My Life Is For You-Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Epi-2)


Manpreet:Bhai your love is really true.

Rishi:I know that chote.Now let’s go to office as it’s 9 am.

Manpreet:Yes bhai let’s go.

Rishi:But before going to office we will go to temple.

Manpreet:Okay bhai.

Both leave for temple.They reach temple.Rishi and Manpreet goes inside and Rishi prays

Rishi:God please bring my Tanu back to me please.

Both pray and are going out. A girl passes Rishi
but her shoulder touches his shoulder and he feels Tanu and and wanted to see and turns but he is not able to see the girl’s face but sees her back and starts following her but because so
many people are there she goes somewhere else.Manpreet comes and asks

Manpreet:Bhai where are you going at least tell

Rishi:Nothing come let’s go to office.

They leave for office.Rishi is still thinking about the girl and thinks

Rishi:That girl was like Tanu.I din’t saw her face
but I feeled she was Tanu.

Mapreet:Bhai what are you thinking?

Rishi:Nothing I am thinking you drive the car little fast there is a important meeting.

They reach office after sometimes.Rishi goes to
his cabin and sees Tanu’s picture and says

Rishi:Tanu please come back to me.Without you my life can be compared to hell.

Manpreet comes and says

Manpreet:Bhai there is an meeting with Mr
Ashish Malhotra the famous business man. We have come to hotel Taj.

Rishi:Okay so let’s go.

Rishi and Mapreet go to hotel Taj. They wait for Mr Malhotra.Rishi sees Mr Malhotra arriving and sees a girl and sees that her body language is
like Tanu.

Mr Malhotra:Hi Mr Rishi Singh Bedi.

Rishi:Hi Mr Malhotra.Is she your daughter?

Mr Malhotra:Yeah

Rishi:Okay so let’s start the meeting.

Both discuss something and after that meeting gets over.

Mr Malhotra:Hope you complete the project.

Rishi:Mr Malhotra I will complete the project on time.Mr Malhotra why are you looking worried?

Mr Malhotra:Mr Bedi my daughters age is 19 but still she had not got married.I want that my daughter marries a good guy.

Rishi thinks

Rishi:Why I feel that she is my Tanu.Tanu told me that if he sees someone in trouble then we should help them but it’s about marriage.I think I should help her.

Rishi:If you don’t have problem then I want to ask you can you give your daughter’s hand to me?

Mr Malhotra:Oh it’s to good and I know you are a very good person.I am happy to marry my daughter to you.

Manpreet says slowly to Rishi

Manpreet:Bhai what are you doing you going to get married to that girl who you have met once also.

Rishi:But I think she is like my Tanu.


Rishi:Shut up chote.

Rishi:What is your daughter’s name?

Mr Malhotra:Tanu.

Rishi is shocked and have tears.

Precap:Tanu and Rishi’s rauka ceremony.

Credit to: Siddhi

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