika’s face on his lap, while Gauri and Om sat on the driving and passenger seats, respectively. As soon as the reached to the hospital Shivaay took Anika in his arms, being as careful as he can ever be. Soon, the ward boys arrived with the stretcher and asked Shivaay to shift Anika on it. Shivaay soon did, but he never left Anika’s hand. “Anika wake up, see I know that you’re pranking me right now, but please Anika, stop now. You know I can’t even imagine my life without you” he whispered, hoping HIS Anika to respond, but she didn’t.
She was soon taken into the emergency theatre, and the doctor recognizing Anika to belong to the Oberoi family started her treatment with the utmost concern.

Outside the operation Theatre:
“Shivaay, I’m going to the reception to complete all the formalities. Will be back in a while” said Om as he headed towards the reception, but Shivaay was too dead to respond. “Barrey Bhayya, please be strong. I’m very sure nothing will happen to Anika bhaujai. She’ll be perfectly fine very soon. You please stay strong” said Gauri keeping her hand on Shivaay’s shoulder and sitting on the seat besides him. Shivaay, who was sitting on the seat, all lost, with those unshed tears in his kanjhi which now had turned into red puffy eyes. As soon as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he came out of his lost world and turned to see Gauri trying to give him strength. He quickly just hugged her, as anyone would hug their sister, and cried his heart out.

Gauri kept patting his back, and when Shivaay calmed a bit, and left her, and said “Gauri, I don’t know what to do. I feel as if I’m losing my world, my life’s slipping out of my hands, I’m losing my own self. I can’t live without Anika. I just can’t!” tears still rolling down his cheeks. “Bhayya, don’t worry. You have to stay strong, if not for yourself, then for Anika bhaujai. I told you I’m sure she’ll be fit and fine very soon” while Shivaay just nodded his head. All the while, Om had returned, and for the first time, he felt proud of Gauri. After almost an hour, the doctor came out of the treatment room and Shivaay rushed to him. “Dr, what happened to my Anika? She’s fine, right? She’ll again argue and fight with me, tell me Dr, will she?!” “Mr Oberoi, calm down please. Your wife is absolutely fine now. It’s just that she has been mentally stressing herself for some reasons.

What you’ve to do now is keep her happy, and there should be someone who listens to whatever she says, without stressing her more, so that her burden decreases. Kehte hain ke gham baatne se kam hota hai, yeh medically bhi helpful hai. Take care!” the Dr said and took his leave. Shivaay’s happiness knew no bounds. He quickly wngkufed Gauri and Om in a tight hug and excitedly said “see, my Anika is alright. I knew she won’t leave her billuji like this”. Om was too amused to see his brother, THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI in such a condition; tears of joy coming out of his eyes, a wide smile taking over his face, and whatnot. After a while, as soon as Anika gained consciousness, Shivaay rushed to her and held her hand tightly, as of he’ll never leave it and started crying. Om and Gauri were about to enter into the room, but stopped when they saw Shivaay crying and thought to give some time alone to the couple. When Anika saw Shivaay crying, she sat straight on the bed, and asked Shivaay to sit beside her (on the bed). Shivaay obediently did what he was asked to do. As soon as he sat and saw Anika, he quickly hugged her tightly and cried. Anika continued patting his back, in order to pacify him. ” Anika, I’m so sorry. I know you’re in this condition today, so much stressed because of me. You should’ve fought with me Anika, you could’ve even slapped me but what was the use of stressing your own self.

Please don’t do that ever again. Please. You don’t know, but my life lies within you!” Shivaay said, still crying. Anika came out of the hug and starred at him, her trying her best to not let those tears flow, but it now seemed to get out of her control as the tears started flowing. “Shivaay, I never meant to hurt you, I swear I did not mean that. I was just trying to tell you the truth. Even I myself was not able to believe this, but all those proves forced me to believe it. I knew you won’t believe me, that was why I tried my best not to tell you but…” Said Anika only to be interrupted by Shivaay “whatever you said was true Anika. It was mom who planned all this. But trust me Anika, when she herself admitted that she was behind all this, I still wasn’t able to believe it. How can mom do this, when she knows what you mean to me”. All this while, Anika was staring at Shivaay. Both of them had their eyes filled with tears, while their eyes spoke louder than words.

Amid all this, Anika realized what she meant to Shivaay when he said *MY LIFE LIES WITHIN YOU*..

Hi everyone. This is Sarah here. I’m from Pakistan, and to be very honest, I don’t watch any Indian serials, except for Ishqbaaaz. That too was when I saw a minute clip of a Saira Bano scene on Instagram, and that I swear was so captivating and it eventually led me to watch all the episodes on Hotstar. As far as ratings are concerned, I don’t have Starplus on my cable since many Indian channels have been blocked here. Coming to fan fictions, I’ve been regularly reading all the fan fictions, either it be OS, TS, or consisting of many chapters. I honestly am out of words for how to appreciate you guys. I know my OS is nothing in front of what you guys write, and this isn’t even complete, but I just wanted to write something and become a part of TU, and this was all that came in my mind. Anyways, there’s always a first time, so this was mine. I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll be looking forward to reading the comments, either it be positive, or negative. All kinds of comments are welcomed. THANK YOU! ❤

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