My Life – KB FF (intro)


hello guyz!
Tripthi here! how r u all ? I missed u a lot so much and I am extremely sooooorrryyy as I had exams and so all the gadgets were banned in my house , but sometime I would hack those bans and I would read ur ff’s but I was not able to update my own as my mom is so strict and I too felt hum dono boring (as it is from present kkb track) so I am dropping it .
I am gonna start a new ff and pls do give ur opinions and shower ur luv

Abhishek Prem Mehra : country’s leading rockstar
Neil Mehra : Father of abhi and he is a doctor
Ragini Mehra : Mother of Abhi and is a teacher
Anu Mehra : Ex wife of abhi and she is a top model(she is very greedy and she divorced abhi as he showered all his money for his famil’s welfare qand not for her)
guyz ! pls note that here anu is just an imaginary character that I have added and this character is anbody whom u can imagine and NOT FROM ANY SERIALS
Aradhya Mehra : a six months old baby of Abhi and Anu . Now she currently resides with abhi . Anu has abandoned her
Aliya Mehra : sis of abhi and she is studying
Tanushree Dasgupta : a leading model and she doesnot have her parent’s support as she became a model against their wishes . She lives with Aliya (her best friend) in mm and she is treated as a very own member of the family
Purab Mehra : brother of abhi and he is a lawyer
Daljeet mehra : dadi of abhi and she loves her

Pragya arora: she is a singer and she is a divorcee too . Due to some reasons she works in abhi’s company (abhi is a good friend of pragya). She has a very dark past
She was married to virat (from dsdasb) and she used to torture her for no reason so she gave divorce to him . Due to his torture she be came so weak and she lost her child due to that (actual I don’t know how it happens but I hav heard people stating these reasons for losing a child) she was soo much depressed as her child was born dead. soon after the death of her child virat divorced her and blamed her for that incident
Bulbul Arora : she is the young chirpy dreamy girl and she is trying to make her di to move on in her life. She is an artist who does painting and designs cloths to sells it (it is her passion guys)
Nikhil Arora : he is the moral pillar or support of the arora family. He is a top business man . elder brother of pragya and bulbul
Sarla Arora : she is the elder one of this family and mother of Nikhil , prgya and bulbul

Precap : a marriage in mm

other casts would be introduced later and guys I think that thisstory is different as it has different professions like teacher , lawyer, doctor, singer , designer, and etc….
If u get confused pls tell to me and pl mention whether u would like to continue this ff or not !!!!!!!
and I am exteremely sorry if I had committed any mistake and added to this thing my sis rithi is leaving to my native so she wont update

Credit to: Tripthi Arora

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  1. hiiii it is really different nd gud intro whose marriage in mm vil abhigya realize their love r they vil get married fr families just like real kkb???? update faster yaar

  2. awesome one nice intro yaar waiting for the episode upload fast na….. i like dsdasb the pair was nice and u had a nice combination waiting fr the next one

  3. Tripthi arora its amazing and even I too missed u
    Waiting for the next epi eagerly

  4. Nice yaar it is different from others u can continue but pls update it regularly

  5. Soooo nice start yyaar…. plzzz cintinue….

  6. Superb yar…

  7. kaif and salma

    nice one move on

  8. Tripthi so nice story yaar ….u mixed all the professions like singer artist doctor teacher lawyer modelling business tycoon etc…. but where is raj mitali their children and akash rachu tayaji and taiji … I want to know that their character is same as asusual or any changes???…. and other doubt is pragya is a singer …she can itself make a singing troop na?? Y she is working in abhi’s office ??? these r my doubts .. and otherwise i like the plot of ur ff … and waiting for ur little princess I mean rithi’s ff … and Tripthi all the best for ur ff yaar … keep going just rock it.. and my supports r with u ….!!!!…..

  9. Hey if u dont mind can u keep abhigya unmarried .

  10. Yeah yaar it’s really different… Continue with Ur story

  11. Its Nice………..Continue…….

  12. It’s so…nice ..Tripthi ..plz continue with ur story….story line is so gud….. waiting for next episode…

  13. superbbbbbbbbbbb

  14. where is ur first episode yaar waiting for it after reading intro upload the first one fast na pls pls pls

  15. Nice intro ya pls update ur next episode

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